The Trojan Horse of Christianity Pt. 2

The second issue of the Trojan Horse of Christianity is Scholars.

We bow to scholars who are not saved.

My edition of Logos (Logos Bronze) came with writings by Kirsopp Lake, who is a theological liberal.

Let’s deal with this. I asked my readers to tackle a post on Faithlife TV (the video reports produced by Logos) where Michael Heiser gave a straw man definition of Theological Liberalism, and defended it. Nobody was able to, so I’ll have to finally answer it, over a year later.

If you do not believe the Bible literally, you’re not saved. There may be degrees of ‘understanding’ and ‘belief’. But it won’t matter at all in the lake of Fire whether you believed everything else, but denied the Deity of Jesus Christ. Different degrees of belief and understanding are meaningless. You believe the Bible or you do not. And that’s how God sees it. Try reading Ezekiel some time and see how God views those who question Him or call Him a liar.

Scholars try to write long tomes to try to justify their lack of belief. They went so far as to pay another Theological Liberal to try to find the original text of the Bible in Egypt, so they could hopefully justify their disbelief in Jesus Christ.

Never mind they HAD copies of the original texts – they were so firmly convinced that the Bible in their hands was in error, because it condemned them.

So they paid Count Tischendorf to go to Egypt and other parts of the Middle East, and search for the missing texts.

He didn’t find anything. Everything he was finding was agreeing with the King James.

Until – miraculously a week before the money ran out – he found a scroll in a wastebasket, ready to be burned, that said something different finally from the King James. Many of the verses that supported the deity of Christ were edited or removed. So he championed it, returned to Germany to raise more money, He returned triumphantly, bought the manuscript, brought it to Europe, and basked in newfound fame and glory.

Until the man who forged it spoke up and admitted to forging it when he was much younger.

Constantinus Simonides admitted to writing Codex Sinaiticus.

He admitted it. He confessed it.

So Tischendorf waited for the controversy to die down, and then began touting his discovery all over again.

That’s one of the two documents that form the basis of your modern Bible. Forged by a man who denied Christ, and discovered by a man who denied Christ, and championed by the men who denied Christ.

The modern Bibles are the Trojan Horse that heretics have hidden inside, to emerge and destroy Bible believing Christianity. I’ve heard people say “well, that’s not in the original manuscripts”, so they can deny it. The average Christian claims to believe in the deity of Christ, but has trouble finding verses to support it, because they’ve all been edited or removed from the modern versions.

This is how doubt creeps in. When you believe something because you know it’s true, but you can’t find the support. And there’s a LOT of people out there making fun of the King James Bible – including Charles Swindoll – so now you feel foolish looking it up in a Bible where it’s EASY to find proof of the deity of Christ.

Scholars say something, so you believe it.

What Christians aren’t being told is this – the whole textual Criticism thing was dealt a fatal blow in the books “The Fundamentals.”

Like Tischendorf, they waited for the furor to die down, then began to repeat themselves as if it never happened.

It’s all been dealt with – yet they keep spreading their poisons as if they were fact.

I don’t care if you can translate Aramaic – if you do not agree with the Bible, if you deny the Bible or claim to have “…different levels or shades of Biblical understanding” – you need to be fired and find a job doing anything else.

If they are unwilling to fire you, you should resign.


The Trojan Horse of Christianity Pt. 1

Christianity has been betrayed from within.

By people pretending to be Christian.

We’re afraid to call it what it is, but it doesn’t change things. False teachers abound. We accept blindly false teachers, Seventh Day Adventists, Roman Catholics and Mormons, because our Christian leaders vouchsafe them.

I will tell you instead we’ve been betrayed.

The Trojan horse, as you remember, is  a fable about soldiers hiding inside the statue of a horse, left at the gates of Troy. The Trojans took the horse inside the city, and when they all were asleep, the Greeks jumped out of the horse, opened the gates, and let the Greek army in, who slew the city.

I can’t think of a more apropos description of what’s happened in Christianity today.

  • We never censured Billy Graham for cooperating with theological liberals and Roman Catholics, so now we accept them.
  • We never censured Chuck Swindoll for his oft-repeated statements against Fundamentalism, so now most Christians are manipulated in their opinions. And many of these Christians think of themselves as Fundamentalists!
  • We never struck down books by Karl Barth, so his poison still infects, saps, and kills tissues within the body of Christianity.
  • We never cried foul about Rick Warren and the huge danger he presents within Christianity today.
  • Our Christian book stores refused to take out Rob Bell’s books after it became apparent he was a false teacher, and denied Hell. When you deny hell and espouse Universalism, then you’re calling Jesus Christ a liar. And I’d like to stay far away from you at the Great White Throne judgment. The excuse of the book stores is, “Well, we don’t carry that book, because it’s unBiblical.” Yes, and so is his Nooma videos and his “Velvet Elvis”. But they make money still. The book stores will continue to sell Velvet Elvis as long as it makes them money, whether it’s unBiblical or not. And it is most definitely unBiblical.
  • We accept C. S. Lewis as Christian, and somehow never see his Universalist heresies written in his writings. Our eyes pass over the pages, somehow not seeing where he states, plain as day, that he doubts the veracity of the doctrine of Christ’s substitutional atonement. That doctrine is FOUNDATIONAL to the Christian faith.
  • We accept the idea that Christianity can be practiced in different ways – after all, Methodists do things differently from Presbyterians who do things different from Episcopalians, who do things similar to Roman Catholics, and Seventh Day Adventists do things oddly, and much different from us, and why, a Mormon ran for President as a Republican and spoke about God, so he must be a Christian!

The reality is, there’s only one right way to do a Baptism. It’s by immersion. There’s only one right meaning. It’s to show obedience in an outward sign. If you say, “Well, my denomination does things differently, and here’s why….” I can tell you why.

You’re wrong.

Things that are not how the Bible teaches it is error. If you know it to be error, but do it anyway, it’s heresy.

Go ahead. Tweet that or Facebook that or… whatever you call that.

If it’s a serious enough denial of the Christian faith, it’s apostasy.

There’s only one right way to be saved – salvation by grace through faith. If your denomination teaches that any practices of Christianity impart additional grace, you’re a heretic, an apostate. That Denomination is teaching lies straight from the pit of Hell. You’re denying the Cross of Christ. You’re saying His sacrifice is insufficient.

And I’ve read this in Presbyterian web sites.

There’s only one meaning of the Lord’s supper – it is in remembrance of the Lord, a memorial.

Nothing mystic happens to the bread and wine. Doesn’t matter how high you lift it, what words you say, what gestures you do, whether or not you ring a bell or not. It’s bread. It’s grape juice. It’s not somehow the mystic transformation or transubstantiation of the bread into flesh, or the substance of flesh. It’s bread. We do this to remind ourselves of the price paid for salvation.

“My denomination believes differently.”

Then your denomination has it wrong.

“There should be room at the table for denominational differences.”

Do we understand that our understanding of some parts of Christianity are not graded on a curve?

Your view of Jesus Christ is pass/fail. If you believe anything other than He is God in human flesh, eternally co-existing with the father, then – fail.
If you believe in anything other than salvation by faith through grace – fail.

Failure in that area of the test leaves one writhing in unending torment forever.

If you believe anything other than salvation being a recognition that you are a sinner condemned to Hell and cannot save yourself, and that you must repent and call upon Jesus Christ to save you – fail.

Fail in this case is a synonym for “hell”. Because that’s your final destination..

That’s the Trojan Horse of Christianity. We’ve seen too many false Christians and did not immediately reject them. Billy Graham should have lost his fame, his support, and Christians should have rejected his ministry by 1950, when he began to embrace the worst theological liberals and heretics, and turn his back upon Fundamentalists.

Christians should have recognized years ago that Chuck Swindoll is opposed to those who literally believe the Bible, which brings up questions. By the way, has anyone noticed Swindoll literally has nothing to say, and says it well and prolifically?

I’ve literally heard him pass off a sermon illustration as a true story he got from reading Readers’ Digest. I’ve read entire books by him that pass from one sermon illustration to another, without actually saying something! Don’t believe me? Tell me what his call to action is. When you write a non-fiction Christian book, you inform, then request a call to action. Tell me what Swindoll’s call to action is. Go ahead.

See what I mean? He has nothing to say, lots of it, and says it well. Because apparently nobody else seems to notice he has nothing to say!

How about this quote? In light of what I’ve said about the Bible and having it right or wrong, read this – “There are too many shades of theological opinion in a large denomination to lump them all off as liberal, neo-orthodox, conservative, fundamentalist, or what have you!”

No. You either have it right, or you have it damnably wrong.

And the speaker is Billy Graham. Here’s the question. I’ll answer it the right way, myself.

“Do you think that churches such as The United Church of Canada and the great liberal churches of the United States that are active in the ecumenical movement and whose ministers study and respect the work of Paul Tillich and other great modern teachers are ‘apostate’?”

I don’t know what you mean – I don’t know about the United Church of Canada. I don’t know Paul Tillich. I do know theological liberals, and they are indeed apostate, if they were even saved to begin with – and the Bible teaches that if you apostate, you never were saved.

If you do not believe the Bible literally, you’re hell bound for all eternity, with no way to avoid it. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.

But the Jesus Christ of the Bible, God in human flesh, one third of the Trinity provided a way. If you believe these things, and you believe Jesus Christ is eternally God and able to save you, then repent, pray forgiveness from Him, and trust Him to save you.

And you shall be saved.

What are tongues Biblically

5  By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations. Genesis 10:5 (KJV)

20  These are the sons of Ham, after their families, after their tongues, in their countries, and in their nations. Genesis 10:20 (KJV)

The Law of First Reference is a handy tool to allow us to understand Biblically the meaning of the Biblical word tongues. The Bible serves as its own dictionary. Indeed, it was the knowledge of this that led Noah Webster to write a dictionary of the English Language – and to define words, he turned to the King James Bible.

As you can see, the Hebrew word לָשׁוֹן Lashon means languages, Biblically. It is synonymous with γλῶσσα Glossa.

Speaking in tongues is speaking in languages.

If I were to stand up in my church and begin to speak in French – and had never learned it – that would be glossolalia, the speaking in an unknown language.

I’ve defined the word Glossa (glow-sah) using the Bible.  I’ve defined it in English, Greek and Hebrew. I even was able to do it in two minutes using Logos, not relying upon my year of Greek and my year of Hebrew in Seminary.

So, with that in mind, let us look at the phenomenon of glossolalia, speaking in tongues.

First of all, I can pretty much tell if you’ve ever had Greek in a classroom setting by how you say that word. And one of my first points is, every tongue speaker I’ve ever heard say the word is saying it wrong.

Wow, right out of the gate you’re getting shot down.

Omega is pronounced “o”, not “Ahh”. Glossa is pronounced Glow-sah. Glossolalia is Glow-sa-lay-lee-ah.

NOT glah-sah-lay-lee-ah.

If you can’t even get that word right, and you say you have the gift of tongues, I’m sorry – I think you just shot that claim in the foot.

In a big way.

Because mis-pronouncing a word – in many languages – gives it a different meaning. You’re now speaking incorrectly.

How can the Holy Spirit give you the ability to speak a foreign language with the quality of a student getting a C- grade average? If this is really from the Holy Sprit – shouldn’t you be speaking it perfectly?

The Charismatic will well protest, “But we don’t speak in that form of tongues anymore.”

But you still tell those stories of you heard it from someone who heard it from someone who was there about the guy who stood up and spoke in tongues, and somebody who happened to be from India who was there started crying and said that prophecy was for him, right?

Relax. That stories’ about 20 years old. I heard it in 1992. And I suspect it goes all the way back to either Zion city or to Frank Sandford and Shiloh, which would probably make it now about 120 years old.

Find me the name of the man from India. Which language did he speak? Don’t assume it’s Farsi. Find me the name of the church. What church? Remember, I heard the story in 1992 – so if you give me the name of a church that started in 2011, I can tell you that it’s not true.

Who’s the name of the man who spoke in tongues? What experience does he have in foreign languages? I can do a monstrous job of faking tongues, because I’ve got a knack for learning languages.

What year did this happen? Give me the name of the pastor, and three witnesses. I need specific, “I was there, it was Jimmy so and so, he spoke in tongues, and Prabdashadah was the man from India on Feb. 31, 1986 in Cleveland Ohio at the Faith Temple of….”

Whenever you hear these stories, notice it’s never from an eyewitness. it’s always hearsay, I know a guy who knows a guy who was there. And when you ask that guy, it turns out that he knows a guy who knows a guy.

The fact you recognize the story and it probably was told to you that “About five years ago…” should tip you off – it’s not true. it’s like the 20 or so people that Todd Bentley supposedly raised from the dead.

History records that people who were at Azuza felt they were called to be missionaries – and no kidding, they were sent overseas with no language training because they had the gift of tongues. They came home disappointed, because nobody could understand what they were saying.

I think we are all agreed that the form of speaking in tongues where you know instantly and can speak every language on earth has passed.

If you believe you know how to speak it, here’s your challenge – go to a Chinese restaurant and order your meal in Mandarin.

“Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.” (1 Corinthians 13:8, KJV)

The Charismatic movement–prophecy

One major feature of the Charismatic movement is prophecy – the uttering of future things.

Prophecy takes place in certain forms:

  • utterances of things to come
  • functioning as the mouthpiece of God
  • warnings of dangers to come
  • The call to repentance
  • preaching

Much of what is referred to in the New Testament about prophecy actually falls under the last category. But Charismatic prophets NEVER refer to the function of preaching as “prophecy”.

To the charismatic, Prophecy functions only in the first 4 offices. In practice, Charismatic prophets almost never do the last two. They just seem to go into trances, and then utter one of the first two.

Here is where the prophet needs to exercise extreme caution. Speaking as the mouthpiece of God is an extreme thing. God does not take kindly to anyone speaking in His name who He has not commanded to do so.

In your “read the Bible in a year” program, you should have finished Ezekiel recently, and apparently quite a few so-called prophets in Israel were speaking from their own imagination, and God literally decreed death sentences on some of them, and others He forced to suffer indignities to make them a laughingstock and a shame on Israel.

God does not willingly endure someone speaking in His name presumptuously. I have repeatedly asked people, “Are you 100% SURE that it is God speaking through you?”

If you have .01% doubt, keep silent. Repent of it. Pray for God’s forgiveness. Beg Him to forgive and forget.

Here’s a way I routinely caution so-called prophets how to determine that it is of God.

  • it points you back to God’s word.
  • It points to Jesus Christ and not to man.
  • It is not man centered but God centered.
  • It does not specifically call attention to the Holy Spirit, but God the Father or Jesus Christ.

The last one will take Charismatics by surprise, but the Holy Ghost literally does not seek nor command attention. The Holy Spirit ALWAYS calls attention to Jesus Christ and the word of God.


Look it up.

Is there ANYWHERE in the Bible, ANYWHERE, where the Holy Spirit calls attention to itself?

Now, usually, prophecy is used as exhortation, or in the prescient sense. Exhortation usually has the word “New” in it somewhere. Prescient usually is man centered.

Witness Benny Hinn’s prophecy that TBN would become a conduit from Heaven to Earth, and that dead bodies would be placed by the TV’s so that the dead could be raised by the TBN broadcasts. That’s a man centered prophecy.

Prophecies are rarely of something good. “Your ministry will prosper, etc.” can’t be found in the Bible. Prophecies are usually of impending doom.

Indeed, Scripture usually shows those who make positive prophecies as being false prophets.

John MacArthur relates a story about how a nearby Charismatic church hired a new pastor, and they assembled everyone who was everyone in the Charismatic movement to lay hands on him. One of the Kansas City Prophets lay hands on him, and prophesied how he would be the new center and moving force behind the Charismatic movement, and how millions would be saved under that Pastor’s preaching.

At that moment, the pastor died of a cerebral hemorrhage. The shocked Charismatics later decided that the prophecy was so strong that Satan killed the pastor.

It would seem to me that if you’re making things up with a 5 second deadline, that you’d be 50% correct. Longer deadline, longer the odds.

The Kansas City Prophets tend to have a 60% accuracy ratio, and all kinds of excuses are made.

But the Bible says plainly a prophet is correct 100% of the time. If you say something will come to pass and it does not, you are not a prophet.

Benny Hinn makes prophecies – time specific, and he’s been wrong almost 100% of the time. The Bible tells us therefore he is a false prophet.

The Spirit of Prophecy has passed up until Moses and Elijah return.

“Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.” (1 Corinthians 13:8, KJV)

Common Misconceptions About Fundamentalism

One of the biggest reasons most Christians are not Fundamentalists is they’ve been fed too much rhetoric over the years by theological liberals who are trying to keep their jobs. If most Christians read their Bibles and believed them, then there’d be quite a few famous Christian teachers who’d be out of a job.

One of my favorite teachers has slipped in his firm belief in the Bible being inspired, and it was a horrible blow to me. I noticed that his statement of faith had nothing about an inerrant, inspired Bible, and I emailed him and told him so. There was no response, and his statement of faith is unchanged. That can only mean that he no longer believes the Bible to be the word of God. I’ve had to stop going to his website. So, let me explain what Fundamentalism really is, how to get there, and WHY you should get there.

Fundamentalism is a belief that the Bible is complete and without error in whole or part, written by God – and a desire to conform our lives to it.

There you go.

“But I believe that!”

If you believe that, you’re a Fundamentalist. But here’s where I’m going to get you – every Christian insists they believe in the Bible, but there’s a disconnect. When you read something in there you don’t like, a lot of you justify your lack of belief by saying, “Well, that part’s not in the original manuscripts.” Or, “Well, that’s not for today.” “That was just Paul.”

If you’ve said that, you do not believe the Bible is without error in whole and part, inspired and preserved, the word of God.

You’re fairly close to being what the Bible describes as an “unbeliever.”


It’s true. You either believe the Bible is correct, inerrant, inspired, written by God and preserved – or you don’t. One of the biggest inconsistencies among Messianics that firmly drive me nuts is that often they hold themselves to be the guardians of the word of God, yet a majority of them do not believe the canon is sealed, do not believe the Bible is without error, and do not believe it is preserved.

Fundamentalists believe with perfect faith there is no errors. No “this was not in the oldest and best manuscripts” – we even challenge that whenever we hear it, because most of us have done the research, and found the oldest and best manuscripts to be not so old, and heavily edited – therefore unreliable.

We especially get suspicious when we look at the verses that are always in question – any verse supporting the doctrine of Jesus Christ being pre-existent, Jesus Christ being God in human flesh, any evidence for the Trinity, any evidence for the resurrection. Every reference to prayer and fasting is reduced to “prayer”. Funny that THESE should always be the ones in question.

Most of the references to the shed blood of Jesus Christ is removed from the “oldest and best” manuscripts. Some of the experts believe Vaticanus and Sinaiticus were written by Origen, an Arianist Gnostic who interpreted the Bible allegorically, and did not believe Jesus Christ is God in human flesh. You won’t be meeting Origen in heaven, I’m sure.

I personally do not believe Origen wrote Sinaiticus – because Sinaiticus was written by Constantinus Simonides in the early 19th century. It was a forgery. I do agree it was either Origen or Eusebius who wrote Vaticanus – or possibly Origen wrote it, and Eusebius was the first of many editors (unlike the Textus Receptus, which wasn’t edited).

So one of the “Oldest and best” manuscripts is a clumsy forgery, and the other was written by a Christ-denying heretic who did not believe the Bible literally, and simply took out of the manuscript what he didn’t like.

Most of what you’ve learned about the Bible was written by heretics who don’t believe it. Textual critics, who denied Christ, wrote all of the incomprehensible rules about the Bible – not the ones you’ve heard, but the ones saying “The Bible is to be treated like any other book.” That’s the first commandment of Textual Critics. That statement should shock you.

Everything changes when you believe the Bible has no errors. I have to say it that way, because so many people say with a straight face that “The Bible is inerrant” but later on you hear them say “Well, that was added in by a pious Scribe”. If they can say both with a straight face, they’re lying about one or the other.

When they tell you that none of the disputed verses concern any of the cardinal truths and doctrines of Christianity, they’re lying.

When they tell you that the disputed verses run to only a handful, they’re lying. The total number of verses in Revelation are less than the number of disputed verses. They literally amount to 1 and 2 Peter, the Epistles of John plus Jude.

That’s… um… a lot.

Your Bible has no errors.

Your Bible has no mistakes.

Every word is there for a reason.

Every verse in the King James Bible was present in the original manuscripts.

Paul did not add things because they were cultural.

Paul wrote things because God told him to.

There are no errors, no mistakes, no contradictions.

Once you grasp on to the fact that when you hold the King James Bible you’re holding the word of God in your hand, your entire outlook changes.

The changes in my Christian life were immense after that.

Once you realize that God said, “Pray without ceasing”, and not just nice words written by some guy named Paul, you begin to think – “Gee, I should pray without ceasing!”

You’re going to forget to do it, but see – your attitude has gone from “Paul says…” to “God says” or “It is written in the Bible…”. That places a LOT more authority on that. That’s why Andy Stanley is an unbelieving heretic. He says we need to stop saying “The Bible says” and instead say, “Paul writes in Romans…”

That’s only because Andy Stanley is a Barthian heretic and unbeliever.

When you grasp this mindset, that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, authoritative word of God and our only rule of faith and practice… everything changes.

You begin to look at people you always thought were Fundamentalists – and with a shock you realize that either they don’t believe or are misguided.

And then you begin to notice the Bible says authoritatively, “Come out of her, and touch not the unclean thing” when talking about the world.

You notice that you are commanded to be “Not unequally yoked”, and suddenly you realize that verse isn’t talking just about marriage. You notice the verse in Romans 16 where it tells you to mark and avoid false teachers.

And you think, “God must have a reason to tell us that.”

Now you’re a Fundamentalist.

It’s that simple. That’s really all it is. You believe the Bible, and try to conform your life to it.

The things that people don’t like about Fundamentalism are Fundamentalist because that’s what the Bible commands! Should you associate with people who’s idea of salvation is works?

The Bible says no.

Should you associate with people who’s idea of salvation is to be sprinkled with water as a baby?

The Bible says no.

Fundamentalists see things as black and white because that’s how the Bible presents it. You’re saved or you’re not. Your doctrine is right or it’s not. If your doctrine is wrong a little bit, it’s still wrong. Just delete the “little bit” part, because you can’t find that concept in the Bible.

“We need to have dialog with people that have a different faith tradition!”

No, the people with a different faith tradition have the same Bible you do. They know that salvation requires repentance. They know that salvation is a spiritual, one time event and that it’s forever. They know that baptism is by bodily immersion. They know that being sprinkled with water as an infant is not salvation.

So they’re wrong. They teach error. Timothy was told to keep his doctrine without spot.

There’s nothing in the Bible about dialog with people who labor in error. The Bible calls it false teaching.

We’re told to mark them and avoid them. We’re told to rebuke a heretic once or twice, then avoid.

Don’t like it? Your argument then is with God. And then that reveals a spiritual condition that needs to be addressed.

The reason so few are Fundamentalist is because so few are saved. Are there Evangelicals who are truly saved? Yes, but you can’t be a Fundamentalist for very long in an Evangelical church.

Believe the Bible, and conform your life to it. It’s that simple.

Why I couldn’t Sign the Online Petition for Inerrancy

A few years ago, I ran across the statement of Inerrancy on  the internet… somewhere. I can’t remember exactly where.

But the statement was a very short statement of “I believe the Bible is inspired, inerrant and complete in the original manuscripts…”

I couldn’t sign. I emailed them and explained why. I don’t have a copy of it because it was a form submission. So I’ll re-write it, add to it so there’s no doubt, and leave it here for all Christians to see.

“Dear sirs,
I am a champion of Biblical Inerrancy. I firmly believe that the Bible has no errors, is perfect, inerrant, inspired of God. I would love to sign your online petition, but I cannot.

You see, your current statement – although well thought out – contains a loophole that will allow any heretic, theological liberal or Bible denier to be able to sign it in good conscience and not mean it at all.

Your document claims that the Bible is inspired only in the original Manuscripts. Since we no longer have those autographs (the original manuscripts), your document is tantamount to saying exactly what the theological liberals are saying!

I can’t in good conscience sign something that claims the Bible I have in my hands is not preserved or without error. Inerrancy either means the Bible we have is without error, or it does not.

We can’t have it both ways.

My Bible is God breathed. My Bible is perfect. My Bible is without error. My Bible is inspired by God. My Bible is inerrant. I agree with the Chicago statement on Inerrancy, with the exception of Article X – because my Bible is perfect, given by God, perfect in every way, preserved, like silver refined in fire seven times (Psalm 12), and not limited only to the original Autographs.

My Bible that I hold in my hands is God’s word. Flawless. Preserved miraculously by God’s protective power. The churches of God have ALWAYS possessed God’s word. They never lost it, do not need it rediscovered or re-invented by Godless skeptics masquerading as “Scholars.”

Scholars like Metzger, Aland, Griesbach, Wellhausen, Martini, Bengel and Tischendorf we do not need. Scholars like D. A. Waite, Edward Hills, John William Burgon, and Philip Mauro are indeed what we need instead.

My Bible is translated from God’s manuscripts of the Textus Receptus, and not flawed Greek manuscripts written by heretics, Gnostics and Arianistic Christ deniers like Codex Vaticanus, or unsaved Bible forgers like Codex Sinaiticus. My Bible is translated from God’s preserved Masoretic Ben Chayyim Hebrew text, and not from a flawed Hebrew Manuscript invalid under Jewish Halakhic law like the Ben Asher manuscript.

My Bible exalts Jesus Christ as the Eternal Son of God, Immanuel, Alpha and Omega, the Word of God, eternally God, the lamb of God slain before the foundation of the World, Messiah, Son of Man, Son of David, nailed to a tree to suffer for me, bleed for me, and die in my place, rising on the third day, Alive forevermore. In my Bible that I hold in my hands, Jesus Christ did not think it robbery to be equal to God. In the Bible I hold in my hands, He is the middle person of the Trinity, The Father the Word and the Holy Ghost, and these three are one. In my Bible that I hold in my hands, the Ethiopian Eunuch confessed to Philip that he believed that Jesus Christ is the son of God.

My Bible that I hold in my hands needs no correction. It needs no editing. It needs no revision.

My Bible is perfect. My Bible is the very word of God, and IS the words of God.

And anyone who cannot state that, or sign a declaration saying that, should be fired from every Bible college, seminary, Christian University and college, Sunday School, pulpit and church.

Theological liberals are not Christians. A Christian is saved. A Christian believes their Bible is literal and true. A theological modernist is not a Christian. A Theological progressive is not a Christian. They are not saved. They are hell bound unless they repent and cry out to God, on their faces, begging for mercy, begging for Jesus Christ to save their souls, repent, and get saved. If they do not, an eternity of suffering in a literal hell with literal eternal fire awaits them, consigned to outer darkness, and weeping and gnashing of teeth.

We should not need statements of inerrancy. But presented with one properly worded, a Christian should not hesitate to sign it.

By signing your document as it is worded, I am stating I do not believe the Bible in my hands is perfect, inspired, the very word and words of God, without error, inerrant. I cannot sign something like that.”

“Philip C. Dean”

There never was an answer.

Word Faith and Charismatics

Let’s try this again.
I’ve done book reviews of classic Pentecostal books, and angered many.

I wrote on why Speaking in tongues is not Biblical, and got ignored.

I’ve uploaded a much-downloaded Pentecostal timeline, and people still speak in tongues.

Let me try this again.

Much of what passes for Christianity today is not Christianity. That whole thing Benny Hinn does, and Kenneth Copeland, and what Myles Munroe did, and what Creflo Dollar does… none of that is Christian.

In Bible Christianity, God is God. God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. In other words, God is everywhere, all powerful, all knowing. God knows everything and can do everything. That’s what the Bible says.

In Charismatic Christianity. God is powerless, and knows only what He is present to see. This last point there’s varying levels of belief, but Copeland’s god is roughly Kenneth Copeland’s height, lives on a planet, and is locked away from the Earth, unable to do anything until you give Him permission. When you’re done hearing Kenneth Copeland speak, you begin to realize that his god is not god, but in fact Kenneth Copeland is. His god is not the god of the Bible.

Charismatic Christianity’s version of God is not God,  but a man – blasphemy.

In Bible Christianity, God created the Universe Ex Nihilo, meaning “from nothing.” Nothing existed until God created it.

In Charismatic Christianity, their god tapped into a free form floating power substance called Faith, wrapped His words around it, and spoke the Universe into existence. It’s not only bad religion, it’s bad science.

In Bible Christianity, Jesus Christ is God, one third of the Trinity, eternally the Son of God from before the creation of the Universe, and He created everything. Literally, everything that was made, He created.

In Charismatic Christianity, Jesus Christ is a man who was very close to God, created by God. He died like everyone else, and was born again in Hell, the “first born again man”. And so, since you claim to be born again, you too are just like Jesus Christ.
Charismatic Christianity’s version of Jesus Christ is a blasphemy. Not only that, but what the Bible calls a “damnable heresy.” It’s in the category of, “you cannot believe this and be saved.” I’m deadly serious about this. If you believe what Copeland, Dollar, Munroe, Hinn, and Meyer say about this, you are not saved. If you died today, your eternity would be horrific. Your only consolation will be watching the Word faith preachers have to give account before a Thrice Holy God at the Great White Throne judgment. Unless they repent, they will be weeping, apologizing, begging, bargaining, and doing everything in their power to avoid spending eternity with the very people they led astray. And they’ll end up with you in the lake of Fire, forever.

That’s horrific.

In Bible Christianity, you are a man or woman. Your heart is desperately wicked, you are a sinner. In your flesh dwelleth no good thing. Sold into slavery to sin, doomed to eternity in Hell without Jesus Christ. When you are born again, you indeed are born into the family of God, but as a redeemed man or woman, a grateful servant and family member, knowing your lowly estate – yet shown mercy and forgiveness, and unmerited favor by Jesus.

In Charismatic Christianity, you are just as much an incarnation of god as is Jesus Christ – and more, because greater things you will do. You own the permission to allow God to act – in other words, you’re more (l’havdil) god than (l’havdil) God.

Sorry, had to break into Hebrew for that. I could not bring myself to write such an uninterrupted blasphemy – let alone believe that.

So, here’s what’s going to happen. If you REALLY REALLY REALLY believe this with all your heart – God’s going to say, “Okay. Save yourself then.”

And it’s going to be up to you to keep yourself from going to Hell. Better pay your vows and make your faith declarations! And it better be a doozie of a faith seed you pay to Bennie Hinn! I’m talking trillions of trillions of dollars this month alone!

Because there’s no greater miracle that salvation.

There’s no greater gift given to men than the undeserved atonement done by Jesus Christ.

There is no other name by which we are saved.

And if you really, really, really believe firmly what Charismatic Christianity teaches, Jesus Christ will look you in the eyes when you meet Him face to face, and He’s going to say one terrifying phrase to you.

“Away with you. I never knew ye.”