The Effectual Bible Student #12

This is the last one!

If you were too busy and didn’t bother to watch these, go back… These are some of the most important videos you’ll ever watch – how to study the Bible from someone who is an expert in Bible study. I’ve graduated Seminary with a high GPA, and I can honestly tell you I learned some things watching this series!

Effectual Bible Student, Part 12 – Bible Study Software from Way of Life Literature on Vimeo.


The Effectual Bible Student #10

Effectual Bible Student, Part 10 – Rules for Interpretation (cont), Bible Study Tools from Way of Life Literature on Vimeo.

The Effectual Bible Student #7

Hopefully, everyone is watching these! What you learn on these videos will have HUGE impacts on your Christian walk! I’ve never met anyone who said, “wow, I really regret learning how to study the Bible!”

Reading is not the same as studying!

Effectual Bible Student, Part 7 – Rules for Interpretation from Way of Life Literature on Vimeo.