Don’t Pray for Patience

There’s two prayers beginner Christians pray. “Make me patient” is one, and when people realize how self centered we really are, they often pray, “Lord, break me.”

Don’t pray those prayers.

Life will go horribly wrong for both prayers.

The Lord teaches us patience slowly, through trials and adversity.

If you pray for the Lord to break you… He will.

The loss of a job is the usual response. Some people seem to contract diseases or severe medical conditions. Others have relatives or spouses die.

These things must come in life. And often, the Lord sends them at the time to shape you. If you ask for it, He may deliver a lot at once. It’s like when you have a child who wants to try something you know they can’t do, but you want to teach them about their limitations, you let them try it, just to show them that caution sometimes is the best route.

So, the Lord knows you’re not ready for what you’re asking. But He loves you enough to honor the request, probably dulled down to a fraction of what He could release upon you.

Every Christian will face tribulation in this life. That’s a fact. And sometimes the Lord is using the heat of it to temper you into the tool He requires of you.

And often, for the patience prayer, the lord just lets you have one or two days where He stops protecting you from a lot of the minor things that can come your way. You think, “I’m having a bad day! Two arguments at work, I got in trouble, my car wouldn’t start…”

You could have woken up that morning with paralysis. You could have had a heart attack or stroke. You could have been in a car accident that took your legs off. Things really could be a million times worse. And the Lord will teach you that lesson. By the time you’re middle aged, you’ll be thanking the Lord for everything, because now you’re aware that the Lord is under no obligation to make sure you get a jelly donut every day, perfect coffee, a bonus from the boss, etc.

Thoughts on a dying church


It is terrible to watch one die.


Listen people, take EVERYTHING the church growth experts give you, and toss it in that round object in your pastor’s office. Look on your pastor’s bookshelf, find everything that Rick Warren and Mark Devers and Thom Ranier wrote, and DUMP it in the trash. Make a game of it. listen to how LOUD you can make it when you throw it into the dumpster.

“blended worship” means “we’re getting rid of hymns and going to rock music.”

“making the message acceptable” means “We’re dumbing down the church”.

“contemporary worship” means we hired a rock group with long hair, painting the church black, getting a light show, and we’re going to just be friends of the world and not criticize anyone.

It means we’re getting rid of the standards.

Baptist Briders have a tradition they do when a church does this. They start calling it “ichabod”. The glory is gone. It has ceased to be a church.


They’re right.

Adding coffee and a welcome center is one thing. But it seems that every church that starts that ends up… starting to compromise. Some CCM starts to creep in.

And in seven years, the pastor is not wearing a tie on Ressurection Sunday. He’s got tight jeans and converse on.

“The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, That there is no fear of God before his eyes.” (Psalm 36:1, KJV)

Blended worship means “We’re adding in some light CCM.”

It gets heavier and louder. There’s less and less hymns.

Soon, the choir is replaced by the drummer and guitar player, singing a song thats… just not right for the choir. The choir sits there and smiles and wonders where this is going.

A year later, there is no choir. Just a rock band.

Remember when Christians used to protest rock bands? They used to picket rock concerts, and tried to pass out Bibles and tracts when Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden would come to town.

Now, they’ve got those bands playing in their churches on Sunday. I don’t know what you call it anymore, but it’s not a church. The Lord removed its candlestick.

And the pain in your heart never goes away, if you pastored there. you watch it happen, you leave officially before it happens, and you watch the church die.

Don’t agree with me? FIND some fruit these churches are producing! How many are getting Biblically saved at these churches? How much doctrine is being preached? What missionaries are coming out of these churches?

Here’s the truth – if you want church growth, if you want the young people, here’s the real secret….

Shave. Put on a tie. play hyms, with a hymnal. If you really want, you can still get Proclaim (hey, I love Proclaim!). But no CCM. No rock and roll. Wear a suit and tie. Preach the Bible. Preach doctrine. Condemn sin. Rebuke the world. Proclaim Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.

Bow before God, and repent. And your church will grow. The young people will come in. The statistics show it! The Millennials respect a church like Danny Castle’s. No compromise, no worldliness, just JESUS IS LORD! They respect that. And when it comes time for them to get saved and pick a church, statistics show they’re picking Fundamentalist churches – because they don’t respect the world. And when they want to be saved, they want something they can respect. That crazy old Fundamentalist preacher that screams a lot! BECAUSE HE’S NOT COMPROMISING!

If getting a rock band means you have higher attendance on Sunday, it also means there’ll be less of you standing there on Judgment day. Success for me doesn’t mean higher weekly giving, it means I can present to Jesus Christ a church body of saved persons, not just two ushers and maybe a deacon!

“Where’s the rest of my church?”

And the Lord points down.

“I have this somewhat against you…”

You don’t want to hear that. Save your church. Fundamentalism is the ONLY WAY for a Christian to be.

Post Millennialism

For the first time, I actually found out someone I know is a post-millennialist. A brief discussion about the Lord’s return ended with, “That’s not going to happen for a thousand years. we’re all going to be dust.”


did you REALLY say that?

You know, even the most cursory reading of the book of Revelation shows that A). The churches disappear from the earth between Revelation 3 and 4 B). The world goes through seven years of tribulation C). the Lord returns D). There’s a judgment of the nations E). There’s a millennium and F). Then the dead are raised and there’s a Great White Throne judgment.

ABCDEF. The Lord returns in C. The Millennium is E.

C comes before D.

Now, after several years in Seminary, I can assure you, that with advanced knowledge of Greek and Hebrew, that Chapter 19 comes before Chapter 20. I know, that’s really hard to figure out, but I can assure you that 20 is AFTER 19.

See, there’s a lot of Christians who read Revelation and get it wrong because apparently they take it literally, like it’s the Bible or something. Okay, i’m kidding around, of course. If you read Matthew and take it literally, and you read Acts and take it literally, and read Colossians and take it literally, then certainly you’d read Revelation and take it literally.

“But it’s apocalyptic literature! There’s a whole Greek genre of…”


John… how shall I say this nicely… was not Greek.

He was Jewish.

And it doesn’t matter if there’s a secular genre of any kind in ancient Greek culture. This is the BIBLE, and it’s written by God.

I KNOW the standard liberal Christian blah-blah-blah about “This is how it would have been interpreted by Greeks and Romans at the time…”

You’re right. I agree! That’s how they would have interpreted it! And… two weeks in a church as a follower of Jesus Chirst, by that time if the Holy Spirit would have straightened them out on it! “Pssst… this is to be taken literally.” Or the Pastor would have explained that.

If the Lord Jesusn Christ’s first coming is literal, the SECOND one is too. It doesn’t matter if Revelation resembles a Greek form of literature, or even a Jewish form. This is the BIBLE.

So, what am I to do with the pronouncements of the angels in Acts? “The same way He left is the same way He’s coming back.” If Revelation is to be taken as allegory, then… what do I do with Matthew? Luke? John? Acts? 1 & 2 Thessalonians? THey all talk about a literal, visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 24 talks about a literal antichrist and a literal tribulation period.

So, I’m supposed to take those allegorically? By that time we’re stretching the Bible all out of recognizable shape to fit preconcieved conclusions,

Let’s get back to the classic, normal-literal ispensational way of reading the Bible, and discard man made teachings.

James 17

“Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom. But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth. This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.” (James 3:13–18, KJV)

For this one, the sentence diagramming tool in Logos really comes handy. It’s written almost like old computer programming – if then go to.

Definition – wise man – one who shows by how he lives the effect of a godly lifestyle, and the fruits of salvation, with meekness.

But if you’re envying and have strife in your heart… then you’re NOT a wise man!


The next verse is a contrast also – the wisdom shown by an unwise man is from below, not from God.

FOR. we now learn the REASON or the RESULT with a FOR statement. Envying and strife produces confusion and every evil work.

CONTRAST. We see the contrast of the fruits of envy, versus the wisdom from above and it;s fruits.

The word FIRST lets us know that these are SEQUENTIAL – you first get purity, then peace, then gentleness.

Think on these things.

Let him show it. Here is an original “show and tell.” Wisdom is not measured by degrees but by deeds. It is not a matter of acquiring truth in lectures but of applying truth to life. The good life and deeds are best portrayed in the humility of wisdom, or “wise meekness” (prautēti sophias). The truly wise man is humble.

J. Ronald Blue, “James,” in The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures, ed. J. F. Walvoord and R. B. Zuck, vol. 2 (Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1985), 828.

Refer a friend!

refer a friend day to Narrow is the Way!

Or refer an enemy!

A couple of readers of my blog who blog themselves sometimes get overrun by contentious people who want to argue, not learn. Those readers used to refer them to me. I don’t debate anymore – I got really over people using up ALL of my writing and research time because they want to argue their heresy with me. That’s why i took comments away.

But you can still refer them if you want them to get straightened out!


You know, there’s certain special interest groups that do what can only be described as “re-inventing”. What it stems from is two things – ignorance, and honest intentions (sometimes).

I say sometimes because there’s groups out there, the Pan-Africa groups who I’ve only dealt with once or twice at the requests of a friend, who are determined to invent something completely from scratch for dishonest reasons (usually the establishing of control, power, and importance).

The first step to re-invent is to redo Hebrew. Forget the fact that people have been speaking Hebrew for over 6,000 years – let’s introduce our own way of speaking it. After all, we’re so much smarter than the people who’ve been speaking it!

Let’s make sure we put a W in Hebrew, because there’s never been one. And we’re SO SURE that the people who’ve been speaking it for thousands of years are wrong. So, W it is. You know, like the well popularized “Tohu Wabohu” Everyone talks about in Genesis. Except there’s no “Wabohu” in Hebrew. It’s V’bohu. Huh.

Let’s make sure we add a TH sound to it too, because Hebrew never had that. But if we don’t write Bereshit as Brayeshith, then people will lose their salvation! Literally, by the time they’re done with it, I (who know a lot of Hebrew) have literally no idea what they’re trying to say. Like “Elder Rawchaa”. WHAT his name means I have no idea, because it’s… not Hebrew. I don’t know what other language it is.

Now, let’s add the Law. But we don’t like the Law, so we’re going to make the law demanding on OTHER BELIEVERS, but not on us. Things that are reserved for the High priest – that’s for us. But not you.

Things that are reserved for Levites – that’s for us, but not you. Except for the restrictions on Levites and the High Priest, like the “can’t own land” prohibition. That’s not for us, nor for you, unless I can talk you into giving me your land.

Now we have to invent our own clothes. Like the guys I saw following me one day who had turbans on, men’s button down shirts, and long skirts.



Along with the sartorial error of black dress socks and sandals. That’s an unforgiveable sin if ever I saw one!

Really should have been wearing a red rubber ball on their noses, too – but then my dread fear of clowns would have kicked in.

So, this is not limited to pan-African groups – it’s prevalent in cults, too. Messianics among the worst offenders. One man in the United States who did more to popularize the Messianic Jewish Movement than anyone else – a former Assembly of God minister – attempted redefining and reinventing almost everything about Judaism – to the point where his followers were putting HIS choice of Mezuza parchments (printed by him) in HIS laminated plastic sleeves and putting them on their doorways, instead of regularly available Mezuzot. But then you see, he wouldn’t have made any money from it.

Or the Tallis katan, worn under the clothes. He decided it was the tsitsis that were the commandment (correct), so he made – and sold – special tsitsit fringe that you just looped around your blue jeans belt loops, instead of a Tallis.

And he made – and sold – his own Tallisim, made by his mother, from cheap fabric and elmers’ glue, and the ladies ones (!) had glitter on them. THey cost $25. or $65 for a full size one. REgularly commercially available ones were discouraged.

This man, before he died, repented of the whole Messianic thing, and actually began to campaign against it. There is a way out of cultdom, and it can happen to anyone.

If you’re caught up in some group where everything is based upon someone’s re-interpretation of the Bible – run.

And you’ll save your souls, and probably a lot of money too.