The Soon Coming Rapture 2

Yay! Another Rapture article. These cheer me up.

Let’s say that I could list every Bible verse proving the Rapture is Pre-trib. Let’s say I can do expository Bible study on the ENTIRE BIBLE, proving the Pre-Trib rapture – and don’t convince a single person (which is what would happen, because people love ideologies, not truth).

What then?

I’m counting on all of you post-trib, mid-trib, no-trib and Pre-wrath believers to stock up food. Supplies. Ammo. Tools.


Because when, to your embarassment, you are raptured.. all those supplies will be left behind.

For people who within a few months… are going to desperately need them.

If you stock up for them now… lives will be saved. If you don’t… people will die.

Horrible to meet someone in heaven, and ask… “how did you die?”

“I starved to death. And there was no water.”

And you hang your head thinking, “I meant to stockpile for people left behind.” Well, don’t open your mouth and admit it, I guess!

And if you REALLY believe that despite the Bible, you believe you personally are going through the Tribulation… buddy, you’d better get busy and stockpile now. Because after the midpoint, you need the Number of the Beast to buy food.

So, how long is it going to take for you to buy everything you need? quite a while.

You may not have that much time to do it.


The Soon Coming Rapture

It takes roughly 45-90 minutes to write articles on how to do sermons, so those who’ve been interested in the series, my apologies – but I’ve been so busy that lately I’ve only been able to keep up because I can write seven articles quickly on a weekend.

To mention the Rapture in modern Christianity is like pulling a knife and darking people to fight you! I can think of few topics that engender such arguments and name caling as… this topic.

To those who do not agree… you have the absolute right to be wrong. I’ll tell you you’re wrong. I’ve described the issue of the Rapture as being the canary that coal miners in Wales used to detect deadly gas in the mines. If the birds collapsed, everyone knew to get out as fast as possible.

SAme here. When your eschatology (doctrines of the end times) begins to wander, it’s a sign EVERYTHING is beginning to wander. Am I saying the myriads of Independent, Fundamentalist Baptist preachers who have adopted an unScriptural Mid-Trib position are losing a pure doctrinal stance?

Why… yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. You have not kept your doctrine without spot. You’ve listened to vain and foolish tales, and adopted the vain philosohpy of this world, instead of a reliance upon pure Scripture.

I’ve mentioned before the explanation of a man who had the right viewpoint of the Rapture. He was asked by his nephew if he was SURE the Rapture was before the Tribulation. His response was classic, and one that those who hold incorrect Eschatologies always miss…

“What is the point of the Tribulation?”

For many Christians, they’ll suddenly go quiet, and all you’ll hear is, “Uhhhh……”

The way I’ve described it is this. I’ve pointed to a church congregation (nicely split down the middle thanks to the aisle…) That… God spoke and dealt with this side over here, for 2,000 years. But that means THAT side isn’t being dealt with. Okay, God’s temporarily turning to THAT side. But the book of Revelation (not Revelations) shows that suddenly God’s focus is back on THIS group again, and THAT group suddenly seems to be missing.

Why is THAT group missing? Because God’s now returning to THIS group, who’s been somewhat rebellious. So, to reach them, He’s going to give the only thing they respond to…


Okay, when you substitute the words “Gentiles” and “Jews” for THAT and THIS, it makes perfect sense. God dealt with the Jews for 2,000 years. Then the Lord came ,and the Jews are temporarily put away.

Note the word temporary.

“Now if the fall of them be the riches of the world, and the diminishing of them the riches of the Gentiles; how much more their fulness? For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office: If by any means I may provoke to emulation them which are my flesh, and might save some of them. For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall the receiving of them be, but life from the dead?” (Romans 11:12–15, KJV)

Read verse 15 and verse 12 again. How much more their fulness? What shall the receiving of them be?

God is not “Through with the Jew.”

“For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.” (Romans 11:25, KJV)

What does this mean? spiritually, it means… blindness is happening in part to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.

If anyone wants to argue, here we go with Greek! πλήρωμα Pleroma means fulness, completeness. When the complete number of those Gentiles who will accept Christ is reached before the Tribulation, then the Lord will come. What’s that number? Clearly, we see from other passages of Scripture that the number is… I don’t know.

Does this argue in favor of Calvinism? No it argues in favor of Baptist doctrine (there’s no such thing as a Calvinist Baptist – it’s like saying a Carpenterish plumber) – God predestines according to foreknowledge. God knows in advance who will accept the Gospel and who will not.

Can you imagine being in the Millennium, and attending the Temple, and you’re talking about “I wonder who the last Gentile was to make the Fulness complete?” and at that moment the Lord is standing with you and He says… “Why… it was you.”

We should all feel that way. Well, I can’t, because I’m not a Gentile. But there. You Gentiles should all feel that way – you personally are the one the Lord was waiting eagerly for.

Where am I going with this? God turns His attention from the Jewish people to the Gentiles, then He will return His attention back to Israel during the Tribulation. So… where did the Gentiles go?

It’s a well attested fact – often completely ignored by Mid and Post Tribulationists – that the word church and churches is used 21 times in Revelation 1-3, and then not again until the very end of the book.

The rules of Hermaneuticsc demand we pay attention to that. It tells us something.

“Aha! But Holy omes and Saints can be found!”

Sure. That’s the Jews and all the Gentiles who get saved in the Tribulation. But the fact remains, the word church is missing for most of the book, until after the Lord returns.

There’s two open doors in Revelation – immediately after the final mention of the churches, and then not again until the Lord and His armies begin to travel back to the earth.

And then after that, it’s Israel, and Tribe… the 144,000 are from the tribes of Israel. They are those who “keep the commandments”.

“Matthew 24!”

You’re not understanding Matthew 24. Read it again. You’ll spot that the Lord gatheres His elect from the four corners of HEAVEN. They’re already in Heaven at that point.

The bottom line is this – if you believe in mid trib, post trib, pre-wrath, no-trib… you do not distinguish between the Gentile and the Jew. You confuse the words churches and Israel. Yet an honest reading of Romans differentiates between the two. If the Bible differentiates between Israel and the churches… so should we.

NOW, with that understanding, go read all of Revelation 7 times in a row. Won’t take long. Only 22 chapters. By the time you’re done, here’s your study questions…

Where are the churches?

Who is Israel?

Who is Revelation speaking of and to, mostly?

What is God’s method in the Tribulation?

Does it resemble the manner in which God dealt with Israel in the Old Testament? Or how God communicates with the churches in the New?

If you agree it resembles how God dealt with Israel in the Old Testament when they were Rebellious… what then does this lead you to conclude? Who is Revelation speaking to?

It’s speaking to my people. We’re a little stubborn. And trust me, it’s going to take the seas turning to blood to get most of Israel to admit that the Rabbi’s are wrong, and Jesus is the Messiah.

It’s going to take demonic attacks that leave people in agony for months.

It’s going to take hail that sets fires.

Start comparing Revelation to Exodus.

If you honestly study Revelation (for which there are blessings promised)… you will come to only one conclusion. It’s speaking of the Jewish people.

And the Gentile churches have… vanished.

How Long?

Well, let’s put it this way.

jerusalem_temple3-600x386 They’re building a “replica” of the Temple on the Dead Sea… that they can in a few months simply disassemble and relocate to Jerusalem.

sanhedrinWe’ve got a Sanhedrin.

There’s a group of Levites with numbers 1 through however many for the role of High Priest. Hint – it’s going to be #1. Baruch Kahane is his name.

kahane-150x150 No kidding. This guy.




Training for the offerings… note the altar is there.

priest-omer-barley-sacrifice-altar-2 Offering of the Omer in a “Re-enactment”.

temple-institute-altar-3 a Levite learning how to prepare the altar for burnt offerings.

No, we’re not close at all.

Training Your Replacement

This article is for anyone in ministry.  If you think it’s appropriate, consider sharing this with your Pastor.

Pastors do a tremendous job, very difficult, often thankless. A number of studies have been done on how difficult the job is. I’m not talking about YOUR job, but your replacement’s job today.

Can you imagine millions of people looking for answers when all those born-again people disappear??? One thing we discussed in Seminary over and over again is this…. the contention of my seminary that your calling to the ministry is evidenced almost immediately, at Salvation. Very often we make excuses, sometimes try to run from it. God makes it inescapably clear.

You’re going to (very, very soon, I’m sure…) disappear off of this earth. I’m getting even more convinced every day. Anywhere from ten seconds to a couple of days after you’ve heard the trumpet, your name called by a loud voice, and you suddenly hurl skywards at a speed unimagined…

…someone’s going to be walking into your church, looking for answers. They’re going to find your computer. They’re going to find your Quickverse, or your Logos, or your PC Bible Study, or (if you’ve been paying attention to my recommendations) your WordSearch program. And they’re going to face an immediate call to the ministry, and only a short time after the signing of the peace treaty, they need to be in hiding, or face being hunted and killed.

Your laptop or your desktop computer with your Bible software on it can be a treasure trove of information. If you start today.

All Bible programs have a way to write commentary on verses. Imagine your commentary as being sitting down face to face…. training your replacement.

Because it may end up being this very thing.

They’re going to have only seven years until the return of Jesus Christ. The sixth seal heralds the start of mortal persecution of Christians worldwide. The Bible talks about many martyrs for the Christian faith during the Sixth Seal, being kept underneath God’s throne, because their deaths are so precious to Him. If we posit 21 judgments in the tribulation and 14 in the first half alone, that gives an average of three months between judgments. That’s… ummm… a year and a half into the Tribulation. Not anywhere enough time to go through seminary.

There are devices that can charge up electricity through the act of pedaling, and can be used to recharge a laptop. Consider loading up your laptop with Christian books and articles your replacement will need. They won’t have the luxury of your Pastor’s office like you have for very long.

So, write that commentary you’ve always wanted to write. Train your replacement. Because someone is going to have to pastor the flock of Jesus Christ while we’re in heaven after the Rapture. Explain what amounts to good doctrine in your notes. Give info on how to pastor a church. Forget how to deal with pulpit committees and unscriptural things like Deacon boards. Focus instead on how to help with mourning, with troubled times, with the rise of heresy, how to answer critics of the Bible.

Because the churches of the Tribulation are not going to be brick and white buildings with a steeple, but people hidden in a warehouse, people off in the wilderness somewhere,  or people in the bombed out ruins of a major city, long evacuated after World War III that happens in the Second Seal.

Help them out. Train your replacement.

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Preparing 9 Water

Stored water will be the single bulkiest item you will have to store. You can choose between some of those big 10 gallon jugs, or two liter bottles.

I think two liter bottles will be your most economical solution. A lot of people drink soda. Simply save, wash, and reuse the bottles. Others survive off of sports drinks. same detail. Wash, save, reuse.

How much water? Here’s the formula: 1G*(P*D)=survive.

1 Gallon per person per day. 4 people? 4 Gallons.

How many 2 liter bottles would you need? 8. So, 1 liter bottles? 16.

20 days would mean 80 gallons of water.

So for 20 days for 2 people would be 152 liters of water, or 304 liters for a family of 4.. I’m sure the average family drinks 10 bottles of soda in a month easily. Make it a priority to save them! Or sport drink bottles.

Now, there comes a point when you have to acknowledge you simply cannot carry enough water. How much do you need? Seven years. Can you reasonably carry all that?

Sure, if you have tanker trucks, 18 wheelers, or a fleet of cargo vehicles at your disposal. A family of four is reasonably topping out at 3 days worth of water per person.

Why are they better than the big heavy water bottles? Well, for that reason. Big and heavy. Storage is your other reason. When you’re building or converting your shelters, you’ll only have so much room for storage. You’ll suddenly find that odd little hollow spot here and there between things is ideal for water storage. It’s a lot more work to make storage room for big, heavy bulky 7 gallon bottles.

how much does water weigh?

15 gallons 120 lbs
7 gallons 56 lbs
6 gallons 48 lbs
5 gallons 40 lbs
4 gallons 32 lbs
3 gallons 24 lbs
2 gallons 16 lbs
1 gallons 8 lbs

How Much Water do you need to survive the Tribulation?

Forget it. It’s not workable. You’d need 2,520 gallons of water for two people to survive the last 3 1/2 years. That would mean lugging around over ten tons of water when you had to flee one spot and go to the other. A stockpile of water helps to fill in when you can’t collect. Here’s the rule of water – collect when you can, drink stockpile when you can not.

Water Purification

It’s easy to collect small amounts of water in some areas. You can take 1 liter bottles and duck-tape them to the ends of tree branches. The dew will make them collect little bits of water every morning.

Flat spots with solar stills… same thing.

To make a solar still, you dig a sloped pit, and place a cup in the bottom. Set some pulled up grasses or leaves around the cup. Spread clear plastic over it. Put a little dirt or sand in the very center, over your catch cup. It should be shaped like this…


Keep in mind that ALL catch systems seem to have a built in stop level. You have to harvest your water out of there to collect more.

Going to a stream to get water – remember, there’s living things in the water. Everyone seems agreed you boil it for 10 minutes. If you filter the water first, you’ll do better. Coffee filters are designed for filtering water, by the way. You can buy them in bulk. Tshirts are wonderful strainers as well.

Most experts agree that straining and boiling is all you need to do. Remember, worst comes to worst, you can scrape and heat a deer hide to cure the center, then fill with water and add heated rocks until the water starts boiling!

To find water, go downhill. Why? Where does water run? Downhill. Where does it collect? Downhill. Go downhill. Something to keep in mind when planning your shelters. If you put your shelter at the bottom of a hill… expect to have rainwater flood it eventually!

Survival instructors like to explain that you need to diversify. Don’t just learn one way to collect water. Learn all the ways! Get fresh water from streams, rivers, lakes, pools and puddles. Always purify it by straining it and boiling it. Set up solar stills. Set up drip bottles to catch dew.

Do this and live. Don’t do this and die. The rule of thumb is three days without water equals death.

Harvest as much water as possible while you can. Every place on earth has dry seasons.

Preparing 8 – How to pack

the one detail that often is missed in a lot of prepping or preparing websites and blogs is – how to pack.

Civilians and military can be given the same amount of equipment to pack, but most military can get those items into a smaller bundle. Why? They’ve been taught how to pack. And getting it wrong usually meant pushups, squats, mountain climbers, etc.

lay out pants, shirt, underwear, etc. Simply roll from the bottom up! You can now stack 7-10 pairs of pants, shirts, socks and underwear into a range bag. If you’re not used to that designation, it’s a medium sized bag that you carry to a shooting range. If you have another bag available, I just about guarantee you can get this all into it. It might be tight in a gym bag, but you might be able to get it all in there.

For socks, those are even easier. You simply place both socks together, and pull the toe portion inside until it forms a small tube. Seven to ten pairs can fir inside a small area.

One reason I recommended those “one year’s worth of food” packs – albeit from three or four manufacturers – is to make sure that most of the packs are exactly the same size. Remember, all the advice I have given is best case scenario, and many, many people will find themselves unable to prep, and just having to flee out the door with just about what they’ve got on their backs!

If most of the packs are the same size, they’ll fit together nicely. Any area in your plastic tubs that is open needs to be crammed with something. This will keep boxes from moving or getting crushed. Many of the one-year supplies of food often come automatically in plastic tubs anyway, which makes it easier. It’s a lot easier to grab everything and go if everything is packed in containers.

The idea is, look through your items LONG beforehand, and try to imagine your first day needs. What will you absolutely need on your person, and what can be packed? If it can be packed, spend some time loading your plastic tubs and bags. treat it like a puzzle. How much can I cram in here without breaking things? Will it be too heavy to lift comfortably? (Remember the 50’s I talked about at the beginning of this? You’re doing them, right?)

Flashlights and multitools fit nicely inside everything. Remember those socks I told you how to roll up into tubes? They can store breakable things – like flashlights., without increasing their bulk.

Water. Water is the bugaboo. I’m going to do an entire post just on water, but the issue is, you need it to survive and it’s the biggest headache you’ve got. I’d planned on telling everyone how many 5 gallon containers they’d need per person, but the issue is… it multiplied DRASTICALLY the size and weight of everything you need to carry.

I’ll give you the shorthand formula right now… 1G*(P*D)=survive. 1 gallon per person per day. A single 7 gallon container will supply a single person for a week.

Ever pick those things up? They’re 56 lbs or so. 56 pounds of weight per person per week. A party of 8 people means 448 pounds, just for one week of water. That’s like adding the weight of two extra people, and water is VERY bulky. A one week supply of water is one third the size of a person, and the containers do not stack. For some reason, bottled water manufacturers do not think to package water in square containers, but rectangles with heavily rounded edges.

The realistic answer is that you should grab 3-7 DAYS worth of water, and be prepared to harvest water immediately. Consider your backup supply of water just that… emergency water.

3 one gallon bottles of water per person is a lot more realistic, but understand you’re going to be needing to get on water harvesting RIGHT AWAY. While one or two people set up base camp and another makes the fire, a fourth should be getting the water harvesting done IMMEDIATELY.

One thing I want to emphasize. This all assumes best case scenario. The Rapture just happened, you’re looking for answers, and you’ve got perhaps 3 months (it’s an assumption, remember – the Book of Revelation does not explain how long most judgments last for…) to practice and learn your skills.

It’s my belief that this is why the Lord has caused so many Christians to stockpile, and why there’s a rash of survival and prepping TV shows on. This is literally the stockpiling for other people to use, and the dissemination of information for people to learn how to survive as long as possible.

more coming soon!