I’ve been REALLY busy lately, and haven’t had much time to blog.
My Surviving the Tribulation website is powered by Joomla, and recently I’ve found that it’s got a security breach that allows people to get user accounts, which they can actually spam from! I spend two hours one day deleting users, came back a month later, and found that all 1600 of them were back!

So, right now, I’m working to get everything moved over to a WordPress format I can work with (this is actually one of those times I miss Frontpage!) and get it up online, and pull down the Joomla site.

I’ll get blog entries up online soon. Please bear with me!


5 Reasons Christians should journal daily

Going through my Journals, I’ve uncovered all kinds of thoughts I’d had, many of which I’d forgotten about. I’d done some work in Wordsearch, which of course makes me feel guilty – because I never finished it.
It’s interesting to see what burdens the Lord laid on my heart. So, I thought I’d spend a minute and address this.
I have journaled in Wordsearch (not so good), The Pastor’s Study (somewhat better) and Quickverse. I’ve had more success keeping track in Quickverse, but I think eventually I’ll either do them in just The Pastor’s Study, or in both Quickverse and in The Pastor’s Study.
Strengths: It’s a little easier to miss a day, week, or even a year in The Pastor’s Study. If I was a full time Pastor, then yes, I’d me more inclined to use the Pastor’s Study. However, the calendar format of Quickverse is stronger for not missing days. The strengths of The Pastor’s Study is now, they’re layed out top to bottom, and you get a quicker look in them.
Weaknesses: As noted above, eisier to miss days in the Pastor’s study. Easier to lose what you’re writing about in Quickverse.

5 Reasons to Journal as a Christian

  1. Personal Accountability. You get to see where you were at spiritually. At one point, I was taking Psalms from my devotional readings, and inputting those into my Journal. I know where I was at that time.
  2. No more Lost ideas. I am almost obsessive about constantly trying to think up ideas. I carry a note book every day, and ideas constantly pour out of me. But unless you’ve got a double entry system where you then copy them in somewhere by date, the ideas get lost.
  3. Eerily Prophetic. It’s absolutely bizarre to read my Journal from 2013, and see all of my concerns about my old church’s future came true. And very upsetting.
  4. Remember goals! Remember that goal you had to study the Bible 20 minutes a day 4 years ago, and how you wanted to be at 45 minutes a day by 2016? I didn’t either. Now I do. Guilt! Still at about 20 minutes a day!
  5. Keep on Track. At one point I wanted to keep track of my sinus headaches. I had no idea I woke up on Thanksgiving with a headache! Well, now I know. What was I reading in the Bible that day? Now I know! What book was I struggling through in Logos that day? Pentecostalism. I’d described the book as being as bad as root canal surgery.


Journaling can help you keep on track as a Christian! It’s possible to do it in a number of programs – Evernote, E-Sword, Wordsearch, Quickverse 2010 Platinum, Pastor’s Study, and Bible Analyzer. Give it a try, try to be consistent, and see if it benefits you too as a Christian!

What do I listen to when I write my blog?

Here’s the admission. I usually don’t listen to music while blogging.
When I do, the music really depends on the tone of what I’m writing.
Bach always works, but Bach DEMANDS your attention. The grandeur of Bach demands you stop and contemplate God for a while.
Paganini is always a winner. I wish he’d written more concertos! He’s known for his 24 caprices, and the six concertos he’s written. Sadly, not enough. And no – he didn’t write Molto Perpetuo. Someone basically took Caprice #5 and wrote a variation of it, and glued his name to it.
Mozart can be nice to listen to, but he’s got that weird Mozart tri-tone hang time. He’ll rush a few notes, and hang on a tri-tone a little longer – it’s a family trait. I like his concertos, but his operettas are best without vocals. Fortunately, most conductors eschew the singers, and rely upon the performance.
Rossini. Ah, there’s a grand composer! I like Barber of Seville, of course – his most famous piece (besides William Tell).
Strauss. Both of the brothers were a little… strange.
Mussorgsky. Good but… well, strange!
Haydn and Handell. Both great. I prefer as always instrumental music to Handells Chorals. I once had a recording of the Messiah that was supposedly what he’d intended when he wrote it, and it was fantastic. I bought the one recommended by Christian Book Distributors, and it’s clearly second-rate.
Classical Guitar is good, but I don’t like any of the Spanish composers except Albeniz.
There you go! Burnings in effigy will now commence, I suppose!

I wish they’d update Thingamablog!

I’ve been using Thingamablog to write my articles for a long time. My first blog articles on this website were written with (no kidding) Frontpage. I did some of those, and then moved on to Thingamablog. I liked everything about Thingamablog back then. In case you’re wondering, no, I’ve never learned how to sync Thingamablog to WordPress!
But I’ve outgrown it, and there’s precious few programs of this kind. They’re called Desktop Blog Applications, in case you’re wondering. A search for them reveals Live Writer, a few premium (meaning pay-for), and Thingamablog. I disliked Live Writer because there was no way to set it up without a host destination. Telling it to store on your laptop was impossible. The same problem with the WordPress blog application – it will not allow you to write blog posts offline.
I’m not kidding. That’s actually when I write ALL of my blog posts, is weekend mornings before I turn on the internet.
Here’s what I’d like to do with Thingamablog that it doesn’t…
Set up word limits. Thingamablog just merrily lets me type. Some of my earlier blog posts were probably in excess of 5,000 words, and NOBODY is going to read those! I’ve learned a lot about blogging since then, and now I’d love the option to have Thingamablog let me know I’m nearing my limit. Now, I just need to determine what my limit should be! Experts tell me that I should keep my blog below 1,000 words, and 300 words is the shortest they should be. So aim for 650 words (right in the median!)
SEO Data. Okay, I’ve been slowly learning this, It’s not complicated, but it’s not easy. Apparently, if you self host a WordPress blog (apparently, a decision to make if you’ve blogged for more than six months) you have to add in SEO meta tags.You can’t do that on a free WordPress blog.
Spellcheck and grammar check! Now I don’t misspel werds, I just have a laht of tie-po’s. USually bevcauSe I’ve got FIVE BILLION points to make in my blog posts, and I’m in a hurry to finish all 5,00o points. And apparently, I write a lot in passive tense phrases (a weird result of my mother being from the mid-west and my father from the south, and we’ve lived in the north-east most of our lives, because my sister complains about this too. Is… um… this the first time I’ve mentioned I have a sister?) Thingamablog just lets you know you’ve got errors. It doesn’t tell you how to fix them.
Visual Indicator of post progress. I’d love to see a colored indicator bar that would show me as I type how close i’m getting to the 1,000 word limit, so I know how to plan the article.
Selected Word count. For older articles going over 5,000 words! You highlight a section, and it tells you how many words and characters you are. That way I can go to Messianic Judaism post #1 and break it up into 5 or 6 separate articles.
EASY website or WordPress integration. I understand it’s kind of a bear to configure Thingamablog to publish to a website. One click synchronization would be nice. Not per post, but the entire blog! And if I end up self hosting Narrow is the Way in the future, I’m going to redo a LOT of articles, and i’m going to want those changes made,,, and it’s going to be way too much work to sync them one at a time!
I know Bob Tatlinger’s basically disappeared. I’m hoping he reads this, and decides to make Thingamablog updated to include these features… pretty please. I’m still happy with Thingamablog, but I just need something with these features… otherwise, I’m going to have to look for something else.

How Many Blog Articles?

I don’t know how many blog articles I’ve written in the last few years! I wonder! Recently, I read of a Christian businessman who explained to people he’d written over 1,800 blog articles, an d for people to search his blog to find what they were looking for.

I’m hoping to (in a couple of years) get to the point where I can go through and edit and clean up some articles. It’s possible I may just go ahead in the future and redo some article series. Certainly, I recently went and re-read some of the articles I’ve written, and they literally had the wordcount of a book chapter, not a blog post. I’m hampered by my chosen blog writer software (thingamablog) does not show you wordcount as you type. I may move all of this to a more writing style software, like Scrivener. Thingamablog is good, in that it offers me the one tool I needed – the ability to read, store and write a blog while offline. But it’s writing tools and spellchecker leave a lot to be desired. If Bob Tatlinger would have kept working on thingamablog and updating it, I’m sure that everything would be fine.

So, at this point, I’m considering this. It would be a VERY time intensive task, and tedious in the extreme. However, the amount of typos I’m making because I type too fast would be eliminated The big drawback to Scrivener is this – my blog relies HEAVILY on categories, and allows me to see what I’ve written in the past. Scrivener, unless I’m mistaken, would not give me that kind of function.

Crash Status II

What won’t I reinstall?

That’s the first thought with my laptop;. I literally had, I don’t know, about 65 programs I loaded on. Of those, I used a dozen regularly.

I had a lot of programs because they had a nice feature, but… you know, if you almost never use it, you’re pretty much a slave to using it every now and then just because it’s sitting there. Productivity experts advise not getting into that situation.

What am I getting rid of permanently?

theWord – The messier version of E-Sword. I used it for the second year of my Bible College, until someone bought me Bible Explorer. I tried it again, and ended up downloading things for it I never used. I never opened the program except to install add-on modules. You know what? That’s silly. If I’m not using it, GET RID OF IT.

Accordance – very nice. I downloaded it to try, and featured it in my Bible Software reviews. I feel they took a step backwards from Accordance Demo to Accordance Lite, and so I’m not as thrilled with it now. I will say I stopped using it once I really learned how to use Logos, and so, I’m deleting it.

Microsoft Office XP – Don’t laugh. That’s how old mine is. But then again, you know, the COST of Office is prohibitive, and they’ve only got themselves to blame. Literally, it’s a $30 software suite for $160. I know I can rent it by subscription. I can also pay for Dropbox per month, Onedrive per month, Evernote per month, etc, etc. By the time you’re done paying $9.95 a month for everything, you’re spending 3 times your monthly income on monthly subscriptions to software and cloud storage! I’m just using LIbreoffice instead of Office.

E-Sword. I had a LOT of modules in E-sword. But again, I open it VERY rarely. So, I’m taking the plunge, and getting rid of it.

KJV Pure Word – this is a good, basic Bible program. For some people, this is exactly what you need. If I was going to use a lite Bible program like this, I’d stick with Bible Analyzer personally. I almost never open it, so it’s going.

Olive Tree. Yuck. I don’t know why so many people love this program so much. Really.

Programs I’m strongly thinking about getting rid of eventually: Wordsearch. No kidding. The inability to restore from backups has made it nearly useless in my opinion. I’ve added a LOT of free modules to it

Bottom line – if you almost never use it, ask yourself if you really need it?

Independence Day

Things are a LOT better now than last year in America. Most of my readers are Americans, so those of you in Europe, Asia and Africa, let me tell you – what you’re being told about America is not true. Under the current President, We the People are finally being allowed to say whatever we want, a right guaranteed by the constitution.

Under Obama and if we’d fallen under Clinton’s rule, both were determined to remove our rights to freedom of speech, and the freedom of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. These are GUARANTEES in America. The right to vote. The right to own land. The right to not be slaves. The right to practice our religion freely. These are constitutional rights.

And under the Democrats (America is a Republic, not a Democracy, but this distinction is unknown among many Americans), every constitutional right we take for granted was threatened. I could not say what I wanted. I risked arrest and imprisonment if I spoke out against certain issues.

This is illegal in America to do this, but under Obama, this was done routinely. Notice that I waited until he was out of office to say this in print!

Many people do not like Trump, but he’s granted me the freedoms guaranteed by law again. I know someone who tried to tell me that ammunition shortages, and skyrocketing gun prices were not caused by Obama, but suddenly stores are full of ammo again. The prices of guns have dropped.

That’s a huge thing for America. Literally one of the things that’s prevented many countries from the thought of armed invasion of the US is the knowledge that many Americans own two or more pistols and rifles. In the war of Independence two centuries ago, this tipped the scales of battle, and England was forced to withdraw when civilians walked onto the battlefield with privately owned rifles, and began fighting with the Colonial Army. Indeed, the first battle in our war of Independence was a group of people in Boston fighting professional British soldiers. The civilians had privately owned firearms, and the British simply shot at them because they were assembled without permit of the Crown.

That’s why the “right to assemble” is built into the Constitution. That’s why the “Right to own and bear arms” is in the Constitution. That’s why the right to “have a well-regulated militia” is in there too. The right to “Freedom of speech.” The right to Religion, and the free exercise thereof!

I am Christian. I am Jewish. I seek the right to practice my religion. My religion does not permit certain things. And it’s interesting that those who are trying to enforce their viewpoints, their particular sinful lifestyles, are determined to do media campaigns and harassing lawsuits only against Christians. Nobody is going after wedding cake bakers that are Hindu or M****m – only Christians.

Persecutions against Christians are still going on worldwide – they have not stopped in America. But under President Donald Trump – who I voted for – It has backed off tremendously.

Much has been made about Trump firing people from the past regime (not administration, but a tyrannical regime) – I will just say he has not fired enough. It’s common and customary to remove almost everyone out in office by a past President. Trump did not, because he wanted to keep the government running, instead of the usual three-month delay in getting things done.

And here’s how strongly America felt about it – despite MASSIVE voter fraud nation wide by Democrats, Donald Trump won a landslide victory. He won the popular vote as well, as independent voting organizations are now estimating that voter fraud accounted for 33% of the popular vote, and in CAlifornia, as high as 50% of it.

That’s why states are stonewalling the President – many elected officials face Federal Prison time amounting to YEARS in prison for aiding and abetting voter fraud.

The Parallels are amazing. Obama was very much like King George. He oppressed, taxed, and imprisoned Americans without redress, and stripped away the rights of the common American. While today is Independence day, so was a day in Early November, when I went to bed troubled and afraid, filled with the dread of America under Hillary Clinton – who I will not describe in any form whatsoever (think about that)…

I’m proud to say I voted for Donald Trump. And the reactions of Democrats who hear that is telling. I do not mock you, shout at you or insult you if you voted for a criminal. But Democrats feel no shame on belittling me for voting for a man who’s stated goal was, “Let’s make America Great again”. Something apparently Democrats are opposed to.

To wake the day after election day to find that once again, I had freedom. That I had the right to say what I wanted. That I could tell people I was a Christian and not fear lawsuit, persecution or arrest.

That’s independence.