Reclaiming Christianity IV

Should be allow unbelievers to tell us what to read, believe, teach, preach?

Should we buy books by atheists and stack them in our homes, eagerly devoouring the writings of men and women hostile to the Gospel, and allowing those to shape our Biblical worldview?

Um… no.

You mean, you really wouldn’t read the writings of Richard Dawkins on the worldwide flood of Noah, and accept it as fact? Why not? It makes no sense not to!

Because you’re reading the writings of a great number of unbelievers when you open most books on Christianity. Study Bibles, etc.

So why should you accept the writings of a heretic like Andy Stanley? Bruce Metzger? Carlo Martini? Kurt and Barbara Aland? Julius Wellhausen? Eugene Nida? Robert Bratcher? C. H. Dodd? Karl Barth?


The Trojan Horse of Christianity Pt. 1

Christianity has been betrayed from within.

By people pretending to be Christian.

We’re afraid to call it what it is, but it doesn’t change things. False teachers abound. We accept blindly false teachers, Seventh Day Adventists, Roman Catholics and Mormons, because our Christian leaders vouchsafe them.

I will tell you instead we’ve been betrayed.

The Trojan horse, as you remember, is  a fable about soldiers hiding inside the statue of a horse, left at the gates of Troy. The Trojans took the horse inside the city, and when they all were asleep, the Greeks jumped out of the horse, opened the gates, and let the Greek army in, who slew the city.

I can’t think of a more apropos description of what’s happened in Christianity today.

  • We never censured Billy Graham for cooperating with theological liberals and Roman Catholics, so now we accept them.
  • We never censured Chuck Swindoll for his oft-repeated statements against Fundamentalism, so now most Christians are manipulated in their opinions. And many of these Christians think of themselves as Fundamentalists!
  • We never struck down books by Karl Barth, so his poison still infects, saps, and kills tissues within the body of Christianity.
  • We never cried foul about Rick Warren and the huge danger he presents within Christianity today.
  • Our Christian book stores refused to take out Rob Bell’s books after it became apparent he was a false teacher, and denied Hell. When you deny hell and espouse Universalism, then you’re calling Jesus Christ a liar. And I’d like to stay far away from you at the Great White Throne judgment. The excuse of the book stores is, “Well, we don’t carry that book, because it’s unBiblical.” Yes, and so is his Nooma videos and his “Velvet Elvis”. But they make money still. The book stores will continue to sell Velvet Elvis as long as it makes them money, whether it’s unBiblical or not. And it is most definitely unBiblical.
  • We accept C. S. Lewis as Christian, and somehow never see his Universalist heresies written in his writings. Our eyes pass over the pages, somehow not seeing where he states, plain as day, that he doubts the veracity of the doctrine of Christ’s substitutional atonement. That doctrine is FOUNDATIONAL to the Christian faith.
  • We accept the idea that Christianity can be practiced in different ways – after all, Methodists do things differently from Presbyterians who do things different from Episcopalians, who do things similar to Roman Catholics, and Seventh Day Adventists do things oddly, and much different from us, and why, a Mormon ran for President as a Republican and spoke about God, so he must be a Christian!

The reality is, there’s only one right way to do a Baptism. It’s by immersion. There’s only one right meaning. It’s to show obedience in an outward sign. If you say, “Well, my denomination does things differently, and here’s why….” I can tell you why.

You’re wrong.

Things that are not how the Bible teaches it is error. If you know it to be error, but do it anyway, it’s heresy.

Go ahead. Tweet that or Facebook that or… whatever you call that.

If it’s a serious enough denial of the Christian faith, it’s apostasy.

There’s only one right way to be saved – salvation by grace through faith. If your denomination teaches that any practices of Christianity impart additional grace, you’re a heretic, an apostate. That Denomination is teaching lies straight from the pit of Hell. You’re denying the Cross of Christ. You’re saying His sacrifice is insufficient.

And I’ve read this in Presbyterian web sites.

There’s only one meaning of the Lord’s supper – it is in remembrance of the Lord, a memorial.

Nothing mystic happens to the bread and wine. Doesn’t matter how high you lift it, what words you say, what gestures you do, whether or not you ring a bell or not. It’s bread. It’s grape juice. It’s not somehow the mystic transformation or transubstantiation of the bread into flesh, or the substance of flesh. It’s bread. We do this to remind ourselves of the price paid for salvation.

“My denomination believes differently.”

Then your denomination has it wrong.

“There should be room at the table for denominational differences.”

Do we understand that our understanding of some parts of Christianity are not graded on a curve?

Your view of Jesus Christ is pass/fail. If you believe anything other than He is God in human flesh, eternally co-existing with the father, then – fail.
If you believe in anything other than salvation by faith through grace – fail.

Failure in that area of the test leaves one writhing in unending torment forever.

If you believe anything other than salvation being a recognition that you are a sinner condemned to Hell and cannot save yourself, and that you must repent and call upon Jesus Christ to save you – fail.

Fail in this case is a synonym for “hell”. Because that’s your final destination..

That’s the Trojan Horse of Christianity. We’ve seen too many false Christians and did not immediately reject them. Billy Graham should have lost his fame, his support, and Christians should have rejected his ministry by 1950, when he began to embrace the worst theological liberals and heretics, and turn his back upon Fundamentalists.

Christians should have recognized years ago that Chuck Swindoll is opposed to those who literally believe the Bible, which brings up questions. By the way, has anyone noticed Swindoll literally has nothing to say, and says it well and prolifically?

I’ve literally heard him pass off a sermon illustration as a true story he got from reading Readers’ Digest. I’ve read entire books by him that pass from one sermon illustration to another, without actually saying something! Don’t believe me? Tell me what his call to action is. When you write a non-fiction Christian book, you inform, then request a call to action. Tell me what Swindoll’s call to action is. Go ahead.

See what I mean? He has nothing to say, lots of it, and says it well. Because apparently nobody else seems to notice he has nothing to say!

How about this quote? In light of what I’ve said about the Bible and having it right or wrong, read this – “There are too many shades of theological opinion in a large denomination to lump them all off as liberal, neo-orthodox, conservative, fundamentalist, or what have you!”

No. You either have it right, or you have it damnably wrong.

And the speaker is Billy Graham. Here’s the question. I’ll answer it the right way, myself.

“Do you think that churches such as The United Church of Canada and the great liberal churches of the United States that are active in the ecumenical movement and whose ministers study and respect the work of Paul Tillich and other great modern teachers are ‘apostate’?”

I don’t know what you mean – I don’t know about the United Church of Canada. I don’t know Paul Tillich. I do know theological liberals, and they are indeed apostate, if they were even saved to begin with – and the Bible teaches that if you apostate, you never were saved.

If you do not believe the Bible literally, you’re hell bound for all eternity, with no way to avoid it. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.

But the Jesus Christ of the Bible, God in human flesh, one third of the Trinity provided a way. If you believe these things, and you believe Jesus Christ is eternally God and able to save you, then repent, pray forgiveness from Him, and trust Him to save you.

And you shall be saved.

10 Bible Teachers to Stay Far Away From

One of the things I’ve done over the years is to warn people about teachers to avoid. Just a look down the right hand side of the page on categories shows you a very impressive list of false teachers. I thought I’d compile the top 10 teachers to stay away from.

Most of the Fundamentalists can stop reading now, because nothing new here!

But if you’re new to Fundamentalism, which is my focus of the blog at this point in time, this list is going to have some surprises!

The list of 7 teachers to stay far away from.

  1. Karl Barth. This is my first teacher to warn against. He’s a theological liberal, and does not believe the Bible – but he believes very strongly and sincerely in a Jesus Christ he invented in his mind, because the Christ that Barth advocates bears some resemblance to the Christ of the Bible, but that’s it. To believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour means to believe in the Bible, to believe in Hell, to believe in judgment, three things Barth does not believe in. He sits at the number one spot, because I’d wager from what I’ve seen, about 90% of Evangelical Christianity today would agree with him. Unless I’m reading Barth completely wrong (and Charles Ryrie apparently agreed with me, because Ryrie has spilled much ink refuting Barth), if you believe like Barth believes, you’re standing on the goat side at the Great White Throne judgment – an active participant, not an observer.
  2. C. S. Lewis. “What??? How can you put Clive on this list?” Go ahead, take your Clive books off the shelf. Read them VERY carefully. Highlight everything he wrote that does not line up with the Bible. Your books will be VERY colorful after that. C. S. Lewis believed in Salvation by works, and converted to Catholicism on his death bed. He believed in Universality, that everyone who does good except the most evil, and probably even them too, will go to heaven. When he visited a pagan shrine, he prayed to that deity, because in his mind, praying to a false god was praying to God. Are you SURE you want to follow this man’s teachings?
  3. Billy Graham. Described by one Fundamentalist as “The man who ruined America”, Graham has done more than any other to get Christians convinced that Roman Catholics are Christians. Not only that, but admissions from Graham that he believes in Baptismal regeneration and favors the sprinkling of babies as a form of salvation seem to raise very few eyebrows. If I wrote that on my blog, almost all of you would un-subscribe overnight! Graham has apparently learned the art of disguising liberalism within Fundamentalist words from Karl Barth, because Graham still speaks like a Fundamentalist, but sadly, his own writings bear tribute to the fact he prefers the company of heretics like John Shelby Spong. Graham grew in popularity when Fundamentalists deserted him, but Evangelicals embraced him.
  4. Benny Hinn. Yeah. Adam could not fly. Neither could he breathe underwater or walk on the moon. Neither did he lay eggs like a chicken. The Trinity is not composed of nine Gods. Women were never intended to give birth out of their sides. Benny Hinn is not Christian. He is a con artist selling repackaged Katherine Kuhlman-Aimee Semple McPherson rot rolled up into E. W. Kenyon word faith, and packed in a shell of Hinduism and Las Vegas showmanship. You should be weeping in abject sorrow over watching people follow him.
    Kenneth Copeland. Yup. Ditto. Although he’s very bizarre, nothing as strange as Benny Hinn. I don’t know if that’s something to boast about? “We’re number two!”
  5. Steven Anderson. So much wrong with this man, I don’t know where to start. He’s a Fundamentalist, but what he believes about salvation comes straight from Jack Hyles. Anderson also is Replacement theology, and strongly opposed to the Pre-Trib rapture. He’s either going to be very embarrassed when it happens, or he’s going to watch all of the rest of us rise, while he gets his wish and has to endure the Tribulation. If I could pry Kent Hovind away from this man, I would.
  6. Peter Ruckman. You know, Peter Ruckman has done a lot of good things. He’s got good teachings. But some of his stuff is so bizarre that I cannot in good conscience leave him off this list. Topping his bizarreness is the insistence that the canon was not sealed until 1611, we never had a Bible until the King James was completed, and that the King James can correct the manuscripts it was translated from. Martians, tiny fly-like demons, and UFO’s abound, wrapped up in the Joy of Painting which Ruckman describes as “holy artwork”. Avoid.
  7. Gail Riplinger.The fact she calls herself God’s Secretary should tell you something. She could have been a VERY good defender of the King James, but she’s very Ruckman in her beliefs, and her books are heavily tainted by shoddy research. The typical logic she has is that “He’s published by blah blah publishers, and you know who else is published by them so obviously they’re conspiring together…” One of my first rants was that a Fundamentalist web site listed many sermons by Fundamentalist pastors – but Riplinger’s sermons were called “Teachings”. If it’s a sermon when a man gives it, it’s a sermon when a woman gives it.
  8. Texe Marrs. I hate adding Marrs to this list. Years ago, someone left one of his books on the Tribulation in a Laundromat, and I tool it home and read it. But Marrs spends a LOT of his time and energy into trying to say I’m a descendant of the Khazars, and not really Jewish. I don’t know what his point is behind it. But that kind of rhetoric got 6 million of my people, including every relative I had in Prussia, sent to the gas chambers and the ovens. Apparently, it’s not the only weirdness he teaches. His stuff on the Rapture was good, I thought. But he ends up on my “beware of” list because of his weirdness.
  9. Debbie Pearl – Everything they advocate is cultish, weird, and borders on mental abuse to both women and to children. Why they’re so popular, I don’t know. They advocate women not having female friends – which is really bizarre. They advocate women wearing men’s shirts, which the Bible prohibits. Really strange. Take their books and toss them into the nearest garbage can.
  10. John Piper. Really, when you take his teachings and re-phrase them, he’s not really saying anything any different from what Joel Osteen says. Victoria Osteen made headlines because she claimed we should follow God because doing so makes us happy. Piper’s been saying that for years! Piper goes so far as to call himself a 7-point Calvinist, meaning he’s Hyper-Calvinist who considers himself a Baptist – but not too strongly. His elder board agitated for allowing infant sprinkling, and Piper put it to a vote. Piper also believes in speaking in tongues, and desperately wishes he had been given that gift. Truly a shame, because a lot of the teachings he does on the Bible are very good, and they come with Logos for free. But his emphasis on CS Lewis and his Christian Hedonism is so strange that I had to put him on this list – because a lot of you are listening to him and reading him. Rely on the Bible, and not external doctrines based on men.


These are not the only 10 to stay away from. I was very close to putting R. C. Sproul on this list, because his Calvinism tends towards double-predestination and hyper-Calvinism. However, despite his stances on this and infant baptism, Sproul just avoids making the list at #11 because he does have some good teachings – although he’s going to keep leading you back to Calvinism. I could have made a list of over 250 false teachers, but that requires HOURS of research and typing, and I’d rather not fall behind again the way I did in August and September!

Apostasy Last Part

I know this is no ready guide, but imagine you’re in an Independent Baptist church circa 1940 or so. your pastor is “fightin’ Frank Norris”. Everyone shows up for church wearing their sunday best.

The family has their hair combed.

The kids are dressed well too. Cell phones were left home. (well, they didn’t have them then)

The boy is dressed like a little man,  the girl is dressed like a little girl – and not the other way around.

Nobody is dressed like they’re going clubbing or to the beach afterwards.

The church has several functions. None of them involve anything Buddhist.

The pastor gets up and preaches from the Bible. He pounds the pulpit a couple of times. He doesn’t bother about any little stories about kittetns with ice cream on their whiskers – he just preaches the “bahble”.

“The Lord Said….”

I really don’t see why we ever left that.

I know, I’m just past middle age. Yup. I’m remembering the 70’s, and not anything from some TV show. I’m remembering that there was still some reverence for God in my hometown, which was dominated by Roman Catholics, The Christians in that town didn’t talk to the Roman Catholics and knew they weren’t Christian, and my nickname in school was pretty much “Jew Boy”. Well, yeah, that didn’t last too long, only a couple of years.

Today, there’s no reverence for God anywhere. People speak of God as if He’s a servant. Stop and really think about that.

Moses lost his temper once, and was denied entry to the promised land.

Ananias lied to God ONCE, and was struck dead on the spot.

The Rich man in Luke 16 refused to repent, and ended up in Hell. And he’s still there, still begging, still pleading, frantic, in torment, in agony.

We need to get back to the Bible. We need to divorce ourselves from the world. I’m constantly challenging Christians I talk to, “get rid of your TV”. It literally is the biggest thing holding back your Christian life.

We need to get back to being Christians.

Apostasy Pt. 4

Let’s look at some things that are advocated for Christians, and probably should not be.

Contemplative Mysticism. Look at the SECOND WORD, and let’s ask if we are ever to be involved in anything that’s called mysticism?

What does it involve? “Chanting. We listen to music and color coloring books, and we wander in mazes, and then we sit in a room and chant the phrase, ‘Lord Jesus have mercy on me, a sinner.'”

And you fell for this how???

Dr. Charles Stanley advocates this nonsense. And you saw this in the Bible, where???

As a matter of fact, can anyone tell me without peeking in your Bible what it has to say about this?

Hint – “Vain repetitions as the heathen do.” Chanting any prayer to Jesus over and over and over again is about as Christian as saying the OM. It’s pagan. It’s witchcraft.

Coloring books. Um… listen, I’ll astound everyone here and say that if you’re a fifty year old, and you get a simple childlike enjoyment out of a Winnie The Pooh coloring book as a simple hobby, okay! Sure! Kinda strange but …okay!

But as an object of religious exercise… I see Shirley MacLaine doing that, not Christians. If your church has had you doing that, here’s what I want you to do.

  1. Open whatever word processor you use. LIbre Office, Open Office, Microsoft Office, don’t care. Just open it.
  2. Open a business letter template.
  3. Now, in the body of the letter, write “Dear Pastor, I am resigning from this church effective immediately.”
  4. print and sign.
  5. Mail or hand deliver it.

We’re drowning in apostasy. Literally. Things were bad a couple of years ago when I started this blog. Back then I felt we were up to our necks in apostasy.

now I feel like it’s over our heads. We’re drowning in it. how did we EVER get to a point where we see this kind of witchcraft being pushed in churches and nobody feels any worry about it???

Then I hear youth groups are doing mazes. Yup. Wandering aimlessly in a maze. That’s a practice done by Buddhists. Might as well go ahead and put in prayer wheels while you’re at it?


Christian Yoga is next. I know, that’s old. Why do I bring it up? You’re still doing it.

Yoga is not about for health. It may happen to have healthy benefits, but it’s about the Mahayana Buddhist feeling we must divorce ourself from our bodies, because they are an illusion. so you begin by a series of exercises to release pranas, and to cause life energy to flow. This releases the bond holding us to our bodies. Which are illusion. I suppose this is a moment for my legendary sarcasm to ask, “if your body is an illusion, why do you need to be free from it?” But then, I’m sure I’d find Buddhists sitting under waterfalls, asking themselves that question endlessly in the pursuit of Dharma, and the ascencion into enlightenment.

Can it be divorced from Eastern mysticism? No. It originates completely from it.

Christians are not to do it. Really!

Here’s a really healthy hint – whenever we find a practice that originates from the practice of a false religion, and not merely one that has been culturally subrogated by a pagan culture – stay away from it. There’s no way to remove the pagan elements of it. How do we justify this? We can’t.

Next – Christian meditation.

WHat in the world are you people THINKING????

If you want to meditate on the Bible, it’s like this. Open your Bible. Read a passage. Look it up in cross references. Write a note about it. That’s called meditating on the word, trying to figure out what a passage in the bible is talking about.

That’s the only meditating we should be doing.

I’m telling you, if I was hired as a pastor for most churches today, I’d be fired within a week, because the Christian yoga classes would be cancelled. Anyone teaching contemplative mysticism would be under church discipline. Everyone would be called upon for a serious Sunday of fasting and prayer.

And then we’d start right on sound doctrine the following week. The first subject would be separating from the world.

Apostasy Pt. 3

Hopefully, I’ve scared everyone yesterday. I’m sure I lost a couple of readers. UPDATE: To my immense surprise and gratification, I lost only two. My faith in my fellow Christians is restored. Praise God!

This brings us to Separationism. It’s one of the least taught doctrines in Christianity, yet it’s mentioned in almost every book of the Bible.

Without meaning to allegorize, what did the Lord tell my ancestors when they killed off the Hivites the Jebusites, the Canaanites and the other nations living in the land of Israel?

28 Observe and hear all these words which I command thee, that it may go well with thee, and with thy children after thee for ever, when thou doest that which is good and right in the sight of the LORD thy God. 29 When the LORD thy God shall cut off the nations from before thee, whither thou goest to possess them, and thou succeedest them, and dwellest in their land; 30 Take heed to thyself that thou be not snared by following them, after that they be destroyed from before thee; and that thou enquire not after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? even so will I do likewise. 31 Thou shalt not do so unto the LORD thy God: for every abomination to the LORD, which he hateth, have they done unto their gods; for even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods. 32 What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it. Deuteronomy 12:28-32 (KJV)

This teaching would be repeated over and over again. DO NOT DO AS THEY DID. Separate from them. Touch not the accursed thing.

As a matter of fact, it was to be taken so seriously, that if anyone living in Israel did it, the rest of Israel was to kill him immediately, lest it corrupt them.

They did not, and it did. Hence the book of Jeremiah. Hence the captivity in Babylon.

If you study your Bible, the thing that should be jumping out at you is this concept – Do not do as they do. And separate from those who do.

There used to be a phrase when I was growing up, where they said “I don’t drink smoke or chew, or run with those who do.” Why? If they do it, you will too.

There was a pastor who warned “That which we tolerate, eventually we capitulate, then we emulate.”

If you accept as Christian those who light candles to idols, eventually – you will too.

If you accept as Christian those who were sprinkled as a baby, then eventually their doctrines will affect you as well.

If you accept those as Christians those who think they can become gods, then guess what? their doctrines will affect you too. It’s inevitable.

That which we tolerate, we eventually emulate.

I have in the past listed many, many verses teaching separation. Is it harsh? Yes. Is it judgmental? No. I’m doing it for my own sake. And that’s why God warned Israel not to do it. It’s why He’s warned Christianity not to do it. That which we tolerate, we eventually emulate.

Do not listen to those who teach apostasy. That includes Warrren Wiersbe. James Dobson. Billy Graham. Franklin Graham. Joel Osteen. Almost every preacher on TV.

And nowadays, we’re getting to a point where almost every pulpit is occupied by apostates.

You have to jealously guard your doctrinal stances. The Bible says to do so. “Keep your doctrine without spot.” A spot’s a little thing. A single ink spot, no matter how small, will ruin a white necktie. A single compromise, no matter how small, will compromise your Christian walk.

Here’s the question to consider – would the Apostle Paul accept the Evangelical leaders of today, or rebuke them?

I can honestly tell you, they would not have been accepted into the churches at that time. Or they would have been placed under discipline, and “delivered unto Satan” until they repented. I guarantee that. I’ve read the bible enough, STUDIED it enough to guarantee that. Today’s great Christian teachers would mostly be rejected by the apostles!

Bottom line, you CANNOT rely upon any Bible teacher to teach you the word of God. You need to read the Bible for yourself, and understand. I will teach you how to do it, but you have to do it for yourself.

Because if every Christian has to give an account for themselves, what will you say when the Lord asks you why you believed such?

Apostasy Pt. 2

What makes one apostate?

That’s a complicate question. I don’t know why they do it.

Oh, what makes ME say someone’s apostate? Anyone who has moved away from Fundamentalism – whether they were ever a Fundamentalist or not – is apostate. Remember the definition I gave of Apostate yesterday – To stand away from a previously held position.

Technically, anyone who is not King James Only would be apostate. But I know that’s going to seem incredibly harsh. Okay, let me COMPROMISE then, and give you a more relaxed definition, so that nobody’s angry with me – because I have some readers who are not King James Only, have not settled that issue in themselves yet, and read the New King James and other “translations”.

Anyone who has compromised, and accepts heretical teachers, and anyone who claims to be Christian and is not. Technically, Evangelical Christianity defines an apostate as anyone who denies Christ. So, we have, if we accept both definitions, the bizarre condition in which Christians can teach and be in apostasy while not yet being apostate.

How can I say Christianity is wallowing in apostasy, as a pig wallows in mud? Need just one example?

I was DUMBFOUNDED 4 years ago when I witnessed supposed Christians apologizing for the sin of “Mormophobia”.

What in the WORLD are you talking about? Fear of Mormons?

Oh, I get it – you are apologizing for fear of… well, no I don’t get it. You’re not afraid of them – you just recognized they were a cult and not Christians. And now, by apologizing, you’re accepting their unBibllical nonsense as “Christian” when it’s not.

That’s Apostasy. They don’t believe in the Jesus of the Bible – their Jesus is half brother to Satan. I guarantee that’s not a Biblical concept. If you’re struggling with that, I can recommend a good book – it’s called the Bible.

Many, many Evangelical leaders have compromised and accepted a cult as Christians because of political expediency. That’s Apostasy.

Next, any Evangelical who accepts as a Christian anyone whose definition of becoming a Christian is being sprinkled as a baby – is apostasy. There’s nothing in the Bible about being sprinkled as a baby equalling salvation. To take such a position is to compromise, to move away from the position of the Bible. It’s Apostasy.

If you’re going to compromise on the issue of salvation – THE most important subject on earth – what else will you compromise on???

We decided we didn’t like the bible’s version of salvation – so we changed it to our version. “1,2,3 repeat after me!” “There are four spiritual laws…” “There’s a cross shaped hole in your heart…” “God has a wonderful plan for your life….”Let me be blunt and say right now – if your testimony includes someone telling you this, and you repeated a prayer they told you to say… um…. step away from your computer, put down your phone, and get on your face before God. You’ve been lied to, and that’s not salvation.

YOU have to pray. YOU have to repent. YOU have to beg God to save you. A simple, “yeah, I don’t think I can do this on my own…” prayer is kind of like saying, “Oh God, if I don’t throw up, I promise I’ll never drink again.” It’s a lie, because you’re right back out there the following Friday night, drinking again.

It may sound like I’m being picky, but how does God see it? There’s no subject more important than Salvation. Ask everyone whose in Hell right now – they’ll agree.

So, then we say, “Huh. They have a little white church building and a steeple… must be Christian!!!” And when we hear them say, “Yes, I’ve been a Cbristian all my life!!!”

um… okay! “Why, of course they’re Christian!”


Thanks. So the next question is, if you’re relying on baby sprinkling to save you, where do you end up?

Oh, yes – that’s the next subject people apostate on. I am dumbfounded that there are so many in the Southern Baptist Convention who deny the subject of Hell.

Let me put it this way – if you’ve compromised THAT much that you don’t believe in Hell, I wonder about your salvation. No, really. You’re already calling the Lord Jesus Christ a liar, and I don’t know if anyone born of the spirit really can do such a thing. It’s just HALF A STEP from denying the Lord.

Hell is not “eternal Separation from God.” Hell is fire, and agony, and torment… it’s terrible. It’s horrible. And when you try to pin someone down who uses the “eternak separation from God” line on “Is Hell fire, or no???” you end up with verbal dancing. It’s a yes or no answer – is Hell fire? The answer I got from one person in an adult Sunday School class while we discussed it was… “I’m sure for some people, it might be.”


READ Luke 16! STOP listening to Billy Graham and Rob Bell! LIfeway tossed out the “Love Wins” book for denying Hell, but continued to sell “Just As I Am” which does the same thing!

Let’s see, we’ve denied the Bible, denied salvation, and denied Hell. What’s next?

Why, denying the Lord, of course.

There are MYRIADS of evangelical Christians who, from what I’m seeing, have rejected the Jesus Christ of the Bible and adopted a false Jesus, something the Bible warns us of.

There’s the rich man, tailored clothes wearing Word Faith “first born again man” Jesus, who encourages us gently to be like him, a name it-claim it faith speaking man. That can’t be Jesus Christ – The Jesus of the Bible is GOD, and not a born again man. To them, I’m saying the same thing, because they consider themselves little gods, but since Jesus was the first one, why – he’s like a CEO! HE’s a big G God!

That’s so unBiblical I’m dumbfounded. And if you read my series on Word Faith, you know that the first church I ever went to was Word Faith. I got saved years later, and my first prayer to the LOrd is, “Lord teach me sound doctrine so that I never get involved in a false church or a cult ever again!” And you know what? THe LOrd answered that!

There’s the Evangelical, judge not, love everybody equally Jesus – that’s not the Jesus of the Bible, because (and I urge you to read the Bible and find out!) the Lord Jesus Christ, who is humble and meek, and lowly in heart – is God almighty. And he really will judge the world. He really will ask your Pastor to give an account for his ministry. And He really will haul everyone out of Hell, and step by step judge their works, for the purposes of determining how terrible their punishment will be. Yes, the Jesus of the bible. The one you prayed to forgive you. That’s the one.

There’s the hippie Jesus that most people know from the movies. You’re just waiting for him to say, “Dude”. Or “Cowabunga”. There was a TV movie of Jesus where the actor actually got fairly close in some scenes to a correct portrayal of Jesus Christ, but half the time he wandered around looking half stoned in the movie. Stop watching Hollywood Jesus and open your Bibles.

There’s the Roman Catholic Jesus, who mutters strange and perplexing parables, but is too holy for us to talk to, so we talk to his human mother instead. That’s not the Jesus of the bible.

Doesn’t seem that bad, what i’m talking about? How does it seem to God?

Here’s some powerful questions to consider. If you can deny the Bible, Deny salvation, deny Hell, and deny Jesus Christ…. are you saved?

I’ll be even more blunt. In the average Southern Baptist church, I’ll tell you right now – most of them are probably not saved. There’s got to be some evidence in your life that you’re saved. If you spend more time talking about football with friends than about God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, the Great Commission… danger zone. And I know I just trampled on sacred cows right there.

“Don’t pick on the NFL, man!” Too late. It’s stupid. We memorize statistics on how Joe Bunknaspitz got 200 yards rushing in his career, and how much better the Jets would do if they just got Joe Namath back as a quarterback!

But we can’t open our bibles, and memorizing Bible verses is WAAAAY too difficult!

My question is… are you Christian?

If I were to arrest you, bring you to court, and try you in Circuit Court of being a Christian – would you be convicted or acquitted? i’m telling you right now, that a vast majority would find themselves being acquitted. Not guilty of being a Christian.

“Your honor, my client may have several Bibles, but their just an avid book collector. After all, they never read it, never pray, only go to church a few times a year…”

“Not guilty.”

Feeling better that you’re a Independent Baptist? Guess what? David Cloud even says most Independent Baptists are not saved. It was right there on the “Essential Bible Student” series that I put up, that only one or two of you even bothered to watch!

Christianity should consume you. If you do not have an “us vs. them” feeling about your Christianity, hint hint… you’re not one of “Us” you’re one of “Them”.

If you cannot tell me the names of six of the apostles, that’s scary. “Well, I’ve only been saved 13 years! But this year my resolution is to read my Bible all the way through for the first time!” That’s really scary. And it’s danger zone. A disciple of Jesus Christ continues in His word. Are you?

Take it to the Lord, get it taken care of. That’s what we heard every week in Seminary. “Take care of it. Get it resolved.” And this was pastoral candidates and missionary candidates hearing this!

Make sure you’re saved. Let’s get that one thing taken care of first.