Politics Versus The Bible

Let me preface my remarks today with a simple formula. I can’t insert the “is not equal to” symbol you learned in the 5th grade… BUT…

  • Christian is not synonymous with Republican
  • Republican is not synonymous with Christian.

Now, YES… a VAST MAJORITY of American Born Again Christians flock to the Republican party. And politicians are quick to try to either A). support Israel while running for office or b). talk either about God, prayer, or maybe a lame quote from the Bible. note they’ll never quote something like John 3:3!

Most politicians stop the pretense as soon as they’re in office. Um… except the Donald. It seems he’s conducting Bible studies in the White House. right in the Oval Office. Guess what? I could be very wrong, but I think he won the election. And he’s carrying on far past the point where everyone else drops the pretense!

But here’s the flipside – there’s a political party who has seemed to make it a priority to legislate out of existence Christianity within America. And a lot of Christians STILL are part of that Party.

The Republican party pushed a member of a cult as a candidate for President, and suddenly Franklin Graham and countless others are rushing to embrace anyone who’s ever even driven PAST Salt Lake City as a fellow Christian.

No, let’s get our heads clear. We test everything by the word of God. Even political expediency. If your party routinely opposes God, Christianity, and the Bible, and exalts every manner of sin – as a Christian, you have only one response. Leave that party. Vote with your feet.

If your party attempts to push a member of a cult as President, then click on “other” at the ballot station and manually type in the name of another Candidate! The Republicans would have been astounded if they’d pushed a Mormon, only to find that a candidate who’d not gotten the nomination found himself President the following morning!

We as Christians need to send warnings to Washington DC – we matter. And we will not stand for any attempt to silence Christians, or to stand against the Bible. Here’s our answer to Pelosi Democrats and their agendas… we pull every Christian voter out of the Democratic party. Which almost happened last November.

If they lose enough elections, they’ll figure it out, and boot the Pelosi-ites out of office. That’s how we answer Washington. We vote. And at this point, you have to vote against things sometimes.

We also send a clear message to the Republican party, which I think they heard loud and clear – no moderate Republicans. No Liberal Republicans. High ye away to the democrats, if that’s ye platforme!

STAND for the Bible. Stand for God. Vote according to those factors, and sooner or later, the politicians get it.

And stop parroting political expediency. Ye are not your own, and ye were bought with a price. Not by politics, but by the Son of Man.


Troubled on every side

8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; 9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; 10 Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 (KJV)

I never cease to be amazed by how God pushes me to the task. Every time I think to myself, “I finally am done dealing with false teachings, and can get back to teaching of ‘the common salvation’ Jude spoke of…”

…Another heretic or false teacher finds me.

Emergents. Messianics. Salvation by works teachers. Cult members like JW’s, Mormons and Roman Catholics. People with strange doctrinal axes to grind.

It’s amazing that most of them end up getting irritable and often insulting when I disagree with them. Well, not too amazing – I’ve found its pretty commonplace. I’ve had better dialogue with Atheists, one of whom was genuinely funny.

I’ve just come to the conclusion that this is the primary ministry the Lord has placed me in. To combat false teachings and false teachers, to call them out on the carpet for what they teach.

I am, however, troubled by what’s going on in today’s mainstream Christianity. Many Christians are blindly swallowing political rhetoric, without stopping to check facts.

Now, I try to avoid politics in this blog. I’m trying to save souls, not win elections. I’m sure if people wanted a blog on politics, I could write one with my usual grumpiness and some would be amused.

What I’m talking about is political correctness being allowed to affect your doctrine.

Now, seriously, this is where a robot should start flapping its arms and talking about warnings and danger.

Your politics should not be allowed to dictate your doctrine. In the United States, Christian should not be synonymous with any particular political party.

If a particular political party starts telling you how to believe, you should kindly remind them of the first amendment of the United States Constitution, that we do have freedom of religion, and that guarantees “the free exercise thereof.”

If you don’t like that, sorry – that’s the US Constitution, and you’re welcome to pack up and move to another country that does not have it. I understand that the United States and at one time Liberia were the only countries that followed the US Constitution.

No political party may dictate how you believe. If you find yourself swayed by rhetoric into changing your beliefs, strong warnings…

  1. make sure you’re attending a Bible believing church.
  2. Make sure you’re attending regularly.
  3. Make sure you’re reading the Bible for English Speaking people, the King James. Everyone says it doesn’t matter what translation you read, but oddly enough, the more you read only the King James the more you become a fundamentalist.
  4. make sure you’re saved.

Saved people continue in “the apostles doctrine”, as Luke put it when writing down Acts. If something as ephemeral and slight as political rhetoric can make you change your beliefs, then… you’re scaring me.

You need to make sure your belief structure is conformed to God’s word, and not to the current political fads.

Read your Bible. What that says… believe. Follow. Let that be the sole rule of faith and practice, not Facebook sayings, not commercial, political speeches, sound bytes, what have you.