cumenism is out of control.

ec•u•men•i•cal \ˌe-kyə-ˈme-ni-kəl, -kyü-\ adjective

[Late Latin oecumenicus, from Late Greek oikoumenikos, from Greek oikoumenē the inhabited world, from feminine of oikoumenos, present passive participle of oikein to inhabit, from oikos house—more at VICINITY] circa 1587

1: worldwide or general in extent, influence, or application

2 a: of, relating to, or representing the whole of a body of churches

b: promoting or tending toward worldwide Christian unity or cooperation—ec•u•men•i•cal•ly \-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

ec•u•men•i•cal•ism \-ˈme-ni-kə-ˌli-zəm\ noun


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Why do I consider this a problem? Aren’t we supposed to be united as Christians, Christian brotherhood, you know, the Church?

Um… believe it or not, this doctrine – as we interpret it today – cannot be found in the Bible.

Before everyone starts opening their slower than molasses in January E-Sword program, let me explain.

There is indeed supposed to be unity within the church.

Define Church, first.

A visible, local assembly of born again believers.

Are the unsaved part of that?


The definition of “Christianity” today is no longer “all the born again believers”, but “Everyone who calls themselves Christians, except for Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

20 years ago, the average Christian knew and understood that Roman Catholicism was a false religion, a cult – but today mention that, and it’s like you declared yourself to be a… wow, I have just run out of things to compare that to! Fifteen years ago, I’d have said “communist” there, but now Americans see nothing wrong with Communism.

Today, Christians link arms with Mormons, who are just GIDDY over the acceptance. They were a cult 15 years ago, they’re a cult today.

People who love God but have never been born again? “Christians.” And today’s Christians are offended at the thought of passing someone a tract who calls themselves Christian and love God, but have never been born again.

“We should major on the majors, and not on the minors!”

Sounds great! What are you talking about? Dcotrines? Sure! Show me in the Bible which doctrines are major, and which are minor. You must consider salvation a minor doctrine we should ignore, because you’re accepting people whose definition of “saved” is sprinkled with water as a baby, or immersed as an adult being REQUIRED for salvation. Church of Christ followers are in a cult, with damnable heresies. Lutherans who are not born again are not entering heaven. Baptists who have not been born again are not going into heaven. Methodists who have not been born again are not going to heaven.

None of these people can be called “Christian.”

“But I go to a Baptist church!” Yes, and ask your pastor! He’ll be the FIRST to tell you that if you are not born again, you are NOT going to heaven.

When I was a teenager, I heard ALL about being Born Again, and I knew what it meant. We have no excuse. And even more frightening, the Bible hints you can share in their punishment for even bidding someone Godspeed that you’re kicking out of your house for being a heretic! How much more will you face the music for embracing the unSaved as Christians?

It’s going to be a very uncomfortable time to say the least for a lot of today’s Christians at the Judgment seat of Christ.


The Biggest Dangers to Christianity

No, no fancy shmancy format today. I’m just speaking from my heart.

Photo by Joey Banks on Unsplash

There are several dangers facing Christianity today. I’ve got to say, in every time in history when Christians were in danger, they always got much more dedicated and LIVED for the Lord! Today, not so much.

Today, you run a real risk of being fired and going to jail for your beliefs (California and New York are trying to pass legislature that will put anyone in prison for using “the wrong pronoun” to describe a person).

I’m going to list the dangers facing Christianity not in any particular order, because I just don’t know which is the biggest danger – but it seems to me the dangers from within are the most dangerous.

  1. The Democratic party. I’m aware that most Christians in the United States are Republicans. There are many who are Democrats because they say things like, “Well, my heritage has always voted Democrat.” Well, stop the madness… Democrats are fiercely dedicated to making sure that their agendas are legalized, and any disagreements with the Democratic party are punishable by lengthy jail terms and whopping fines. They want to legalize mind altering drugs and every form of immoral and sinful behavior (trust me, they’re not content with what they’ve got now – they’re going to make participation in immorality MANDATORY), but they want to penalize Christians. For things they don’t penalize other Middle Eastern religions for refusing to do.
  2. Ecumenism. I used to aim the writings of this blog at Evangelicals. I’ve pretty much stopped that, because I became aware a couple of years ago that a). They weren’t listening and b). They weren’t listening. You CANNOT tell an Evangelical that Mormons are not Christians anymore. You can’t. They won’t hear it. They accepted Seventh Day Adventism, Messianics and Roman Catholics as well – and those are not Christian either. Ecumenism – the unBiblical mindset that all churches should work together despite doctrinal stands – threatens Christianity to its core. What are you going to say at the Great White Throne to all those Roman Catholics you befriended and never shared the Gospel with? How does that help them if you don’t witness to them, and just buddy buddy with them – and then you see their terrified faces on the Left on Judgment Day? You know what’s coming – and so do they. You failed to warn them. Evangelical Christianity and Ecumenism has failed Christianity.
  3. Textual Criticism. Do you think this is just a matter of Bible preference? It’s not, and here’s why. Listen to a hundred sermons on SermonAudio, and you’re literally going to hear 99 of them question or deny the word of God. “That’s not in the original Greek manuscripts.” “The Original Greek omits that verse/word/phrase.” “That was added by some pious scribe.” What you’re saying to me is, “I don’t believe the word of God, and I’m going to use textual criticism to justify my unbelief, and whatever agenda I want to push.” And believe you me, they do! If we were more Biblically grounded, Kenneth Copeland would have abandoned the ministry and gone on to cargo piloting as a career. There are many men in stolen pulpits around the world who are not called by God, not gifted by God, and not ordained of God. And they’re going to have to answer to God, the same way that someone who was called of God would. It’s going to be an ugly day for them.
  4. Theological Liberalism. Theological Liberalism is rampant today, far more than during the past. We’re talking the vast majority of pastors in the United Methodist, Lutheran and Presbyterian denominations are all to one extent or another Theological Liberals. The Presbyterians have had to divide time and time again over this issue. My visit to a Pastor’s Conference a few years back showed me the Southern Baptist convention is flooded with them as well. I’m going out on a limb here and say that 89% of Pastors in any denomination are to a greater or lesser degree theological liberals. Today they call this “progressive” – the same code word the Soviet Union used to describe communist propaganda. Odd that it should be the same word. Who’s the most famous theological liberal today? Andy Stanley. Ask him his opinion of the Bible. He doesn’t accept the Bible, because he doesn’t believe in it. People have heard him speak, and were shocked at how he dances around the truth on this issue.
  5. Neo-Barthianism. RAMPANT. Barthianism is rampant. Essentially, it is Theological Liberalism disguised with a whitewash of Post Modernism and a clever shell game of words and definitions. MOST of the materials advocated by Faithlife (the company who produces Logos) absolutely are Neo-Barthian – and the spokesmen and teachers Faithlife hired are all theological liberals or Neo-Barthians as well. To my knowledge, there are NO Fundamentalists working for the greatest Bible software company in the world. I’ve written about Neo-Barthianism, which is essentially the modern rush to follow the writings of a man named Karl Barth, who was a theological liberal who disguised his unbelief by mentally redefining words. Francis Schaeffer was a Barthian at first, but apparently Schaeffer radically changed at the end of his life, and decried Evangelicalism and Theological Liberalism at the end of his life. I lack the time to go over it again, but STAY AWAY from the writings of Karl Barth.
  6. Charismatic/Pentecostalism. Here’s the hugest Trojan Horse out there. Pentecostalism is the results of several untaught men who made huge theological errors – and of the group, all of them were trying to keep up with Frank Sandford, a man who was so deluded he very possibly had a nervous breakdown early in his ministry, and thought he was somehow Elijah the Prophet, King David, and one of the Two Witnesses who was to die in Jerusalem. The poor terrified man thought each time he sailed to Jerusalem he was about to die. He was the first to push Pentecostalism, and it was quickly taken up by Charles Parham (one of Sandford’s Students) and John Dowie (one of Sandford’s rivals, who also thought he was one of the two witnesses to die in Jerusalem – and also thought he was Elijah). This is the roots of Pentecostalism, and it is not creeping into every church today – it IS in every church today! No kidding, in the Southern Baptist church I preached at for a while, I was offered Dodie Osteen’s book and also a book by Joyce Meyers. The Southern Baptist church adopted ten years ago a statement they would no longer oppose “a private prayer language”. The Freewill Baptists are struggling with it right now, and losing that battle as well. If you stop struggling against Pentecostalism and embrace it, sooner or later you embrace Kenneth Copeland and the Charismatic word faith heresy. It’s inevitable. You say your church takes a firm stand against speaking in tongues? You’re already losing the battle against this stuff if you adopt any of the Vacation Bible School stuff sold by Lifeway. I literally heard code words for Word Faith disguised in the song lyrics, and nobody was checking this stuff. You are against it, but thanks to the VBS materials, your kids are already indoctrinated, and your church has lost the battle.

When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8b, KJV)

5 Ways Evangelicalism Has Misled Fundamentalism!

Things have gone so wrong with Evangelical Christianity in the last 10 years I hardly know where to start. Sacrificing Biblical doctrine for political expediency, denying Christ, rejecting the Bible, embracing the enemies of the cross and calling them friends, becoming far more worldly, incorporating new age teachings and practices, seeking after magic, abandoning the Great commission – I’d say the great apostasy is not coming – I’d say it’s here, fully entrenched.

I often wondered how the Antichrist was going to be embraced by people who called themselves Christians – now I see it and understand.

The problem with it, is that Evangelical Christianity is slowly corrupting Fundamentalism! Formerly King James Only pastors now are rejecting it, in favor of modern versions. Pastors now deny the Preservation of Scripture. They deny separationism. They advocate joining up with every heretic who names the name of Christ!

If ever there was a time for you to start a blog calling for people to leave Evangelicalism and come to Fundamentalism, this is the moment! And I’m going to do a series shortly on how to set up a blog!

Ways that Evangelical Christianity has misled Fundamentalism….

  1. The Textual Criticism theory. The single biggest one right here! If we’d listened to Otis Fuller, the Dean Burgon Society, David Cloud and other defenders of the Bible, we’d never be in this state. David Cloud has several books on Bible preservation and Textual Criticism. Start with the free ones such as “Unholy Hands on God’s Holy Book.” The facts remain, not one of the textual critics are Christians. There were one or two who were trained as Textual Critics, and actually left that and embraced King James Only-ism, such as Edward Hills. But Griesbach, Wellhausen and the others all were Christ deniers, and proceeded from the assumption we should treat the Bible as any other book. Christians should have dismissed them as unbelievers years ago, and paid no mind. Indeed, we celebrate these men, who right now are regretting their choices in the midst of unending torment. In fact Wellhausen’s theories are still touted as being foundational, and thousands of Christian pastors still bow the head to them – and yet Wellhausen was debunked 100 years ago in the book set The Fundamentals.
  2. Collapse of separation. David Cloud’s book on this subject is astounding, and compelling. I was opposed to Separationism, until I’d found Cloud. I got really irritated, decided to debunk him, and was convinced in under ten minutes that Cloud was right. That’s even faster than learning about the King James issue, which took me 20 minutes! The point is, if someone teaches or believes heresy, and you associate with him, in the Lord’s eyes you agree with him. Scary. It’s in the Bible. It’s in almost every book! Some of the verses on separationism we even name ministries after! I used to hear advertisements for a ministry called Equally Yoked on Christian radio before I stopped listening to it several years ago. I don’t know what they ministered – I’m guessing explaining to Christians that they shouldn’t marry non-Christians. I kind of thought that was a no-brainer. Did you know that the passage on being unequally yoked tells you to separate from unbelievers? Read it. No kidding So – why are we encouraging Christians to associate with Roman Catholics and Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists and Church of Christ? They’re not Christians!
  3. Pressure to become worldly. I’ve never read it, but supposedly one of the biggest selling books in Christianity in the last 15 years is a book called “Blue like Jazz”. The overall message of the book is why you should live a worldly life as a Christian, from what I’ve heard. Um… you know, if we read the Bible, we’d see we are enjoined to come OUT of the world. We were saved OUT of the world! Ever read the proverb “like a dog returns to his vomit…”? We are not to be worldly. Yesterday I recommended seven chapters to study in your Bible, and the overall theme of 5 of them was how to live and walk, now that you’re saved out of the world! If “Blue Like Jazz” was called “how to Backslide”, would millions have bought it? There’s a lot of pressure – a lot – on Christian blogs, radio shows, talk shows, TV preachers etc who are advocating – quite seriously – how to live an unGodly life. Because essentially living so that you – a Christian – are indistinguishable from the world – are doing.
  4. Abandon Biblical presentation of the gospel. I’ve ranted on this too many times. Suffice it to say that “raise your hand, right now, where you’re sitting – there’s one…” is not a Biblical presentation of the Gospel. And I’ve heard so many times from irresponsible men that “nobody was ever scared into heaven…” um.. Excuse me? It seems to me that everyone who is born again has stopped, realized that if they don’t get saved they’re going to burn in Hell, and turned to Jesus Christ! Let’s get back to offering the Gospel the right way, and maybe we won’t have so many churches painting their walls black.
  5. Questioning of the Rapture. Not a big deal you think? Literally, the belief in the return of the Lord is the litmus test, the canary in the mine. If you question or deny the Pre-Trib rapture, it’s a symptom you’re getting off track spiritually!

I could go on, but this is enough for now. After all, I’ve promised to keep my writings shorter now, so we’ll stop here. By the way, each one of these is seeds for a blog post on your own Fundamentalist blogs!

If you cannot understand your Bible, you’re getting left behind at the Rapture

I’m paying close attention to modern Christianity, and I’m getting a hugely uncomfortable feeling.

I no longer recognize Evangelical Christianity.

What I am hasn’t changed. Oh, sure, I’ve tried updating a few ways I do things with Narrow is the Way… More compact blog posts, headlines to lead Evangelicals to click on the headlines and… well, learn something about Biblical Christianity.

But what passes for Christianity today has me completely baffled. I’ve gone from the conclusion that most of Christianity does not read their Bible – to one of most Christians are incapable of understanding the Bible.

Hint – if you cannot understand your Bible – and you need to copy this and paste it into whatever social media you use!…

If you cannot understand your Bible, you’re getting left behind at the Rapture. (Philip Dean)

If you cannot understand your Bible – you’re not going to heaven. (Philip Dean)

There! Paste away!

Why do I say that? Because if you read your Bible – and can’t make heads or tails of it – then you’re not saved. I’ve been saying this for five years.
“You’re a heretic! The Bible doesn’t say that!!! You Pharisee, adding things to the Bible!!!!”

Bible doesn’t say that? Read… and get scared.

“But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1 Corinthians 2:14, KJV)

The Natural Man – one who is not saved… receiveth not… neither can he know them.

In other words, if you’re not saved, you don’t understand the Bible – and really don’t care to!

Let’s say you’re in a Fundamentalist church, and you hear someone at the potluck or church picnic loudly proclaim, “Bible or no Bible, I’m not going to….” “Shhhhh!!”

The attitude reflects a tare. Not wheat. Doesn’t matter if you’re attending a Fundamentalist church or not! We’ve got tares too.

I am reading things from Christianity I do not recognize. I still read the articles Logos puts out. Recently I read a famous Christian musician’s quote where he said that….

During their years in Indiana, the Mullins family’s pastor challenged them to read Scripture for themselves as he preached. He insisted they not take his word for it, but look for context in verses before and after sermon texts. Years later, Mullins said the Bible “does not give us answers fitted to our small-minded questions, but truth that goes beyond what we even know to ask.”

Um… that’s not something a Christian would say. “The Bible has the answers.” “The Bible for Today!” “The Word of God is unchanging…”

That’s a Universalist “Everyone goes to Heaven” answer. “My God is too big to be put in a Box.” Someone told me once. “You keep your God in a Box.”

What in the world does that mean, really???

It means, “Bible or no Bible, I’m not going to…”

Don’t agree with me? Then what does that mean???

When I say that my God will never contradict His Bible, and you tell me, “YOU PUT GOD IN A BOX!!!”…
What are you saying?

So, let’s get onto today’s subject, now that I’ve led into this, and let’s talk about how Evangelical Christianity no longer resembles the faith of the Bible.

In ANY sense of the word!

Quick question: Are members of a religion that believes that they are gods Christian?
I’ll give you the correct answer first: NO.

We wouldn’t call Hindu’s Christians. So if we wouldn’t call Hindu’s Christians, we shouldn’t call Mormons Christians.
Would we call members of a religion that insist on praying to idols and salvation by works Christianity? No? Then why are we calling Roman Catholics Christians???

I’m serious about this last part. It really seems like 99% of Christianity is completely convinced that Roman Catholics are Christians. Since Logos 7 came out, the only way to avoid buying a LOT of Roman Catholic materials and propaganda is to buy… the Baptist package.
And when you buy the Baptist package, 75% of the materials you get is Calvinist, which is not Baptist.

Here’s some blunt, powerful, well thought out Fundamentalist statements. This is Christianity. Ready?
Jesus Christ died to save you from your sins.. He alone paid the price.
His mother was a human woman, in need of a saviour herself, in need of redemption. Without Jesus Christ, Mary, Joseph, Paul, Peter, John, Jude, David Cloud, and you and me…
…would all burn in Hell forever.
There is ONLY ONE WAY to be saved. And that’s by being born again.
Ye must be born again.” John 3.3.

Being Born Again is not being sprinkled. Being Sprinkled as a baby or an adult is not being baptized. I notice in all the Jesus movies Hollywood put out, John the Baptist never Baptized anyone. He just washed their hair.

Ready to know what Christianity is? Repent.

“I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” (Luke 13:3, KJV)
“Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3, KJV)
“Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;” (John 8:31, KJV)
“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6, KJV)

If you’re a Christian, you believe Salvation is of grace alone by faith alone without works, that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation, that if you are not born again you will suffer eternal torment in Hell for all eternity. It means you believe the Bible literally, and strive to conform your beliefs to that of the Bible.

It means you are not born again by being sprinkled. It means being born again is a spiritual event, because you are undergoing spiritual rebirth. You desire to be forgiven, and you turn to Jesus Christ.

It’s not by raising your hand. It’s not by walking to the front of the church. It’s not by repeating a prayer word for word. It’s by a recognition that you are a sinner in need of salvation, doomed to eternity in Hell fire.
Being a Christian has nothing to do with wealth. It has nothing to do with health. It has nothing to do with finances. It has nothing to do with being happy, levitating, shaking, barking like a dog, laughing endlessly, being drunk, astral projection, tuning your thoughts into the right frequency as you sit with pen in hand to write down whatever some demon that calls itself Jesus tells you to write.
The Secret is not Christianity. Oprah is not Christianity. Jesus Calling is not Christianity. What you see on TBN is not Christianity, it is a circus. Benny Hinn is not Christianity. Kenneth Copeland is not Christianity. Joel Osteen is not Christianity.
Christianity is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Want to hear God speak? Read your Bible. Want to hear God speak audibly? Read your Bible out loud.

“I’m a new Christian. What Christian TV show should I watch?”
You should put a CD of Alexander Scourby reading the Bible into your DVD player. If you’d like, you can stare at a blank screen while you hear that.

“What teacher should I listen to?”
Jesus Christ.

Mormons are not Christian. Roman Catholics are not Christian. Church of Christ are not Christian. Seventh Day Adventists are not Christian. Any church that advocates child baptism is not Christian.

Understand that I just about rejected every Protestant church with that statement.

And if you think going to a Baptist church is enough to save you, then you’re not a Christian either.
Jesus Christ alone saves you. Once we get that settled, we can turn to getting you into a Fundamentalist Church.

Evangelical Christianity has gone from scaring me terribly, to me writing it off altogether.

The tracts for the rapture need to be re-written. It’s not “millions missing.”

I’m afraid the answer may be indeed… “thousands missing.”

Walking The Tightrope

Being a fundamentalist today is like walking a tightrope. You’ve got to make it past Lordship Salvation without getting wrapped up in it.. You’ve got to make sure you’re a dispensationalist. You’ve got to avoid Ruckmanism/Pearlism/Hyles-ism/ Riplinger-ism. You’ve got to avoid THeological liberalism.

Every teaching tool you turn to, you’ve got to be careful. Many commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, harmonies, teaching tools of all kinds, are written by theological liberals.

Logos is the most serious Bible study tool I’ve ever owned. But I’ve got to wade through interviews of people who’ve uncovered “Startling new discoveries on salvation” on the homepage – and what it boils down to is, it’s a heretic with a new book Logos is triyng to sell. Logos runs it by their resident scholars, who are theological liberals, and they see nothing wrong with it, because they don’t believe ether.

Accordance is written by a woman who’s devised a great study tool, but it’s clear from her blog entries on the Accordance web site that she too is caught up in THeological Liberalism.

Bound up in ALL of this is CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and Roman Catholicism, because all Christian denominations should be one and united, despite serious doctrinal error and the basic facts that most people who claim to be Christian are not saved.

We need to be TOGETHER, and UNITED! It would be RUDE to tell someone who believes in Salvation by works that they’re hellbound! Why, it might make them feel bad!

“What about the eternity in hellfire part?”

“That’s not my responsibility.”

It IS your responsibility. If you partner with some theological liberal and don’t bother to tell him he’s hellbound, what will you say to him at the Great White Throne judgment when he says, “Why didn’t you say something?” Yes, you’re going into heaven. But he’s going to Hell. I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that the resident scholar at Logos is not going to be with me in Heaven, but will be screaming in torments forever, in the lake of fire. So much so, that when his materials are free giveaways by Logos, when his classes are avialable, I avoid them like the plague. The same goes for NT Wright, and this new guy that looks so grim when he talks about his new discoveries about salvation being works oriented. The same goes for David Stern, the mis-translator and author of the Jewish New Testament translation. And CS Lewis. Etc.

I can understand why many IFB just lock themselves away with their King James and plug their ears. I’ve been tempted to do that myself. But I’m learning HUGE amounts about the Bible.

THe single hardest thing for me is, staying away from other translations, to stay away from other denominations. Wow, it would be GREAT to stop fighting, to stop swimming against the current. But we’re in the middle of the great falling away, the great apostasy. To give in is to join up, to help establish the wordwide faith that will help the Antichrist move into power. And I don’t want my eternity in heaven to be tainted with the knowledge that because I gave up, because I stopped fighting, I helped establish the Antichrist.

WAAAY too many people are going to have their eternity tempered with that realization. Way too many.

Don’t you be one of them.

How to find a Biblical Church

How to find a Biblical church.

In today’s world, finding a Biblical church sooner or later is going to become a necessity. The church you’re in right now probably has plans to turn into something that’s not a church, if they haven’t already.

The first thing you should ALWAYS do is ask to see the statement of faith. If they don’t have one on the website, be worried. A statement of faith nowadays has to be incredibly long, not a short little three paragraph thing.

  • What’s their stand on the Bible? Any Bible? The Message? Do they believe the Bible was inerrant and Inspired ONLY in the original manuscripts, or do they believe the one in your hands is inerrant and inspired?
  • What’s their stand on Salvation? I ask this becase literally, the most popular and famous Christian writer today – N. T. Wright – is preaching heresy, and so many Christians are dazzled by his writings that they’re not stopping to say “wait a minute…” Does this church believe salvation is a free gift of God and not of works, in accord with Eph. 2:8-9? Don’t assume they believe a Biblical message of salvation. If their altar call doesn’t mention Repentance… worry about it.
  • Do they baptize by immersion? If they teach baptism is not for today, avoid that church. I mentioned Jason Cooley a couple of times on this blog until I realized that was his stance, and now I reccommend people avoid him. If they offer you a choice, or baptize infants, leave that church.
  • Does it feel like a house of God, or a rock concert? I strongly feel that churches should play doctrinally strong hymns and not rock music for the service. While there are strong arguments for and against Christian contemprary music, there’s one thing you cannot deny – once a church makes a move for including modern music in its service, the doctrinal positions soon change. That’s not even a 70% type of statistic from what I’ve seen, that’s a 100% statistic. That alnoe should make you nervous. find me one church with a drummer, a bass player, and guitar solos that preaches the wrath of God against sinners and a literal eternity in burning fire and torment for anyone who is not born again. You can’t play half the service of universalist man-centered music and then preach a God centered message – it won’t last that way for long.
  • Do they preach a literal eternity in a fiery Hell for any who are not saved?
  • Do they accept EVERYONE who names the name of Christ as saved, despite evidence to the contrary?
  • Are the Deacons saved? Big question.
  • Are the walls painted black in the sanctuary? Really. I’m not kidding. There are several churches in my town whose walls are painted black, so that the light show works better.
  • Do they preach the whole word of God?
  • Do they make their doctrines based upon emotions, feelings, and what’s pleasing to the flesh – or do they base their doctrinal stand upon the Bible? THat’s a strong question nowadays. Believe it or not, David Cloud’s latest book makes the charge that Southern Baptists respond institutionally more by emotions than the word of God – and I can’t refute that.
  • Do they join hands with those who take unBiblical doctrines, or do they advocate Biblical separation from those in error?
  • Do they preach a Biblical pre-tribulation rapture, or do they assume somehow that there won’t be a rapture, or that “The Church” must go through part of or all of the Rapture? This is a big issue. Like the contemporary music issue, it’s the tip of the iceberg that something is wrong.

Okay, now let’s examine the other side of the issue.

  • Does the congregation look like they’re afraid to raise their eyes to look at the pastor?
  • If you try talking to someone before the service, do they cast a fearful eye at the pastor first before answering you?
  • Do the congregation member’s eyes pass by you as if you don’t exist? I learned in seminary that “As the congregation is, so is the Pastor first.” If the congregation ignores you, so wil the pastor.
  • Do they kick the homeless and needy out of the church – or does the Deacon pull them aside and give them money so they can get some real food? Big issue for me. I saw the Deacon in my old church pull a homeless man who was begging during the service out of the sancutary – and then empty his wallet into the man’s hands. That deacon remains my hero, dsepite my leaving that church. By the way, that Deacon was a military retiree, on a fixed income.
  • Is there a constant theme of, “you’re not getting this kind of Biblical truth anywhere else!”
  • Does the church have pictures of Jack Hyles or Peter Ruckman prominantly displayed?

As we get farther and farther into the age of apostasy, it’s getting harder and harder to look for a Biblical church. So many churches are starting to remove denominational names from their church name (Baptist is not a denomination, but you know what I mean). And some are even removing the word “Church” from the name.

If they’re taking the word Church from the name… it’s a hint.

Issues with the Faithlife Company

I’m going to take the time to discuss my wife’s conclusion about Logos, that it is not a Christian company. I do have to agree with her. It’s a business. The prices they charge, and the tactics they use to force people to constantly give them money may be sound business practice, but it’s not Christian principles. Christian principles is that the laborer is worthy of his hire, and to pay your people fairly, and charge an honest price for your software. Bibleworks was an honest contender until I found out that they really didn’t give you much in the way of Bible dictionaries, grammars, etc. At least with that software, you pay one price… and you get everything.

But let’s not forget Logos was started by a Christian employee of Microsoft, who went on his own. He turned it into a major software business, eventually creating the greatest Bible software package.

And then recently, he began offering packages for cults and unSaved people, as if lending legitimacy to them. You can buy Verbum, for Roman Catholics. He must have hired some Roman Catholics for the Content teams, because now you get Roman Catholic materials in almost every base package of Logos. What, pray tell, am I going to do with the Roman Catholic lectionary, or the Confessions of “St.” Augustine? The Standard Silver package has a devotional to Mary!!! Are they offering Baptist materials in Verbum, I wonder? Hmmm… let’s see… no.

So, sadly, Logos will probably after the Rapture be instrumental in building a one world religion. I’m not saying that Christians do not work at Logos. I am not saying that there’s something wrong with the software, or the materials they offer (except the RCC stuff). But if you’ve learned to spot agendas (something I taught my readers to do two years ago) – these facts should be setting off alarm bells.