Why did I Remove Comments From My Blog?

I’ve been reading another blog where the blog author removed – for much different reasons than I did – comments from his blog. Recently, he put up another post explaining why he put them back!

I don’t know if I’ll ever put them back. To do that would require moving Narrow is the Way to it’s own domain name and service.

To do that would unsubscribe every last one of you. Now, I’ve got almost 300 people subscribed. I don’t know how many of them are getting my posts in email, and how many are simply going to their reader to read.

I don’t know, I’m just not willing to risk unsubscribing everyone just to allow comments!

The system I’d looked into to replace the WordPress comment system is the Disqus system. It gives you a reputation when you sign up. You start at Zero, and not only the blog owner, but the other readers can actually go in and add ratings to your reputation.

Trolls apparently don’t last long on Disqus, because if one comes in here, tries to start trouble, 30 of you rate him a minus – he loses the ability to comment on ANY website with Disqus.

But let’s get to my reason why I removed comments. The answers are pretty simple. And – no, I’m not using the super blog posting formulas that I’ve learned are what brings readers (which would get my message out there, and possibly turn Christianity around into being followers of Christ!).

Here’s the simple reasons.

I was spending far more time answering comments than writing.

Yup. That’s the primary reason. Notice by looking at the calendar on my past posts, that when I addressed a topic, people would start arguing with me. I’d answer. They’d answer back. And suddenly, I’m missing days of writing. I think I averaged 22-24 posts on any given topic series because I’d start going through comment debates, and didn’t have enough time to write. I’m not blogging for a living. I know there’s people out there who earn $5 million a year blogging (no kidding). I earn nothing. I’ve never asked for donations or support. Indeed, I joke around from time to time and ask for support – in the form of READING my blog! So, I work a day job, eat dinner with my wife, work on other things. I usually only have two mornings a week I work on this blog. And if I end up having to work on a weekend, I miss that weekend for writing.

Absolutely nobody paid attention to my comment policy.

Let’s face it – Comment policies are essentially rules to ban someone from commenting on your blog. It’s like HR policies – they exist not to keep things professional, but give someone an excuse to fire you.
Nobody paid attention to the comment policies. It’s stated pretty clearly that I don’t do comment debates. And if you go back almost to the beginning, you’ll see that the VAST majority of comments I have are literally “you’re a heretic blah blah blah.”

I was getting discouraged, and thinking of shutting down my blog.
If you go back all the way to the beginning, and read my comments, you’ll see that almost nobody ever said,”Good blog post!” “Wow, that blessed me!” “Keep up the good fight!” I think I’ve had two positive comments, and 6,000 bad ones.

The last go round before I shut down comments affected me so badly, you pretty much can tell something’s different about Philip.At one point, I actually was so despondent over it, I asked a couple of other people who have blogs to help. Their answer was kind of a curt, “you’re on your own.”
So I pulled back a little bit. This blog still is a labor of love to the Lord. But it’s really hard to keep persevering sometimes.

Many other Bible teachers do not allow comments.

I went around, looking at people like john MacArthur, David Cloud, R. C. Sproul, Josh McDowell, and several others. I found that those who are Bible teachers either do not allow comments, or else they have someone who works for them full time moderating comments.

I don’t have any income coming in from the ministry, and I don’t believe in asking people to volunteer, so I can’t hire someone to do it. So the final decision was to shut down comments.

Was it the right decision? I don’t know. I feel sometimes like I’m preaching to an empty church. But I do know that my time to blog is better now. As I mentioned right now, I’m so busy that I don’t have enough time to write at the moment. I can’t imagine how much of my time would be wasted in theological debates.

So for now the comments remain closed.

Have a comment? Sorry – other people ruined it for you…



Okay, I just ran one of my old blog posts through “Hemingway” and I swear I just crashed their website.

It rates that post as requiring a 7th grade Education to read it. It has 2300 words, and takes 9 1/2 minutes to read.

It had 21 adverbs, and that’s 5 too many.

Ugly. It showed me entire sentences were hard to understand.

If I’m going to fix those posts… it’s going to be ugly trying to do it.

Still Have Some Blog Posts Planned

I know I said I’ll go back to the old format, but I went through some work creating “seller” headlines to try to drive some traffic to the blog! So, I’m going to try to use those up through October, and maybe some in November. Should have all of those used up by then.

Unless it starts to work! Then I’ll alternate old series and new.

I have had some good feedback in my dedication to a certain word count. Before I kept writing in a post until I got tired, and often I had so much in one post that A). I was the only person who read it and B). I could have written a week’s worth of posts just with the info I put in the one post!

Comments. The problem with the comments was that the Enemy pretty much figured out he could discourage me and keep me busy fighting trolls all the time. I know I had a comment or two about how people missed comments. Unless I moved to Disqus commenting, where everyone gets reputation rated (and Trolls sooner or later end up unable to comment ANYWHERE on the net!), I probably won’t bring it back.
I seriously would need to pass comment approval to someone else
Most people completely ignore comment policies, such as the 75 people or so who completely ignored my policy about comment debates being forbidden – and attempted to engage in comment debates.
Most comments would have to still be answered by me, and again, the comment debate thing took FAR MORE of my time than I had available – time I needed to dedicate to writing blog posts. This is why there’s no real topic I was able to get 30 posts on, which was my goal for every month when I was taking on false religions and cults!

Without moving my blog to a dedicated hosting company, there’s no way I can install Disqus here.

Coming up soon… a VERY in depth series on how to start a Christian apologetics blog!

Introduction to Christian Prepping and Survivalism

No, this does not mean you need to grow a beard!
When most Christians picture a prepper in their minds, they’re usually seeing a man with a beard, flannel shirt, a man bun, and endlessly worried about how many knives they own.
I’m going to say that I’ve been caught in a hurricane many times, and one time we lost power for several days. All our food was lost, and as usually happens when the power goes out during s hurricane, our AC unit broke – right when the temperatures were going to soar over the next few days (that also follows hurricanes).
That’s a bad day. I’ve become a prepper because I HAD to. I’ve lost power in at least half a dozen hurricanes.
Having floodwaters rise into your house is something I’ve also experienced. Fortunately, it only rose up a little, and then retreated. But that same neighborhood suffered catastrophic flooding just last year, and many people lost everything.

Let me name some cities that have learned about prepping the hard way.

Puerto Rico.
Alabama and New Orleans.

When disasters strike, it usually (doesn’t this sound like an insurance commercial???) leaves you on your own for 72 hours. America needs to wake up and learn to prep.
Especially since liberal America seems determined to side with Israel’s enemies every chance they get, and every time America betrays Israel, we suffer catastrophes. You don’t have to beat someone over the head too many times for them to figure out that’s not good.
Three times on this blog I’ve posted “How to survive a hurricane” when massive storms were heading to the US. Hopefully people learned, and got ready.
When do you prepare? Today. Don’t wait until the storm is heading your way to pull out a Discover card and head to Walmart’s. The shelves are already bare. No kidding, I had my eye on a tent that was on sale at Walmart. As the storm got closer to the US, suddenly the price of the tent ($35) was suddenly much higher ($99).

So, let’s stop debating why and when, and get STARTED.

Prepping means you need to keep on hand enough food, water, and survival tools and items to SURVIVE a disaster. Ask the people in New Jersey how well they did when a storm hit and FEMA didn’t get there for 72 hours (by the way, that’s common. FEMA cannot get to your location for many reasons – not the last of which is flooding and downed trees. Why they’re not heading to locations imperiled by storms – I don’t know).

You need to prepare, and prepare now. Does this mean you should pull out a credit card and buy $2,000 worth of stuff? Only if your life is in immediate peril.
Rule of 3’s…

Tomorrow we’ll get started in first steps

3 Reasons to Journal

Recently, I wrote about Journaling.a post that of course got zero likes. It sounds somehow odd. “Why should you journal? That sounds so… un-Baptist!”

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been working on getting my blog posts from 2012 in Scrivener, my latest blogging tool (you could also use Evernote). It’s great to be able to see where you were spiritually back then, and compare it to now. Good way to see if you’ve gotten off course, or possibly even more on track! Hopefully, option 2.
So, let’s look at 3 reasons to Journal, and 3 ways to do it!

  • You can see how off track you were, or how off track you’re getting spiritually. I know, I just said that above!
  • It can help you make decisions. I wish I’d gone back through my pastoring journal years ago – I’d written things about my old church in there, concerns about certain things right from the start that unfortunately, it turns out I was completely right about. If I’d reviewed it earlier, I might have left there long before my decision to finally withdraw.
  • It can help you to see where you need to go spiritually! By comparing where you were spiritually, what the Bible says, and then where you are NOW spiritually, it can help you get back on track, or can show you the direction you need to proceed! If your journal says “I need to read my Bible more” and “Skipped Bible reading today AGAIN” – now hey, that’s a hint!

So, how are some ways to Journal?

  • Microsoft Journal. They’ve abandoned support for this program (hint for OneNote users – the only program Microsoft has shown long term support for is Microsoft Office – go to Evernote NOW before they get bored with OneNote in a couple of years and yank that one too! I mean… remember LiveWriter? Frontpage? Frontpage Express? Outlook Express?), but you can still download this and use it. ALWAYS KEEP BACKUPS OF PROGRAMS YOU DOWNLOAD!!!! Anyway, this one is kind of set up like OneNote, except it’s suited more for journaling.
  • E-Sword. Yup! This bear of a program still has one of the best Christian Journaling functions ever!
  • Evernote. Evernote doesn’t seem to have a journaling function, but here’s how to do it… create a notebook called Journal, or 2017. Then just create notes in it titled with the date! Tag it Journal, and WRITE!
  • Bonus round – Quickverse 2010! I used to do my journaling in Wordsearch, but the truly ugly interface made me, well, completely uninterested in journaling in it. Moving to Quickverse (an older program) actually works better for me – if I can remember to stop, slow down, and – actually journal! Create a user book (by date format), call it 2017, and then add a note every day, and write!
  • Super Bonus Round – The Pastor’s Study. This program even has a function to allow you to journal. I’ve actually taken the journaling from all my other failed attempts and stored them all into the Pastor’s Study, then every month since then I go and store the latest ones. The way it’s laid out, you can see all your journal entries. It’s password encoded, which is annoying to me, but there’s a way to bypass that and make it remember the password – I just need to stop procrastinating and DO IT!

To me, journaling is an essential function for fundamentalists! Get into the habit of it, and try to review periodically. You’ll see that all those promises you make yourself that you forget about prayer, fasting and Bible reading will finally get done!


I first started writing this blog back in 2012. Back then, I had one of those Hewlett Packard Mini 210’s. Cute little laptop, completely underpowered, etc. Had Win XP, and it was great.

I had Microsoft Office XP loaded on, and it had Microsoft Frontpage, which I knew pretty well. Back in those days, if you wanted to have a website, you’d have to search for someone that was a). Free and b)could install Frontpage extensions upon request.

Armed with E-Sword and Microsoft Frontpage, I wrote my blog for a year, praying earnestly about “should I take this live, or keep it on my laptop?”
Obviously, I decided (after talking with my wife about it) to take it live.
It’s so interesting to see my earliest rants. A few of you have read them, by going (I guess) on Philip Dean binges, and deciding to go back to my earliest posts, picking one, and reading it. After that, I’m sure you yawned, and moved on to other things.

Cut to today, my Dell whatever this thing is, with Logos and a ton of other programs I use. I went originally with Thingamablog, but the author’s lack of support for the program and no updates since 2006 or so…. I needed something with more features, so I got Scrivener which has spellcheck since apparently my fingers constantly fumble as I type! And sometimes I’m in such a hurry to get my words into the computer that sometimes I leave words out of phrases, leaving them completely incomprehensible!

So I’m copying and pasting everything from Thingamablog into Scrivener. Spellchecking, making a couple of updates to them.

And having a great time, reading my old thoughts from back then!

I’m right now up to June, 2012. Check back in a few weeks on the earliest ones – I may have the corrected ones up online soon.


I’ve been REALLY busy lately, and haven’t had much time to blog.
My Surviving the Tribulation website is powered by Joomla, and recently I’ve found that it’s got a security breach that allows people to get user accounts, which they can actually spam from! I spend two hours one day deleting users, came back a month later, and found that all 1600 of them were back!

So, right now, I’m working to get everything moved over to a WordPress format I can work with (this is actually one of those times I miss Frontpage!) and get it up online, and pull down the Joomla site.

I’ll get blog entries up online soon. Please bear with me!