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I know I said I’ll go back to the old format, but I went through some work creating “seller” headlines to try to drive some traffic to the blog! So, I’m going to try to use those up through October, and maybe some in November. Should have all of those used up by then.

Unless it starts to work! Then I’ll alternate old series and new.

I have had some good feedback in my dedication to a certain word count. Before I kept writing in a post until I got tired, and often I had so much in one post that A). I was the only person who read it and B). I could have written a week’s worth of posts just with the info I put in the one post!

Comments. The problem with the comments was that the Enemy pretty much figured out he could discourage me and keep me busy fighting trolls all the time. I know I had a comment or two about how people missed comments. Unless I moved to Disqus commenting, where everyone gets reputation rated (and Trolls sooner or later end up unable to comment ANYWHERE on the net!), I probably won’t bring it back.
I seriously would need to pass comment approval to someone else
Most people completely ignore comment policies, such as the 75 people or so who completely ignored my policy about comment debates being forbidden – and attempted to engage in comment debates.
Most comments would have to still be answered by me, and again, the comment debate thing took FAR MORE of my time than I had available – time I needed to dedicate to writing blog posts. This is why there’s no real topic I was able to get 30 posts on, which was my goal for every month when I was taking on false religions and cults!

Without moving my blog to a dedicated hosting company, there’s no way I can install Disqus here.

Coming up soon… a VERY in depth series on how to start a Christian apologetics blog!


If you cannot understand your Bible, you’re getting left behind at the Rapture

I’m paying close attention to modern Christianity, and I’m getting a hugely uncomfortable feeling.

I no longer recognize Evangelical Christianity.

What I am hasn’t changed. Oh, sure, I’ve tried updating a few ways I do things with Narrow is the Way… More compact blog posts, headlines to lead Evangelicals to click on the headlines and… well, learn something about Biblical Christianity.

But what passes for Christianity today has me completely baffled. I’ve gone from the conclusion that most of Christianity does not read their Bible – to one of most Christians are incapable of understanding the Bible.

Hint – if you cannot understand your Bible – and you need to copy this and paste it into whatever social media you use!…

If you cannot understand your Bible, you’re getting left behind at the Rapture. (Philip Dean)

If you cannot understand your Bible – you’re not going to heaven. (Philip Dean)

There! Paste away!

Why do I say that? Because if you read your Bible – and can’t make heads or tails of it – then you’re not saved. I’ve been saying this for five years.
“You’re a heretic! The Bible doesn’t say that!!! You Pharisee, adding things to the Bible!!!!”

Bible doesn’t say that? Read… and get scared.

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1 Corinthians 2:14, KJV)

The Natural Man – one who is not saved… receiveth not… neither can he know them.

In other words, if you’re not saved, you don’t understand the Bible – and really don’t care to!

Let’s say you’re in a Fundamentalist church, and you hear someone at the potluck or church picnic loudly proclaim, “Bible or no Bible, I’m not going to….” “Shhhhh!!”

The attitude reflects a tare. Not wheat. Doesn’t matter if you’re attending a Fundamentalist church or not! We’ve got tares too.

I am reading things from Christianity I do not recognize. I still read the articles Logos puts out. Recently I read a famous Christian musician’s quote where he said that….

During their years in Indiana, the Mullins family’s pastor challenged them to read Scripture for themselves as he preached. He insisted they not take his word for it, but look for context in verses before and after sermon texts. Years later, Mullins said the Bible “does not give us answers fitted to our small-minded questions, but truth that goes beyond what we even know to ask.”

Um… that’s not something a Christian would say. “The Bible has the answers.” “The Bible for Today!” “The Word of God is unchanging…”

That’s a Universalist “Everyone goes to Heaven” answer. “My God is too big to be put in a Box.” Someone told me once. “You keep your God in a Box.”

What in the world does that mean, really???

It means, “Bible or no Bible, I’m not going to…”

Don’t agree with me? Then what does that mean???

When I say that my God will never contradict His Bible, and you tell me, “YOU PUT GOD IN A BOX!!!”…
What are you saying?

So, let’s get onto today’s subject, now that I’ve led into this, and let’s talk about how Evangelical Christianity no longer resembles the faith of the Bible.

In ANY sense of the word!

Quick question: Are members of a religion that believes that they are gods Christian?
I’ll give you the correct answer first: NO.

We wouldn’t call Hindu’s Christians. So if we wouldn’t call Hindu’s Christians, we shouldn’t call Mormons Christians.
Would we call members of a religion that insist on praying to idols and salvation by works Christianity? No? Then why are we calling Roman Catholics Christians???

I’m serious about this last part. It really seems like 99% of Christianity is completely convinced that Roman Catholics are Christians. Since Logos 7 came out, the only way to avoid buying a LOT of Roman Catholic materials and propaganda is to buy… the Baptist package.
And when you buy the Baptist package, 75% of the materials you get is Calvinist, which is not Baptist.

Here’s some blunt, powerful, well thought out Fundamentalist statements. This is Christianity. Ready?
Jesus Christ died to save you from your sins.. He alone paid the price.
His mother was a human woman, in need of a saviour herself, in need of redemption. Without Jesus Christ, Mary, Joseph, Paul, Peter, John, Jude, David Cloud, and you and me…
…would all burn in Hell forever.
There is ONLY ONE WAY to be saved. And that’s by being born again.
Ye must be born again.” John 3.3.

Being Born Again is not being sprinkled. Being Sprinkled as a baby or an adult is not being baptized. I notice in all the Jesus movies Hollywood put out, John the Baptist never Baptized anyone. He just washed their hair.

Ready to know what Christianity is? Repent.

“I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” (Luke 13:3, KJV)
“Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3, KJV)
“Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;” (John 8:31, KJV)
“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6, KJV)

If you’re a Christian, you believe Salvation is of grace alone by faith alone without works, that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation, that if you are not born again you will suffer eternal torment in Hell for all eternity. It means you believe the Bible literally, and strive to conform your beliefs to that of the Bible.

It means you are not born again by being sprinkled. It means being born again is a spiritual event, because you are undergoing spiritual rebirth. You desire to be forgiven, and you turn to Jesus Christ.

It’s not by raising your hand. It’s not by walking to the front of the church. It’s not by repeating a prayer word for word. It’s by a recognition that you are a sinner in need of salvation, doomed to eternity in Hell fire.
Being a Christian has nothing to do with wealth. It has nothing to do with health. It has nothing to do with finances. It has nothing to do with being happy, levitating, shaking, barking like a dog, laughing endlessly, being drunk, astral projection, tuning your thoughts into the right frequency as you sit with pen in hand to write down whatever some demon that calls itself Jesus tells you to write.
The Secret is not Christianity. Oprah is not Christianity. Jesus Calling is not Christianity. What you see on TBN is not Christianity, it is a circus. Benny Hinn is not Christianity. Kenneth Copeland is not Christianity. Joel Osteen is not Christianity.
Christianity is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Want to hear God speak? Read your Bible. Want to hear God speak audibly? Read your Bible out loud.

“I’m a new Christian. What Christian TV show should I watch?”
You should put a CD of Alexander Scourby reading the Bible into your DVD player. If you’d like, you can stare at a blank screen while you hear that.

“What teacher should I listen to?”
Jesus Christ.

Mormons are not Christian. Roman Catholics are not Christian. Church of Christ are not Christian. Seventh Day Adventists are not Christian. Any church that advocates child baptism is not Christian.

Understand that I just about rejected every Protestant church with that statement.

And if you think going to a Baptist church is enough to save you, then you’re not a Christian either.
Jesus Christ alone saves you. Once we get that settled, we can turn to getting you into a Fundamentalist Church.

Evangelical Christianity has gone from scaring me terribly, to me writing it off altogether.

The tracts for the rapture need to be re-written. It’s not “millions missing.”

I’m afraid the answer may be indeed… “thousands missing.”


I’m really sorry. For years, I’ve been able to pretty much get in 5-7 posts a week.
Lately I’ve been hugely pressured by work and other commitments.
I actually sat down and wrote out a schedule of September’s posts to write – but life got in the way, and only about a third of them got written..
The bad news is, October looks just as busy for me. So, I may have to repost a series just to get caught up, and then we’ll be back in business!

Hurricane Survival Information

Okay, first – this hurricane policy of “no animals” at shelters is going to kill people. NOBODY that owns pets is going to leave their pets behind at their houses with a killer hurricane roaring down on them and go sit in a shelter and play checkers. While their pets sit in terror at a dark house, alone… with storm surge coming under the door.

So, all the cities in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia that are telling people evacuation is mandatory, you have to go to a shelter and leave your pets behind – prepare for the wrongful death lawsuits over the “No animals” policies. It;s going to be a huge financial loss to you all. You’re warned.

Now, if you’re there and reading this ,and still have power… look out. First things first, get your ladder and tools inside your house. You need to get the ladder up to the crawl space fast. If storm surge gets up above 3 feet, your pets can drown.

If it gets above 5 feet, you will drown.

Get you and your pets into the crawl space in your attic if the waters start coming inside. Bring your tools up with you… then pull the ladder up after you.

You’ll need to watch that water. Because if its coming up into the attic crawlspace, you need something,like a tire iron, a crowbar, anything strong with a chisel tip. Even a hammer.

Go to where the roof slats meet the support beams, at the end of the roof. They’re weakest there. If the water starts getting up to where you and your pets risk drowning in your attic (it happened in New Orleans), start breaking out your roof slats. You need about two or three broken away. A hammer can bang them out. Remember, the roof slats are just nailed in place, and will be weakened greatly during the storm winds.

Now you and your pets can get on the roof and escape the flood waters. Remember, storm surges can reach 11-12 feet. The first floor of a house is usually 8 feet.  It would take a 16 foot storm surge to do it, but it can happen

You need to bring all your food and water up into that attic crawlspace if the house starts flooding. Hopefully, you have those plastic tubs most hardware stores sell.

If you haven’t already filled every container in the house with water, do it now. Bring a phone with you, and a weather radio with you.

If you are in extreme, life threatening emergency and cannot get help, grab your fire alarm off the wall, and hold it out the window. Press the test button three times. Three of anything is an emergency. If you have flares in your car, hopefully you brought them inside.

The rest of you not living in the storm path – do you have a 2 week supply of food? Batteries? Ham radio with one channel set to the NOAA weather channel? Flares? Flashlights? Plastic tubs? Plastic sheeting? Tools, readily available? Candles? Emergency cooking materials, such as a Swiss Army Mess kit? Propane grill? Sterno? First aid kit? Cash? Rolaids & tums, pepto bismal? Perscription meds? Bandages?  Collapsible Water bottles? Non perishable canned and boxed foods, such as tuna, ravioli, chili, vienna sausages, deviled ham, peanut butter & jelly, bread, pop tarts, energy bars, coffee, tea? Books to read? (like your BIBLE….?) If you have any self defense items, grab them too. People get desperate when stores close and don’t open for days…

Keep a full tank of gas in your cars at all times.

It’s not if, it’s when.

Reposted from a previous article

Independence Day

Things are a LOT better now than last year in America. Most of my readers are Americans, so those of you in Europe, Asia and Africa, let me tell you – what you’re being told about America is not true. Under the current President, We the People are finally being allowed to say whatever we want, a right guaranteed by the constitution.

Under Obama and if we’d fallen under Clinton’s rule, both were determined to remove our rights to freedom of speech, and the freedom of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. These are GUARANTEES in America. The right to vote. The right to own land. The right to not be slaves. The right to practice our religion freely. These are constitutional rights.

And under the Democrats (America is a Republic, not a Democracy, but this distinction is unknown among many Americans), every constitutional right we take for granted was threatened. I could not say what I wanted. I risked arrest and imprisonment if I spoke out against certain issues.

This is illegal in America to do this, but under Obama, this was done routinely. Notice that I waited until he was out of office to say this in print!

Many people do not like Trump, but he’s granted me the freedoms guaranteed by law again. I know someone who tried to tell me that ammunition shortages, and skyrocketing gun prices were not caused by Obama, but suddenly stores are full of ammo again. The prices of guns have dropped.

That’s a huge thing for America. Literally one of the things that’s prevented many countries from the thought of armed invasion of the US is the knowledge that many Americans own two or more pistols and rifles. In the war of Independence two centuries ago, this tipped the scales of battle, and England was forced to withdraw when civilians walked onto the battlefield with privately owned rifles, and began fighting with the Colonial Army. Indeed, the first battle in our war of Independence was a group of people in Boston fighting professional British soldiers. The civilians had privately owned firearms, and the British simply shot at them because they were assembled without permit of the Crown.

That’s why the “right to assemble” is built into the Constitution. That’s why the “Right to own and bear arms” is in the Constitution. That’s why the right to “have a well-regulated militia” is in there too. The right to “Freedom of speech.” The right to Religion, and the free exercise thereof!

I am Christian. I am Jewish. I seek the right to practice my religion. My religion does not permit certain things. And it’s interesting that those who are trying to enforce their viewpoints, their particular sinful lifestyles, are determined to do media campaigns and harassing lawsuits only against Christians. Nobody is going after wedding cake bakers that are Hindu or M****m – only Christians.

Persecutions against Christians are still going on worldwide – they have not stopped in America. But under President Donald Trump – who I voted for – It has backed off tremendously.

Much has been made about Trump firing people from the past regime (not administration, but a tyrannical regime) – I will just say he has not fired enough. It’s common and customary to remove almost everyone out in office by a past President. Trump did not, because he wanted to keep the government running, instead of the usual three-month delay in getting things done.

And here’s how strongly America felt about it – despite MASSIVE voter fraud nation wide by Democrats, Donald Trump won a landslide victory. He won the popular vote as well, as independent voting organizations are now estimating that voter fraud accounted for 33% of the popular vote, and in CAlifornia, as high as 50% of it.

That’s why states are stonewalling the President – many elected officials face Federal Prison time amounting to YEARS in prison for aiding and abetting voter fraud.

The Parallels are amazing. Obama was very much like King George. He oppressed, taxed, and imprisoned Americans without redress, and stripped away the rights of the common American. While today is Independence day, so was a day in Early November, when I went to bed troubled and afraid, filled with the dread of America under Hillary Clinton – who I will not describe in any form whatsoever (think about that)…

I’m proud to say I voted for Donald Trump. And the reactions of Democrats who hear that is telling. I do not mock you, shout at you or insult you if you voted for a criminal. But Democrats feel no shame on belittling me for voting for a man who’s stated goal was, “Let’s make America Great again”. Something apparently Democrats are opposed to.

To wake the day after election day to find that once again, I had freedom. That I had the right to say what I wanted. That I could tell people I was a Christian and not fear lawsuit, persecution or arrest.

That’s independence.

Palestinian or Israel?

How should a Christian see current events in Israel? Who should they support, the Palestinian Cause, or the Israeli cause?

In a book I have from Logos, a woman discusses a Bible study she was at…

Scripture’s ability to help people understand modern-day circumstances was evident at a recent prayer gathering where Kay Arthur spoke. A woman came up to her afterwards to discuss some insights she had gotten while Arthur was reading from the book of Ezekiel. “She said, ‘when we were reading Ezekiel today, I noticed that it kept talking about the land, the land, the land.’ And I said, ‘you’re right. That’s a very good observation.’ We were reading it aloud, marking the text, and when you go through the Bible, starting in Genesis, and you mark every reference to the land of Israel (the land that God plans to give to Abraham as a covenant, as an everlasting possession) suddenly the Middle East situation and the idea of Israel giving away part of their land seems wrong, because they’re going against the Word of God.”

Christy Tennant, “Kay Arthur: Inductive Bible Study: Observation, Interpretation & Application,” in Study the Word: 12 Christian Leaders on Bible Study, ed. John D. Barry, Rebecca Van Noord, and Jessi Strong, Bible Study Magazine (Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2014).

What utterly astounds me is that many Christians reject the word of God, and instead follow the media and the skewed presentation of the facts they force upon the public. Everyone’s been in an uproar about whether there’s fake news or not – I can honestly tell you that – oh, yeah… there’s fake news. Almost all of it. You’re certainly not being told any truth on the TV at ALL.

Simple facts. God promised Abraham all the land he could see, and God even specified the limits of it. It certainly went much farther than what Abraham could see, as Abraham’s line of sight was limited to 17 miles.

“In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates: The Kenites, and the Kenizzites, and the Kadmonites, And the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Rephaims, And the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Girgashites, and the Jebusites.” (Genesis 15:18–21, KJV)

That’s a big chunk of land, and Israel does not possess all of that yet. That means Syria, Lebanon, part of Iraq, and part of Egypt all belong to Israel.

God promised it.

So, what about the Palestinians?

Let me very briefly explain that. The Media shows you the Palestinians, and then they start talking about those people who owned the land before the Jews were brought in en masse by England and given the land.

That’s like showing you a tiger and talking about an ostrich.

Previous to World War II, Israel was sparsely settled, by a mixed population of Jews and Arabs. Many of the houses we’re shown on TV that the media references as having belonged to “Palestinians” actually belonged to Jews. Many of these Arabs who lived in Israel when the larger waves of emigrants from Europe came in packed up and… left. Like Benny Hinn. Whose father, by the way, was NEVER mayor of Jaffa.

So… who are these Palestinians? The day that Israel declared itself a nation – and the President of the United States, against all recommendations recognized it, because he’d read in his Bible the passage above. So, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and a couple of other countries massed their armies. They swore to their troops, “What you conquer, you will keep.” The troops gave away everything they owned, houses, property, land. And their families came behind the armies, prepared to take whatever they could grasp, after they murdered all the Jews in Israel.

They attacked without warning – kind of like 9-11. The declaration of war was in the form of artillery fire, as the troops poured over the border.

Israel fought back, and drove the attackers right back to the borders of their countries. In the case of Egyptian troops, they were driven back all the way across the Sinai far into Egypt.

And the attackers found the borders locked. They literally were locked out of their countries. “Sorry, you gave your stuff away. Good luck.”

So Israel did something no other nation has ever done to an invading army. They allowed them to put down their weapons and return to Israel, to live in refugee camps until the Israeli government could figure out what to do with them.

That’s the Palestinians. An invading army who was defeated and given aide by the very nation they invaded. The modern Palestinians are the descendants of those invading soldiers.

The Palestinians constantly speak of Israel as their land. it is their land only in the sense that their grandparents were promised they could keep what they took in warfare. They lost. It would be like Germany suddenly rioting and blowing themselves up in Paris, because they invaded years ago and had conquered France, so that’s their “homeland”.

The Palestinians want a homeland? They had one. Syria. Egypt. Lebanon. Massive invading forces were wiped out, and beaten. Is it Israel’s fault that all their countries got mad and locked the doors? Whose fault is it? Is it Israel’s fault that Syria, Lebanon and Egypt locked the borders and would not allow their own soldiers to return in disgrace, and uproot all the people the soldiers had given their land to?

Why did these countries do this? The orders literally were, “Conquer Israel and massacre all the Jews, or let no one come back alive.” The soldiers disobeyed the orders, and refused to be wiped out to the last man. So, those countries locked the borders.

And according to the media, it’s Israel’s fault.

Before anyone begins complaining and asking where I got my facts from, that’s your hint. It’s contained in news broadcasts of the 1948 war. It’s contained in the Encyclopedia Britannica. And you can find all the details in

And if you’re a Christian, your mind on who you should support should have been made up once you read Genesis 15.