5 Ways Evangelicalism Has Misled Fundamentalism!

Things have gone so wrong with Evangelical Christianity in the last 10 years I hardly know where to start. Sacrificing Biblical doctrine for political expediency, denying Christ, rejecting the Bible, embracing the enemies of the cross and calling them friends, becoming far more worldly, incorporating new age teachings and practices, seeking after magic, abandoning the Great commission – I’d say the great apostasy is not coming – I’d say it’s here, fully entrenched.

I often wondered how the Antichrist was going to be embraced by people who called themselves Christians – now I see it and understand.

The problem with it, is that Evangelical Christianity is slowly corrupting Fundamentalism! Formerly King James Only pastors now are rejecting it, in favor of modern versions. Pastors now deny the Preservation of Scripture. They deny separationism. They advocate joining up with every heretic who names the name of Christ!

If ever there was a time for you to start a blog calling for people to leave Evangelicalism and come to Fundamentalism, this is the moment! And I’m going to do a series shortly on how to set up a blog!

Ways that Evangelical Christianity has misled Fundamentalism….

  1. The Textual Criticism theory. The single biggest one right here! If we’d listened to Otis Fuller, the Dean Burgon Society, David Cloud and other defenders of the Bible, we’d never be in this state. David Cloud has several books on Bible preservation and Textual Criticism. Start with the free ones such as “Unholy Hands on God’s Holy Book.” The facts remain, not one of the textual critics are Christians. There were one or two who were trained as Textual Critics, and actually left that and embraced King James Only-ism, such as Edward Hills. But Griesbach, Wellhausen and the others all were Christ deniers, and proceeded from the assumption we should treat the Bible as any other book. Christians should have dismissed them as unbelievers years ago, and paid no mind. Indeed, we celebrate these men, who right now are regretting their choices in the midst of unending torment. In fact Wellhausen’s theories are still touted as being foundational, and thousands of Christian pastors still bow the head to them – and yet Wellhausen was debunked 100 years ago in the book set The Fundamentals.
  2. Collapse of separation. David Cloud’s book on this subject is astounding, and compelling. I was opposed to Separationism, until I’d found Cloud. I got really irritated, decided to debunk him, and was convinced in under ten minutes that Cloud was right. That’s even faster than learning about the King James issue, which took me 20 minutes! The point is, if someone teaches or believes heresy, and you associate with him, in the Lord’s eyes you agree with him. Scary. It’s in the Bible. It’s in almost every book! Some of the verses on separationism we even name ministries after! I used to hear advertisements for a ministry called Equally Yoked on Christian radio before I stopped listening to it several years ago. I don’t know what they ministered – I’m guessing explaining to Christians that they shouldn’t marry non-Christians. I kind of thought that was a no-brainer. Did you know that the passage on being unequally yoked tells you to separate from unbelievers? Read it. No kidding So – why are we encouraging Christians to associate with Roman Catholics and Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists and Church of Christ? They’re not Christians!
  3. Pressure to become worldly. I’ve never read it, but supposedly one of the biggest selling books in Christianity in the last 15 years is a book called “Blue like Jazz”. The overall message of the book is why you should live a worldly life as a Christian, from what I’ve heard. Um… you know, if we read the Bible, we’d see we are enjoined to come OUT of the world. We were saved OUT of the world! Ever read the proverb “like a dog returns to his vomit…”? We are not to be worldly. Yesterday I recommended seven chapters to study in your Bible, and the overall theme of 5 of them was how to live and walk, now that you’re saved out of the world! If “Blue Like Jazz” was called “how to Backslide”, would millions have bought it? There’s a lot of pressure – a lot – on Christian blogs, radio shows, talk shows, TV preachers etc who are advocating – quite seriously – how to live an unGodly life. Because essentially living so that you – a Christian – are indistinguishable from the world – are doing.
  4. Abandon Biblical presentation of the gospel. I’ve ranted on this too many times. Suffice it to say that “raise your hand, right now, where you’re sitting – there’s one…” is not a Biblical presentation of the Gospel. And I’ve heard so many times from irresponsible men that “nobody was ever scared into heaven…” um.. Excuse me? It seems to me that everyone who is born again has stopped, realized that if they don’t get saved they’re going to burn in Hell, and turned to Jesus Christ! Let’s get back to offering the Gospel the right way, and maybe we won’t have so many churches painting their walls black.
  5. Questioning of the Rapture. Not a big deal you think? Literally, the belief in the return of the Lord is the litmus test, the canary in the mine. If you question or deny the Pre-Trib rapture, it’s a symptom you’re getting off track spiritually!

I could go on, but this is enough for now. After all, I’ve promised to keep my writings shorter now, so we’ll stop here. By the way, each one of these is seeds for a blog post on your own Fundamentalist blogs!


Steps out of Evangelicalism

The steps to take towards Fundamentalism are quite simple.

First: You need to put your modern translation on the bookshelf. Pick up your King James. Here’s a helpful hint for the King James… at some point, you’re going to need large print. My advice – get it now. Should you get a study Bible? Absolutely. There are many who say things like, “just get a Bible, with no cross references, no footnotes.” To a certain extent, I see why they say that. I personally disagree. I went out and got a whiteout pen for use with my King James, to whiteout any footnotes that are unBiblical. I still haven’t gotten around to it, but simply crossed them out with a pen, scoring them through several times.

You need a good Bible, because you’re going to do something different in Fundamentalism you never did in Evangelicalism – read your Bible. Matter of fact, TWO new things, because you’re going to learn to study it.

Second: All your old books you rely on, go back on the shelf. After a year in Fundamentalism, you may be shocked at some of the patently unBiblical things Evangelicalism told you. Fundamentalist books? There are some. Not many. For now, you need 66 books. That’s it. Let’s start with those.

Third: Stop listening to all the Evangelical teachers, and… start researching. The Biblebelievers web site has many great things on it, some articles by many good Bible teachers (and one or two I dislike). One of the features on there is exposing false teachers. You might want to try looking up some stuff on your favorites. LIke John Ankerberg. Charles Swindoll. Charles Stanley. Rick Warren. Joel Osteen. Jack Van Impe. Billy Graham. Promise Keepers. Focus On The Family and James Dobson. Peeps like those. Matter of fact, you can look them up on wayoflife.org as well. And on my blog, I have categories of false teachers. You’ll see names listed there. If you click on them, you’ll see articles on them that may astonish you. Their teachings have been plain in your sight, but you just never noticed them. For instance, the 9 Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Deevers. There’s literally a quote in there that seems right. It sounds good. But if you read it several times, trying to read between the lines of what he’s saying, is that he won’t baptize anyone who is not a Calvinist, and that he considers anyone not a Calvinist unsaved. If you don’t know what a Calvinist is, buckle your seat belt! You’re in for a bumpy ride!

These three stages usually take about a month. THat’s it. You VERY quickly begin to become a Fundamentalist after you do these things. Ready for the next step?

Fourth: Stop listening to Christian Radio. “What????” Yes. Even listening to BBN lately has gotten dangerous. I’ve heard the DJ’s say things in the last 18 months that were completely unBiblcial, and lead you OUT of Fundamentalism and into Evangelicalism!

If you must replace it with something – unless you have the kind of cars I grew up with, that only had radios, your car probably has a CD player. There are many websites where you can download good sermons by great Bible teachers. Switch to that. Get CD’s of hymns.

If you do these things, you’ll find yourself waking out of the Evangelical stupor. You’ll be glad you did.

Time to Leave the SBC


If you too are still attending a SBC church, or one closely affiliated, it’s time. The convention is really making it clear that Fundamentalists are no longer welcome in the SBC.

It’s time to write your letter of resignation to your SBC church and go Independent Baptist. And if there’s no non-Ruckmanite, non-Hyles, non-Brider Independent Fundamental Baptist church in your town… it’s time to start praying about getting with likeminded believers and looking for a Pastor to help you start a church.

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What Ecumenism is

Recently I did an article on  “Why are we still listening to Rick Warren?” I made mention of his desire to create a one world church.

Yesterday I described how the Antichrist will ride the one-world church into power – it will be a forum he will be able to take advantage of to help consolidate power – before he eventually destroys that apostate church.

I’m not really seeing how we can separate a desire to create a one-world church and the one the Antichrist uses. From where I’m sitting, you have a very wealthy and influential pastor bent on creating the one-world church that will put the Antichrist in power.

“I see absolutely zero reason in separating my fellowship from anybody” – Rick Warren

3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3 (KJV)

Rick Warren sees no harm in joining with everybody. Look, even the most evangelical and ecumenical Christian out there, completely blind to discernment and seeing the world through candy twizzler glasses, can tell you that not everybody is right.

Zero reason for separating my fellowship? How about the Bible? Isn’t that our rule of faith and practice?

But the problem remains is that Warren is a Bible agnostic.

The Bible is God’s word to all men. It was written by human authors, under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the supreme source of truth for Christian beliefs and living. Because it is inspired by God, it is truth without any mixture of error. — Saddleback Church Statement of Faith

um… the Bible was written DOWN by human WRITERS… but the Bible did not have human authors, but God as the Author.

Rick Warren cannot point to any Bible as God’s perfect, inerrant, preserved, inspired word of God. He quotes from the Message as well as the Living Bible as Roman Catholic translations. But if you attempt to pin him down on the Bible, he really can’t tell you which one is God’s word. Indeed, Warren’s approach to the Bible is to decide the meaning of a text, and search for a scripture in various translations that support his interpretation of it.

This is the man guiding you back to Rome. He triumphantly celebrates the choosing of new popes, conveniently forgetting that the Roman Catholic church used to burn or drown Baptists.

“I am talking about the fact that about a hundred years ago, Christianity split into two wings…”Rick Warren

Still trying to figure out what happened around 1815 or so that rick Warren is referencing. If he’s referring to the Reformation and Martin Luther… I have to worry a little.

“Most readers will be surprised to learn that the largest international network is…the Christian Church. The Church, in all its expressions—Catholic, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Protestant and many others—has 2.3 billion followers.” Rick Warren

Rick Warren wants to return you to Rome. He’s enthusiastic about doing it. He’s excited to do it.

Separate from him. Reject his teachings. Throw away his DVD’s, get rid of his books.

Read your Bible and ask yourself if you agree with everything that the Roman church teaches? Do you believe in Mary, Queen of Heaven? Do you believe the wafer becomes the literal flesh of Jesus Christ? Do you believe in salvation by works?

6 I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: 7 Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. 9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. Galatians 1:6-9 (KJV)

17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. 18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. Romans 16:17-18 (KJV)

6 Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. 7 Be not ye therefore partakers with them. 8 For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: 9 (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) 10 Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. 11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Ephesians 5:6-11 (KJV)

3 If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; 4 He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, 5 Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself. 1 Timothy 6:3-5 (KJV)

Evangelicalism – the enemy of Christianity?

To really understand my subject, let’s look at the Christians who took the Bible seriously around World War II.

Fundamentalism means believing the Bible literally. The problem with Christianity is that modernism started back in the 1880’s, first rising with Darwinism (Wescott and Hort were Darwinists) and the big Times Square churches controversy over “Is eternal punishment Biblical?”

I had on one computer literally hundreds of scanned pamphlets from the 1870’s, where the Fundamentalists were involved in a pamphlet printing war over whether Hell is real. The Unitarians and the modernists in several denominations began printing hundreds of pamphlets declaring that all men were saved, which… clearly the Bible does not teach. The non-modernists all protested, and cited Scripture to show there is a hell and eternal punishment.

During those days, men believed the Bible. They were called Christians. The stance in those days was Fundamental. You believed the Bible literally, or you were a modernist, and did not.

After World War II, men such as Harold Ockinga all were tired of the fighting with the modernists. Men had gone overseas and fought the enemies world wide, and were coming home to their churches, where they would… fight the modernists.

So Harold Ockinga coined the term “New Evangelicalism”. “We repudiate come out-ism!” was their battle cry, and many flocked to it.

Except that come out-ism is commanded in the Bible. If you’re a Bible believing Christian, then you really don’t have a choice. God says it, you do it.

Separate from the unBelievers and heretics. That’s in the Bible. As a matter of fact, it’s in almost every book in the New testament. On my “Comment Policy” page, I have scores of verses all listing Biblically ordered commands to reject and separate from false teachers and heretics. It’s gotten some flak.

Listen, I didn’t write the Bible. I just quotes it.

It has gotten to the point where Evangelicals today far outnumber the Fundamentalists. And Evangelicals often call themselves Fundamentalists, but they;re not.

They join hands with unbelievers in every denomination, and proudly boast of it. They write articles  attacking Ken  Ham for teaching the Bible, and champion teachers who obviously have never read it. They call for us to unite with the unSaved, like Roman Catholics, for the sake of “The Gospel” when they clearly have no idea what it is.

If you claim to believe the Bible, and yet reject it every chance you get, what are you?


The philosophy of Evangelicalism is a heretical “Judge Not” Christianity, which accepts just any Bible, despite many people who’ve researched the subject and warning them. Evangelicals accept mormons as Christians, despite the fact they simply have no idea what the Gospel is, but believe we must become gods. Evangelicals accept things their grandparents described as idolatry.  You know what’s the big hit among young evangelicals right now? Rosary beads. And among many, the “Emergent” evangelicals, idol worship is. Hey, you accepted the Catholics… no wonder your kids are lighting incense to Buddhas.

The Bible says to judge with righteous judgment. The Evangelicals say, “judge not.” The Bible says to separate from false teachers. The Evangelicals say, “mind your own business. Joel Osteen can teach what he wants, because God is using him.” The Bible says if you are not born again, you’ll go to Hell.

What are a lot of Evangelicals saying now? “You go through eternal separation from God.” That’s… not what the Bible says.

You know what? Evangelicalism is just Modernism disguised.  What was happening in 1870 and 1880 among a few “Christians” is status quo today.

And nobody seems to care.

We’re in big, big, big trouble.