Why Fundamentalist Pastors should learn Koine Greek

One thing that has crippled the development of Fundamentalist churches and their congregation – the deliberate fostering of ignorance.

No other group of pastors anywhere is encouraged to be ignorant of elementary theology. No other group of pastors anywhere is encouraged to be ignorant of basic skills such as a knowledge of Greek and Hebrew. No other group of pastors anywhere is encouraged to know as little about the Bible as possible.

One of the things I told my son in the faith recently is that a pastor should never, never, never preach something that a congregant could just learn by reading the Bible. ALWAYS go just a little bit deeper. Study to LEARN, to KNOW. If you don’t know, your congregation won’t know either.

So, here we are, the Fundamentalists. We make the claim of the Bible being our sole authority of faith and practice – and then we barely use it or open it. We tend to regard Christianity as a one-play football game. Get saved, game over. Now it’s just shout a lot in the pulpit, and you’re good to go!

The problem is, the congregations are dying. They’re begging for you to give them an interesting sermon. To a Christian, the word “Interesting” means “teach me”. If you deny yourselves the tools to teach, then you cannot teach yourself, let alone them!

I get it. I’m King James Only. I’m Mr. Wear a Suit On Sundays. I get it. Separation from the world, etc. Yes.

But I flatly deny that any man who is in the pulpit does not need to know Greek. I wish I knew more Greek than I do! I’d LOVE to be a Greek scholar!

Many who claim to be King James Only really are Textus Receptus Only. The Ruckmanites makes that accusation, and yes, I’ll admit it. The Ruckmanite (A dying breed) will use only the King James, and that’s it. Forget the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts that underlie it.

too many Independent Baptist preachers feel like they have to avoid being called “Pastor”, feel like they need to be ignorant of Greek and Hebrew – and here’s why. They’re afraid if they learn it, they’ll be led away from being King James Only.

Not a chance. I had a full year of Greek and a full year of Hebrew, and I’m firmly KJO.

No more excuses. Scripture commands – COMMANDS – that you should study to shew thyself approved – meaning if you do not, you get disapproval.

It’s not optional if you’re a Pastor. You need to learn doctrine and Greek.


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Reading is not the same as studying!

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