Messianics 8

Some things we’ve addressed in this re-do of Messianic Judaism is the preservation of the Bible, and the impossibility of editing all of the New Testament manuscripts in the world so that the owners do not notice it.

I mean, if you’re going to posit – as Avi Ben Mordecai does – that what we have today is highly edited manuscripts altered by Gentiles, you run into logistic impossibilities. If you were able to sneak into a thousand homes and churches and edit all of these, once the owners found out, all they’d have to do is destroy the edited manuscripts, track down unedited ones, and recopy those!

Preservation of the Bible is a doctrine tied to both judgment and inerrancy of the Bible. The last day Judgment requires that we have a witness, and that witness is the Bible. There MUST be a pure word of God somewhere, or God – whom the Bible describes as a righteous judge – cannot send ANYONE to Hell.

Sit in a courtroom sometimes and see what happens when someone guilty of driving on a revoked license can prove they were not given notice, or that the notice was defective. The case gets thrown out.

Now, imagine yourself at the Great White Throne Judgment, and the worst, most immoral atheist who ever lived stands before God and says… “The Bible was edited. How was I to know what the truth was?”

Case thrown out. Hell emptied.

So, everlasting punishment requires a pure witness. The Bible promises that it is perfect (Psalm 19:7), holy (Romans 7:12), preserved (Psalms 12:6-7), the book of the Lord (Isaiah 34:16), and the standard of the Judgment (John 12:48, Romans 2:16). Oh, trust me that I could go on for paragraph after paragraph! Because the Scriptures are magnified above God’s name, that there will be a judgment, that people will be judged by the Bible and that people will be cast into hell forever all demand an inerrant, preserved, perfect word of God in continual use throughout the ages since the canon was closed in 95 AD.

To say that the word of God was preserved in “The sands of Egypt” (a nice, poetic and completely false statement) is to claim that only the people from 95-450 AD had the Bible, and that everyone from Nicea on until the 1850’s cannot be judged by God.

That means an awful lot of people who never were born again whom the Bible bluntly says “Are without excuse” (Rom. 1:20) will be entering heaven.

Now, let’s examine the contention of Avi Ben Mordecai and James Trimm (among others), that the “original Hebrew” New Testament has been edited and deliberately mis-translated. This would mean that until James Trimm came out with his Messianic Study Bible, nobody on earth could be judged!

Avi Ben Mordecai states plainly that Galatians is a “Closed book”, and nobody can understand it unless they buy his commentary on Galatians.

So that literally means, not one person from AD 120 until 2000 AD could possibly be judged by God, since they claim to have discovered (through textural Criticism) the real meaning of the long lost “Hebrew Originals”.

So long lost, that they actually never existed except for Matthew!

This means that when the Bible claims to be inerrant, perfect, preserved, the standard of Judgment, the book of life, the gospel of truth, etc… Avi Ben Mordecai and James Trimm both say it is lying.

So, here’s what I’m requiring of Avi Ben Mordecai and James Trimm – you are making BOLD claims that you have uncovered Bible truths lost to all mankind. If this is the case, and if you truly claim the Bible is edited by Gentiles to remove the truth and the “jewishness” of the Bible…

  1. You need to publish your apparatus for critical review.
  2. You must then publish your thesis on how exactly you determined the New Testament we have today has been deliberately edited, and by whom.
  3. Your thesis must show your work, explain and defend your research methods and conclusions for scholarly review and debate.
  4. And printing your interlinear to show HOW you translated your new derived Hebrew New Testament text into English.

If your apparatus is merely Green’s Interlinear or the Way International Interlinear and a copy of Vine’s – you’re going to be laughed at and ridiculed. Because that’s not how one does Bible research. You sit down with a copy of the Ben Chayyim Hebrew Masoretic text, and the Textus Receptus – and laboriously translate the Bible word for word.

To do textual criticism, you must be A). trained and educated (doctorate from an accredited degree granting institution, and not a piece of paper from Don DeCordoba), B). Qualified to do so and C). document your work in your thesis for scholarly review.

This is what Dr. Hill did, and he wrote his defense of his work in two books on the King James Bible – a trained Textual Critic, a scholar, investigated the methods of textual criticism, and ended up defending the King James Bible.

By writing these things, Avi Ben Mordecai and James Trimm have left themselves wide open to criticism.

Now, here’s something I’m hoping. I haven’t examined Trimm or Mordecai’s work lately. I’m hoping that someone will contact me and let me know they disavow their earlier works and reject them. I’m hoping they say they’ve abandoned the Hebrew Roots and come back to Fundamentalist Christianity.

I’ll be glad to print a retraction, and point out they no longer support their earlier works. I won’t take down this article, because there’s at least another twenty Messianics who are making the same claims as Trimm and Mordecai.


What is a Messianic? Hebrew Roots

I of course forgot to go into the issue of what a Messianic is. Technically, a Messianic belongs to a group known as Messianic Judaism.

The name is very much a misnomer, since the overwhelming majority of the congregants (and Rabbi’s) are actually Gentile. Many of these Gentiles begin to search for Jewish roots in their families in vain, and finally declare themselves Jewish under the ruling that “Well, I FEEL Jewish.”

In many ways, it’s also a trapping grounds for assimilated Jews who had only the vaguest head knowledge they’re Jewish. And being drawn into it, you discover the fun of Judaism, all the cool stuff you get to buy – and it begins a trap where Jews and Gentiles alike, in search of a Jewish identity, proceed further and further down a trap of Jewish trappings, then Jewish observance, then a sprinkling of Torah Observance.

The first time I did this series, I explained (with a time line) how quickly Messianic Judaism leads one into a deep well of Torah Observance, desperation, a pursuit of all things Jewish, and finally, denial of Jesus Christ. Thinking back to my own experiences, I’ve got to say that I’ve encountered more unsaved people in Messianic Judaism than any other group except Southern Baptists.

No apologies for any I offended saying that – I’d rather you be offended, self examine and get saved, and you can fuss me out in Heaven, and I’ll be glad to let you do it. Because If I keep my mouth shut, then you will pay for my refusal to speak for all eternity.

The biggest victims are not the Jews in this movement. That’s how Chabad counter-missionaries portray it, by the way – evil Gentiles setting up traps to lure unsuspecting Jews into a synagogue.

The real victims are the Gentiles. In churches, Gentiles react favorably to Jews coming in, usually with kind of a fan boy mentality of, “So, you’re a Jew? That’s really cool!” And you get badgered for every Old Testament question they have.

In Messianic Synagogues, Jews come in, and it becomes a status symbol. You’re one of the in circle, the inner crowd. You count.

The Gentiles are second rate citizens. And a real heartache begins in the hearts of the Gentiles. They become very upset that they weren’t born Jewish, that God somehow was unfair by making them shiksa and shaygets. They buy the Jewish stuff, they wear the yarmulke and tallis, and feel… less than.


But they love the dancing, the music, the trappings. Let’s face it, Messianic Synagogues have upbeat music, singing in other language to happy melodies, people clapping their hands (because that cut-time beat is really addictive).

So begins an endless cycle of Gentiles buying the books on “Tracing Your Jewish Genealogy”. They search in vain, looking back two hundred years or so (the usual limit, by the way, for an amateur genealogist). They can’t find one Jewish person in their family.

Since it was British custom in the 17th and 18th Centuries to give children Biblical names, many anglo-saxon Gentiles think they hit paydirt when they uncover someone named Abraham, Isaac, Jacob or Sarah, not knowing those were exceptionally common names. And quickly, the Complete Jewish Bible is consulted for “How do you say Percival in Hebrew?”

Great-Great-Grandfather Percival thus becomes Pinchas . Taylor is looked up in Hebrew English dictionaries to see what the translations are, and lo and behold, the Gentile finally has equality, and says they are Jewish.

I do not make light of that. Gentiles in the Messianic “Movement” have described to me the incredible heartache that comes from knowing you’re a Gentile in that movement.

What’s really sad is that many of the big names in the Messianic Movement are Gentiles who are claiming Jewish descent. Let me tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! When you encounter a little antisemitism (and you most certainly will!), it’s painful.

Okay, now imagine growing up that way.

If I was invited by some cruel joke to speak at a Messianic synagogue, I think I’d spend about 7 minutes on this issue alone, and explain to Gentiles that – hey, there’s nothing wrong with being Gentile! You all have it going on! You see Jewish scriptures, see who the Jewish Messiah is, hear He raised from the dead and arose bodily into heaven, and you think – “Okay, i’m convinced!”

Jews almost need to see written in the sky “JESUS IS THE JEWISH MESSIAH” before we believe. I mean, when I was on the fence about it for MONTHS, I was praying for a sign every day! “Lord, if Jesus is the Messiah, then give me a sign so that I can believe.”


No answer.

Not even, “If you’d like to make a call…”

Until I was reading a book by John MacArthur, and I came across one single paragraph in the midst of the book, and my heart was ripped out, and I dangled over Hell for about 45 minutes. I was INTENSELY aware that I was a sinner, doomed to an eternity in Hell. And in that time, I called out to God to save me – and nothing. And that’s when I hit the ultimate of desperation, and prayed to Jesus. I acknowledged my sinful state, and begged God to save me. I told Jesus I’d live for Him.

Imagine 45 minutes of the most terrified praying you’ve ever done in your life. I mean, having a gun to your head cannot rival that kind of terror.

That’s what it took for me. Gentiles just hear, “And you know what God did so you don’t have to go to Hell? He came in human flesh and took your place. He paid the penalty for you.”

And gentiles shed a couple of heartfelt tears, and pray, and get happy because they feel the joy of all that sin off of them.

Man, you guys got it going ON!

So don’t be down on yourself that you’re not Jewish! You guys hear the gospel, say to yourselves, “I’m convinced” – and you go out and build the Metropolitan Tabernacle in England holding more worshipers than a sports stadium!

Compare the conversion of every Gentile in the Bible to those of Jews. Gentiles grab onto Jesus Christ quick, without struggle, years of delay, and going blind.

Really, it should be us Jews who look at you Gentiles and say, “I wish I was a goy!”

Messianics 5 – The Bible and Torah Observance

The other day I wrote an article where I superficially dug into the koine Greek manuscript, and I proved that David Stern relied upon an Interlinear to translate his Bible. I also demonstrated that as a Greek scholar, he really comes up lacking. Anyone who’s purchased Logos 7 Bronze can determine in 5 minutes of really rudimentary study that Stern is not qualified to translate a Bible. At best, what he’s done is plagiarize an interlinear, change the renderings to suit his doctrinal bias, and then add a veneer of Jewishness by using Hebrew names instead of rendering what the text says.

This is apparently the modus operandi of Messianic translators, Don DeCordoba being the apparent exception if what I was told was true. And apparently, DeCordoba long ago abandoned his attempt to translate the Peshitta.

Others have analyzed for instance Dr. James Trimm’s translation, The Hebraic Roots Version Scriptures. One person who claims to have much more education than I do analyzed the HRV.

…Trimm plagiarized the Way’s Aramaic interlinear because he has little knowledge of the languages himself and so needed to use someone else’s work. This plagiarism has been proven without a shadow of a doubt many times, and the best compilation can be found on Leb Tahor’s website…

…So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a scholarly translation of the Aramaic with textual notes, I would recommendanything but this volume. Accessed 4/26/2014

Some parts of what Stern says is true – πληρῶσαι plerosai does indeed mean to complete, fill up. However, the meaning also is accomplish. The Law was ACCOMPLISHED by Jesus Christ. Meaning, it was COMPLETED, in the sense of done or perfected (see Col. 2:10 and 4:12 – πληρῶσαι is used in both verses as complete).

We do not derive our doctrine ANY OTHER WAY than by reading EVERYTHING the Bible has to say on a subject, and then using the sum of that to determine our doctrine. That’s exegesis. To decide on your doctrines in advance and then seek verses to confirm that is isogesis, and it’s an invalid way of studying the Bible.

To deliberately translate verses to read what you want to is the hallmark of a cult.

Interestingly enough, Dr. James Trimm’s doctorate came from Don DeCordoba. He apparently earned the degree in a space of a few months. Look, I don’t have a problem with someone making an unaccredited Bible seminary as long as you’re teaching valid things. My seminary is unaccredited. I had to turn in assignments, and I did get a couple of low scores on my tests. But my four year degree was granted after… four years of online classes and tests. I had to sit through 48 1 hour classes in Greek to get what little knowledge I have.

If Dr. Trimm had taken 12 years to earn that degree (which was granted only two years after his GED), I would say, okay, sure – it’s valid. I don’t have a problem with James White’s degree (as much as I disagree with the man) because he did assignments and turned in papers.

Here’s the simple guide to understanding your Bible. First, get saved. Once you’re saved, read your Bible. The Holy Ghost will illuminate the meaning for you. Millions of new Christians have read their Bibles eagerly, excited, discovering the words and the thoughts of God.

And all of them have understood from the text that since Christ died for us, the old covenant is ended. We don’t have to keep the law any more.

Along comes these experts with questionable education and openly stated agendas of trying to change the verses to show you haveto keep the Torah and then – only then – after its’ been deliberately translated to read “you have to keep the torah” does the reader grasp that you have to keep the torah.

If you have to mis-translate the text to read something, then it doesn’t say it.

It makes you a false teacher.

Messianic Judaism – The Bible 4

On this scale the Complete Jewish Bible tends toward the dynamically equivalent end of the scale. And at certain points especially related to Jewish issues, the New Covenant portion becomes militantly so. For example, the Greek phrase upo nomon (literally, “under law”) is usually rendered “under the law.” But because this phrase has become a buzzword in anti-Torah Christian theology, the Jewish New Testament and now the Complete Jewish Bible spell out the meaning of these two Greek words in thirteen English words: “in subjection to the system which results from perverting the Torah into legalism.”

David H. Stern, Complete Jewish Bible: An English Version of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and B’rit Hadashah (New Testament), 1st ed. (Clarksville, MD: Jewish New Testament Publications, 1998).

If that doesn’t give you pause, I don’t know what will. Stern has just admitted in the foreword of his mis-translation that he deliberately changed and added to the words of the Bible in order to give it a pro-Torah Observance meaning.

If you’re not use to these words, let me explain. Many Messianics (I’d say most, but Dan Juster disagrees) observe their definitions of the Law of Moses. In reality, what most are doing is observing some elemental parts of rabbinic Judaism.

If you were SERIOUS about observing the Torah, you’d get the Chofetz Chayim’s list of the 100 mitzvot every Jew can observe today, and you’d be doing it. Most Messianics buy the Jewish Book of Why and just follow that. And of course, you’d have to remember that the Chofetz Chayim is a Rabbi following Rabbinic law. Yes, he’s a chassid – but Chassids adhere to the Gemara.

By the way,you can spot most Messianic pretenders by noting if they’re using the word Talmud or Gemara. Those that claim to have been Chassids would say “gemara” not Talmud.

Stern shows a major gaffe here. He claims that the phrase Under The Law is Upo Numon. Um… you forgot the diacritic. There should be a “H” sound to Upo. And your vowel rendering is way wrong.

So lets look at Under the Law.

ἐν τῷ νόμῳ.

En To Nomo.

In The Law.

The translators of the King James chose to render this “under the law”, to give understanding.

Let’s look at another spot, Romans 6.

ὑπό νόμον

Hypo Nomon. Not Upo Nomon.

If you couldn’t spot the diacritic in ὑπό νόμον, I’m now really questioning your ability to translate Greek. That’s the kind of detail that a first year Greek student has to learn. No kidding, points off of tests and exams. As in, “you failed Greek.” If you can’t spot the diacritic, you’d have failed every test after lesson 4. I’ve got about 5 Greek text books, and all of them place the diacritic VERY early on.

In The Law and Under the Law show that “…one who is keeping the Torah” is what is being talked about.

Every Bible version that translates Romans 6:15 as “under the law” is doing it correctly.

What Stern has done is shoot an arrow at a wall, then draw the target around it! He determined prior to doing his paraphrase to “translate” it to reading in a pro-torah observance way. If that was the case, Stern would still have a beard and payes, and wear a head covering. The last time I saw a picture of him, he was clean shaven and bare headed.

If that’s the case, revise your CJB to be doctrinally correct instead of heretical, and show that we are no longer required to keep the law.

What Stern has done is exceptionally dangerous. The Bible warns that those who add to or remove from the word of God will have all the plagues written in Revelation added unto them. There is a strong implication that you can’t do this and be saved – because your end is the lake of fire.

There’s no justification to deliberately translate this to read “under legalism that perverts the Torah” ! Co. 9:20 not only has Hypo Nomon three times in it, it also has ἀνόμοις Anomois and ἄνομος anomos. Anomos (Ah-no-moss) is translated wicked (Acts 2:23, 2 Thess. 2:8), Transgressors (Luke 22:37, Mark 15:28), without the law (1 Co. 9:21), unlawful (2 Peter 2:8), lawless (1 Ti. 1:9)

See, that kind of Bible study takes less time with Logos 7 than brewing a cup of coffee. Just sayin’.

By the use of the word Transgressors to mean “Criminals”, we see that the greater sense of moral law is meant, and not just Torah Observance. The two thieves on the cross were not perverting the Torah into legalism, they quite simply STOLE. They were thieves!

Stern decided ahead of time that Christianity was antisemitic. I’m Jewish, and I’m going to say that while there are antisemitism in Christianity, Christianity by and large is NOT antisemitic.

To hold onto his Jewishness (by which Stern means his Jewish identity), he gravitated towards something forbidden in the Bible – requiring others to keep the Torah.

And then he doesn’t do it himself. It seems to me there’s a verse about scribes and pharisees hypocrites, who shut up the door to heaven and suffer others not to enter therein, neither enter themselves?

Stern’s self-justification falls short. What he’s writing is wrong. What he’s teaching is wrong. It’s not true. He’s teaching lies, to put it bluntly. And this makes him a false teacher.

Avoid the CJB translation, and just stick with the King James.

Messianic Judaism – The Bible 3

Do we have original autographs today?

A: No, we do not. What we have today is a series of highly edited early church additions, subtractions, and changes. There is truth in the “New Testament” documents that we do have. However, the truth can only be determined by comparing its words and teachings to what we have written in our Hebrew Bible, in Hebrew, and then judging these documents by what is written down for us in the Leningrad Codex and in the biblical texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Avi Ben Mordecai,, accessed 4/23/2014

One thing I’m going to NOT do in this article is address name changes. Yes, Avi Ben Mordecai’s original name was Bradley Marcus. Who cares. He changed his name, and wants to be known as Avi Ben Mordecai.

So, as far as I’m concerned, his name is therefore Avi Ben Mordecai. Sometimes circumstances and poor parental choices in names cause a given name to become distasteful to the person bearing the name. Sometimes Jews change their names to sound more Gentile. And then their children, wanting to go back to their roots change their names right back. I’m sure several of my readers have changed their names.

It absolutely doesn’t matter to me. Why some apologists make a big deal about name changes is beyond me.

As you saw yesterday, I addressed this theory of “Manuscript editing”, and demonstrated how ridiculously inept such a theory is. Were Bible manuscripts edited? A few were. And you can spot it immediately. The most notable being the two “oldest and best manuscripts”, sinaiticus and Vaticanus. But we’ve got a huge pile of manuscripts, and by pile I mean pile. It’s tens of thousands of them. By reading them in bunches, we can determine if a reading has been edited, because it will be radically different from the rest. Again, I’m not going into all the rules of textual criticism – I feel in most cases the scholars are essentially doing the same thing as Avi Ben Mordecai. And our work has already been done by Elzevier and Stephanus.

The issue is, Messianics cast doubt first upon the preservation of Scripture.

Next, they challenge translation.

The source of this is of course David Stern’s Complete Jewish Bible. I originally had this when all you had was the Jewish New Testament.

Now, there’s some skullduggery evident in the naming practices of this translation. Notice he refuses to use the definite article “The”. You end up having to stutter in calling it by its’ name. Messianics who prefer it have to consciously avoid using the definite article where proper English Grammar insists it be used!

It’s essentially a subterfuge, and the first instance of brainwashing involved in this so-called translation. The easiest way to control someone’s analytic functions is to cause an interrupt in normal thinking patterns. The brain grasps for a way to resume those thinking patterns, and whatever is proffered it is usually accepted immediately.

So to say “I prefer Jewish New Testament”, you either feel like an immigrant who still speaks pigeon English, foolish, or you feel like you just stepped on something that’s not there. Most people simply abandon the pretense, and use the definite article, as I did above.

When David Stern makes the admission the naming was deliberate, I have to believe him.

Here’s the issue. Most Messianic translations are not translations, but paraphrases. To engage in a translation of a Bible, your command and familiarity of Koine Greek and Hebrew should be so good that you could actually discuss it… in that language. And yes, I’ve heard people who know Greek better than me do that. Watch any of the Logos classes on Greek and Hebrew for an example.

If you’re looking at an interlinear, a grammar, and a language dictionary while doing your “Translation”, you’re not qualified.

Christians are challenged with the fact that they are joined to the Jewish people through faith in the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus)—so that because Christianity can be rightly understood only from a Jewish perspective, anti-Semitism is condemned absolutely and forever.

David H. Stern, Complete Jewish Bible: An English Version of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and B’rit Hadashah (New Testament), 1st ed. (Clarksville, MD: Jewish New Testament Publications, 1998).

So that because Christianity… you know, if your grasp of English grammar is that poor, you probably shouldn’t be translating dinner menus into English, let alone Greek or Hebrew.

Am I making too big a point of that? No. Get to lesson 8 in Greek, and by that time you’re swimming in a sea of lessons in English Grammar – you can’t understand Greek grammar rules without knowing English! There’s differences in how you write a word in Greek to show whether it’s the object or subject of the sentence, to show tense, to show a modifier and modified, subordinate clauses, etc. And you’ve got to have verb tense agreement in Greek, whereas in Hebrew you frequently find tense disagreement, and there’s rules to cover that.

Even though I had been living in Israel and speaking Hebrew since 1979, I knew from observing my children that my level of competence in the language was approximately that of a native Israeli fifth-grader. I certainly had no special expertise in biblical Hebrew that would justify my trying to translate the Tanakh.

David H. Stern, Complete Jewish Bible: An English Version of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and B’rit Hadashah (New Testament), 1st ed. (Clarksville, MD: Jewish New Testament Publications, 1998).

This is what police call a clue. In addition, Dr. Stern’s doctorate was in accounting. He admits to attending Fuller University afterwards, but doesn’t really tell us what field of study, for how long, what degree granted in which field. Dr. Stern is not qualified in Greek OR Hebrew to translate the scriptures. Indeed, he even admits to paraphrasing the JPS Tanakh to add “Jewishness” to it – remarkable because it’s a Jewish translation of a Jewish text, and the Jewish Publication Society never saw the need to transliterate Moses as Moishe or moshe.

This is a MAJOR issue for the Messianic translations. NONE of the people who’ve worked on them are qualified. It’s like hearing that Bishop Don DeCordoba was working on a translation of the Syriac Peshitta, and it was slow going because he was having to learn Aramaic while he did it. No kidding – i was told that back in the 1990’s.

If you’re having to learn the language as you’re translating it, you’re not qualified. I know some Aramaic, thanks to a merciless shochet who was staying at my Rabbi’s house, and he opened up a copy of some of the responsa commentary and forced me to read it out loud. He’d shout at me, correct me, and then when I finally said the word correctly, he’d finally tell me what it meant. I had a migraine by the time we were done, and I don’t think I’d be wrong in saying I attribute all migraines since then to him!

Does this qualify me in any way to translate the Peshitta? No.

By the way, the lexicon a lot of scholars used to use to learn Aramaic in universities was actually written by one of the translators of the King James. That would horrify most Messianics, because they routinely criticize John Boice as not being qualified to translate Aramaic. It would FURTHER horrify most Messianics to know he wrote that lexicon while he was a boy.

Yeah. That kind of command of the languages is the kind of command you need to have to translate a Bible.

Next, we’re going to look at the massive errors and deliberate mis-translations in the Messianic Bibles.

Messianic Judaism – The Bible 2

In the first article, we discussed Bible Preservation and Inerrancy, a doctrine that Christians believe. Many evangelicals have never heard of the doctrine of Bible preservation – a shame, because belief in Inerrancy and a coming judgment requires this belief.

Messianics claim to believe in Inerrancy, but deny it in practice. Like the Mormons, they claim to believe in the Bible “insofar as it is correctly translated”.

Here’s how it worked – The Apostles, Mark, Luke, Jude, James and Paul wrote their manuscripts. These were sent from one church to another, where it was faithfully copied. Anyone who believes in verses “suffering in transmission” (a scholarly way of saying “They copied it down wrong”) has never read the laws of Jews copying manuscripts – or else they’re being deliberately false. In most cases its the latter.

Once the manuscript was copied, it was sent on to the next church. The next manuscript would come in, and it would be added to the first. While the Jews were in the majority, they usually were kept in the form of scrolls. But by the end of the first century, they were beginning to be bound in books called “codexes”. The types of bindings, materials used, style of writing and even the size of the letters tell reviewers the exact age of the manuscripts. By the way, Codex Sinaiticus is written in the wrong form of Greek – and this is the strongest evidence we have of it being a modern fraud and forgery. I’m not going to get into the small details here about uncials, lectionaries, etc. This is just an extremely brief overview.

The point is, the New Testament was being copied constantly, in every church. And for a Christian to own one, he had to buy the parchment and ink, and copy it for himself. And yes – that’s exactly what they did.

Getting to the point, a constant theme among Messianics is that the “Church” somehow edited the manuscripts, a very constant claim by cults and false religions. This presents problems right away.

Many of the early Christians were in hiding. If “The Church” edited the manuscripts, we’re presented with so many logical fallacies that the mind reels just considering them. So you’re telling me:

  1. The “Church” found the hiding places of all believers
  2. took their codexes or scrolls
  3. edited them in such a way that nobody noticed
  4. Did this apparently in a month or two while the Christian was out shopping or something and taking a very long time to come home
  5. Left the manuscripts in the homes of people that the state churches were actively hunting to put to death – without arresting the very people they’d pronounced death upon
  6. And it was never discovered???

Here’s an experiment you can try. Buy a copy of the Gone With The Wind, ask a friend to go shopping while you sit in their home, edit the manuscript to read however you want it, and ask them when they get home to spot the changes.


You never had the chance to finish the first chapter, did you? At most, you got to the second chapter. To do this, you ended up scribbling in the book, right?

Could they spot the changes?

Now print this article out and add the words “banana factory” in between “spot” and “The”.

You see the changes right away, right?

Go to the lines above. Cut out – on a printed copy – the words “Chapter” and move the words together so that nobody can spot the changes.

This is the stupidest theory you’ve heard of, isn’t it?

We’re going to get to the translation issue next.

Messianic Judaism – the Bible

Yesterday we saw the first hint of the issues facing us with understanding Messianic Judaism. We’re only two articles in, and most of you should have been shocked at what you read.

No worries – you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

To my absolute astonishment, I spent an hour this morning going through my Bible software libraries looking for the Ante-Nicene writings, which come with every last Bible software available. I’ve gone through my library, and deleted most of them, because usually they’re quite large, and take up a lot of space on your heard drive. Apparently, i did it too well, because I accidentally deleted it from ALL my Bible software! So it’s took a week to put citations on these articles!

To the Christian, the Bible is defined as the 66 books of the Bible, Old and New Testament, each equally important. We give emphasis to the New Testament in study, because what is hinted in the Old Testament is revealed in the New. In addition, we are New Testament believers, not old.

Messianics tend to think of the Bible as the 39 books of the Old Testament, to a lesser degree the 27 books of the New Testament (although some dispute one or two of the books), and often, about another 7 various books such as the so-called Book of Enoch, which is your basic Pseudonymic writing passed off as the original. If there WAS a book of Enoch and not just a preserved saying, it is lost to time, not preserved and not used by the churches – and that makes it not inspired.

So, Messianics hold various books of the 66 books of the Bible into Greater and Lesser inspired categories.

And then they really confuse things.

Because they add the Oral Torah.

What’s the Oral Torah? The teachings of the Rabbis, and Jewish Tradition. They lean far more onto the Jewish Tradition side of the scale, while denigrating the same teachings of the Rabbi’s that gave them the Jewish Traditions!

many lean towards studying Talmud, picking and choosing what fits with their personal views of what theology should be, and not what the Bible says.

Anyone who can’t believe what I’m saying is well advised to read Eddie Chumney, Avi Ben Mordecai, Moishe Koinekowscki, Philip Goble, Michael Rood, and James Trimm.

I’m actually being really restrained in the way I’m explaining it!

The point is, almost no two Messianics agree on what constitutes the Bible.

Books of the Bible are 100% inerrant and inspired.

The Messianic viewpoint is literally nothing more than Theological liberalism disguised with a yarmulke and a tallis.