8 Important Series to read on Narrow is the Way!

A few of you here are new. You’ll notice I sometimes use an odd structuring of English when I speak. Kind of a throwback to growing up in New England, and also a throwback to growing up speaking Yiddish. Mostly that. A Little.

Anyway, many of you who are new aren’t familiar with some of my earlier articles. I thought I’d give a list to the ones I thought were the most important.

  1. Evolution. My series on Evolution was the liveliest one I ever did. Atheists flocked to it, and we actually had some good exchanges. One thing I found in this series was many Atheists don’t like being called atheists, they prefer agnostic. I told them over and over again their definition of their beliefs was not agnostic, and they’d get upset. But it was a surprisingly respectful conversation with many of them. A couple of really insulting and aggressive ones popped in, but for the most part, really good responses. I was proud of this series, because I really hammered Evolution in many ways, including ways most other people have never brought up. I don’t think anyone else really ever dealt with the Warm Little Pond theory before I did, and I destroyed that one. I actually visited a link back someone placed on an article in this series, and it was an atheist telling others to go read my description of Hell “if they could take it”, so they could know what Christians really believe. To know my less than vivid descriptions of Hell were having an effect on Atheists means a lot – I pray the Lord some of these smart and yes, sometimes very funny men get saved. Atomic Mutant, still praying for ya, buddy!

  2. Jehovah’s Witnesses
    . This one I was REALLY proud of. I love how it turned out. I had a few nasty comments, including some from a Christadelphian who was incensed that I called Russell a Seventh Day Adventist. I wish I’d had Evernote back then, because I found an official SDA webpage where they’d admitted they consider Charles T Russell to be a Seventh Day Adventist, which was why I put the comment up. Once my article hit the web, suddenly that SDA page was edited to remove the admission. But on the whole, I dealt with every aspect of their theology and debunked it. For over two years, someone was coming back every day and re-reading the articles. Then suddenly three or four a day. I only hope I  meet just one person, just one in Heaven, who says “I left the Watchtower Society because of your blog.” Everything will be worth it to hear that.
  3. Roman Catholicism. This one produced a lot of hate. Funny how I’m Catholic bashing, but they’re not Baptist Bashing. And one of them responded in anger how offended he was that I claimed to be Jewish. So I answered him with some Yiddish, and he was perplexed. I guess his assumption was that if he was a catholic, he was a Jew. Mine is the only series I’ve ever seen where anyone dealt with the Magisterium first. A Catholic apologist once left a comment on my web site he wanted to see someone answer Rome without using the “same old defeated arguments”. I reposted the entire series and he said not a word. One that gave me the most trouble was so nice – but to no avail. He simply would not listen to reason, and I cut the whole exchange off.
  4. Word Faith/Charismatic. Surprisingly, this still remains one of the top draw items to my blog – not the entire series, just article #10, where I present a timeline people can download. Despite EVERYTHING I wrote in this series, a Charismatic came on to the blog and proceeded to tell me I was studying the Bible too much, and needed to let go, let this be my moment of desperation, my moment of expectation, and I would begin speaking in tongues… needless to say, after a couple of exchanges, she left, and I still don’t speak in tongues.
  5. Church Planting. I sincerely hope that since bloggers consider this kind of in depth series an “evergreen” article, that someone out there uses it to start a church plant. I got right into naming the church, starting it, materials, church covenant, statement of faith and by-laws, etc. If you feel called to the ministry, here you go – I’ve done EVERYTHING for you!
  6. Messianic Judaism – the series that started a thousand angry responses… on other websites. To my knowledge, I’m one of the only blogs ever to take on Messianic Judaism. There’s another I’ve seen, but as far as I know.. That’s it. Everyone else is just content to sit back and let them lead people astray with nary a comment. Read this, borrow the principles I’m using, and write your own articles on why Messianic Judaism is heresy. Most of the responses I got was people on their own websites challenging me to debates, resorting to straw man arguments, then knocking those down. In reality, my arguments were on my website, and.. They never addressed the points I raised, merely repeating their own flawed and overly circular reasoning. This one I may end up re-doing!
  7. Textual Criticism series. Good series. I made a number of people angry with this one, though, and it eventually led to my decision to stop allowing comments.
  8. Seventh Day Adventist series. Also very good. I was happy with this one, but got nary a comment except from an Adventist over 18 months later, who wouldn’t admit he was an Adventist – which of course a quick internet search revealed the fact that not only was he SDA, but his family heralded back to those who knew Ellen G. White. His technique was the tried and true method of repeat yourself until we both get annoyed and you leave. I put the entire comment exchange online.

One series I wasn’t happy with was the Mormonism series. It was correctly deduced by one Mormon that I had never read the book of Mormon. However, I just don’t have the time to engage in a lengthy study of the BoM, PGP and D&C to refute them – so this series never really lived up to its potential (I should mention that it was enthusiastically received by other Mormon apologetic sites at the time). It will have to wait until I retire to fully deal with this series.


SermonAudio.com | Ken Ham Fires Back at Christians Who Blame Creationists for ‘Mass Exodus of Youth From the Church’

SermonAudio.com | Ken Ham Fires Back at Christians Who Blame Creationists for ‘Mass Exodus of Youth From the Church’.

Ham is right. Anyone who blames Creationism – which is what the Bible preaches – for children leaving churches is completely confused.

“These people preach the Bible! And that’s why kids leave it!!!!”

Anyone see anything wrong with that argument?

If you want to know why the kids are leaving churches, it’s because… they’re not saved. Now, when little Cindy makes her profession of faith at 5 years old, it’s because she’s a good girl who wants to make everyone happy. How can a 5 or 6 year old understand sin, and the consequences thereof? Ten years later when Cindy leaves her church, it’s because of… well, unbelief, sin and rebellion. It’s because she can’t yet come to a place where she can understand that Christians are fallen people, still struggling with a sin nature. So she calls it “hypocrisy” because she doesn’t understand.

When Cindy or little Peter get older (or Bobby or Greg), they finally can understand what sin is. What the consequences are. They then can be saved. Then finally they make a real profession of faith, and get saved… and suddenly realize all those adults they thought were hypocrites were no different from… well, you and me. We’re fallen beings. We strive to live up to God’s word, and miserably fail on a daily basis.

Now, can someone explain to me how preaching what the Bible clearly teaches can possibly drive people away from Christianity?

Redeeming the Time

16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. 17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. 18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; 19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; 20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Ephesians 5:16-20 (KJV)


This is the time. Seriously. I am becoming more and more convinced that the Rapture of the Christians is nearing. Many of you have blogs… this is the time to get serious about this.

Contend earnestly for the faith. Witness to the lost. Try to reach those who call themselves Christians, whose entire claim for a hope in Heaven but who actually claim nothing but a wet forehead as a baby. Try to reach those who think they are a god, and can speak things into existence. Try to reach those who believe that the Watchtower Society is God’s faithful servant on this earth. Try to reach those who believe that Joseph Smith was visited by an Angel who used to be a man named Moroni. Try to reach those who believe they have to keep the laws of Moses to be saved. Try to reach those who think “the Sunday Sabbath is the number of the beast”. Try to reach those who think Hinduism is the way. Who think their Buddhist faith will get them reborn if they redeem enough karma points. Try to reach those who think the vibration of cosmic crystals will allow them to ascend into a higher order of sentient being. Try to reach those who think, “My whole family is Baptist, so I guess I go to heaven too…”

You’re going to get arguments. You’re going to offend many. You’re going to risk a lot of heartache just to finally reach one person – but that one person will avoid Hell forever, and that’s the point.

And you may be planting a seed for when (after we disappear) they may wake up and realize, “This was real, and I just missed it.”

But if you do nothing… they all are lost. Condemned.

Redeem the time, for the days are evil.

An Open Response To John Ankerberg

The Institute for Creation Research.

It’s worse than I thought with Mr. Ankerberg. I was a LITTLE hesitant to  expose this man, but the more I’m reading of him, the more I’m realizing we’re seeing a very ddangerous trend with Mr. Ankerberg.

His statement of faith on his website has the same old tired “We believe in the Scripture of the Old and New Testaments as inspired by God and inerrant in the original writings…” (direct quote from his statement of faith).

Bottom line – John Ankerberg does not believe in a literal six day creation, but in evolution. He does not believe the Bible is inspired. He opposes Fundamentalists at every opportunity. He champions all “Christians”, regardless of beliefs, uniting in brotherhood, in opposition to Romans 16:17.

If someone in my congregation came to me and told me they believed this way, I’d be VERY worried about them and their salvation.

If you don’t believe the Bible, where do you start to justify your beliefs??? If, as Ken Ham points out, you don’t believe in a literal six day creation, what’s the next fundamental Christian doctrine you’re going to question? The deity of Christ? The ressurection of Christ?

I seriously recommend avoiding Mr. Ankerberg and his TV show.

Proofs for God’s Existence

I used to hear it all the time, that “god is a mystery.” It used to just baffle me. How can there be no proof for God’s existence, and yet so many people stupidly believe?

Eventually, I applied my intellect to it, and found out – I was the stupid one. The proof is all around you.

When I did my series on Atheism, I introduced the math expression “X to the 0 power equals one”. An atheist commented that he laughed at my math.

Uh… grab a scientific calculator, type it in. 165 exponentiated to the zero power is… uhhhhh…


237 to the zero power is… uhhhh…


It’s a universal constant.

Lets switch up, and turn to Newtonian physics. Newton was WAAAAAAY ahead of his time. Every action has an equal but opposite reaction. We all learned that in sixth grade, right? Well, it has little to do with gay marriage, abortion, communism or a Middle Eastern religion that is being pushed on our children today, so it’s probably not even taught in schools any more.

According to Newtonian physics, of something is moving, it;’s moving because something imparted energy to it, causing the motion, right?

okay, good.

Think about that.

If the universe was created, it means something caused it to spring into being. The standard line is, “all the matter in the universe was compressed into a tiny spot, smaller than the period on this page.”


Where did it come from? What compressed it? You’re not answering the problem, you’re simply ducking the question.

“then the dot exploded.”

What gave it the necessary energy to explode? That’s one the astronomers keep ducking.

Where did the universal laws come from? Who put them into place? Standard theories of evolution cannot answer that question.

This is known as the problem of the clockmaker, to use the logic name for it. We see a clock, and it cannot just have come to pass. There must be a clock maker. and if he’s not continually winding the clock, the clock would run down.

It’s also known as Deux Ex Machina, the ghost in the machine. Something makes everything happen, and sets everything in motion, but we don’t know what it is.

Physicists call it the “god particle”. They see the evidence of something causing everything to happen, and again, they beg the question by insisting its a created particle.

What created it? What set it into motion? What determined that protons would be positive, electrons negative? What determined this “god particle” would have so many extreme powers and abilities?

Occam’s Razor cuts both ways. When we are presented with lack of explanations, with wildly contradicting theories and hypotheses (many of which depend on other hypotheses long since discarded by the scientific community like the Big Bang) we are left with one possible solution… the least complicated.

I’ve presented several proofs for it already. God.

Many atheists are pretty book smart. I was. Here’s the challenge – examine it honestly. And if you’re honest, you’ll admit that you’ve proceeded from the same line of thinking as Michael Crichton in “The lost world” that, “…the only thing that explains everything is creationism.. but that’s just wrong.”

How can it be wrong? Try this – you’re pretty smart. Approach it from the other side. try to prove God’s existence, using the facts out there. It’s remarkably easy to do.