A Little confused

I use a start page for the internet, where I have certain websites with news feeds linked. David Cloud hasn’t published to his RSS for about 3 years, because he’s doing much better with email anyway.

But I get the SermonAudio news on my start page, and every day I’m rolling my eyes, as it’s some article that is talking about both Christian persecution and “christian” persecution.

It’s rapidly a growing fact that God-fearing Christians are becoming the most persecuted peoples on earth. I read of horrifying things happening in other countries that love to boast of their religious tolerance. And other forms of persecution nowhere near as bad, but persecution nonetheless.

Then, there’s the stories where they talk about Christian persecution, but I read the article, and it’s talking about (usually) a Roman Catholic. And sometimes a Mormon.

These are not Christians.

Then recently, SermonAudio ran an article on an Evangelistic organization that was being questioned because they were –get this – partnering with Catholics.

Okay, let me get this straight – you’ve published many links to articles about Roman Catholics being persecuted and calling them Christians – but when someone else makes that same error, you’re calling them out on it?

I’m confused. Either you think Catholics are Christians, or they’re not. in case you haven’t figured it out yet, they believe in salvation by works and that’s a heresy. it’s also why Logos is constantly putting up little interviews on “we need to re-think the keeping of the law” – because there’s agenda’s there. But I digress, as usual.

If Catholics are Christians (which they’re not), then why does it matter if a Fundamentalist organization is getting swept up in the fervor of Ecumenism that is building the one world “church” that the Antichrist will use?

If Catholics are not Christians, then why have you listed so many articles that claim that they are?

Do most Christians even think anymore? I’m not the only one – I’ve got 300 readers who may not agree with me on everything, but surely must have grasped this essential point!

So I’m calling SermonAudio out on this. Think for a minute, decide what you believe. Is it the truth? Or Ecumenism and Evangelicalism? If it’s Ecumenism, then don’t call others to task for falling for the same lies you believe!

If it’s the truth, then clean the pew you sit in first!


The World Tomorrow–Herbert W. Armstrong

Herbert W. Armstrong was a false prophet.

It’s of course many years now after he died. I watch my film on the Worldwide Church of God at least once a year. To me, that’s a huge miracle, a miracle of God what happened – that Joseph Tkatch Jr and two others within the WCG should all begin examining their Bible to see if Armstrong’s teachings were true.

That’s the kind of thing that people much lower down, with nothing to risk or lose, usually do. These were men who stood to lose everything – and nearly did.

I’ve tried looking for a copy of the Dec. 25, 1994 video sermon where Joseph Tkatch Sr gave the infamous sermon where he told everyone watching that the Sabbath was no longer binding on Christians, but I can’t find it. I would love to see it in its entirety.

I wouldn’t even bother with Armstrong – he knows quite well by now that he was a false prophet and an antichrist. It’s too late to do anything for him – he’s quite aware. I’m sorry.

But there’s still many thousands – from what I can see – who left the WCG in splinter groups because they chose Armstrong over the Bible. And they still follow him.

So, here it is – You are not Israelites. Even if he was right, what about all of the WCG members of Japan, the Philippines, Africa? There was WCG churches there too. Since they weren’t American or British, they wouldn’t be Israelites under Armstrong’s teachings ANYWAY.

You are not required to keep the law. Examine the Bible. Read Romans, Galatians, Colossians, Hebrews. It’s addressed in detail in all four books, but most especially Galatians. One WCG pastor described his reaction to Galatians as breaking out in dance, because such an incredible burden  of keeping the law was now lifted.

You are not required to keep the Sabbath. You can meet on the 7th day of the week for services if you wish – but be aware that every time Jesus Christ met with the disciples after He rose from the dead was on a Sunday. The Resurrection was on a Sunday. Read Colossians, which deals briefly with Sabbath keeping. Find me ONE verse in the New Testament requiring Sabbath Observance.

You are not the one true church – one of the hallmarks of cultism is always the insistence upon true church-ism.

You are not the true Christians. Armstrongism is not even Christianity. Christianity believes in salvation through grace by faith. Christ alone, faith alone, grace alone, Bible alone.

You are not gods. There is only one God, revealed in three persons, God the Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost. Brother, that’s it. If Herbert W. Armstrong is now a god, ask him to prove it. Ask him to appear to you bodily, so that you can touch his palms and his side. Give him some fish to eat. Gods don’t do that? Jesus Christ sure did!

Here’s the simple truth – open your Bible and read it. Read it for yourself. Start with John, then go back and read the Gospels for yourself, then read the rest of the New Testament. Take notes. Take a lot.

If Herbert W. Armstrong were of God, then everything he said should line up with the Bible. If what he said cannot be found in the Bible, or if it contradicts the Bible, then you must reject him.

Or you will spend eternity with him. You do not want to go there. It’s horrible. The burning will never end. I’m trying to warn you.

That’s why I started this blog.

Simple Truth–Seventh Day Adventists are not Christians

Simple truth – Seventh Day Adventists are not Christians.

It’s been addressed in detail in the past, and I’m really thinking about re-doing all of those! – but Seventh Day Adventism teaches that their Jesus Christ is the angel Michael.

That right there is enough to disqualify them.

Sorry. No.

It’s heresy.

If you do not believe that Jesus Christ is eternally God the Son, pre-existent with God the Father, then you are not saved.

If you deny that Jesus Christ is the sin-bearer of humanity, you are not saved.

If you believe that the sins of mankind are laid upon Satan, you are not a Christian, but in effect, a quasi-Satanist.

Ellen G. White is a false prophet. She prophesied things that never happened, and prophesied things that were wrong. She contradiction the Bible, and plagiarized countless books. The SDA church has never answered the challenge to prove that even 20% of her supposed inspired writings were even her own – because they’re afraid of public examination on this issue.

Seventh Day Adventists do not believe in Hell while they are alive. Their beliefs change rapidly a second after death. That’s way too late to reach them.

That’s why I started this blog.

Simple Truth–Mormons are not Christians

Simple truth: Mormons are not Christians.

They crave legitimacy. They’ve craved it for almost two centuries. In the eyes of the world, they finally are seen as just a weirder than normal Christian sect, when the truth is, they are not Christian at all.

Simple explanation for Christians – Christians worship God revealed in three persons – Father, Son, Holy Ghost. God specifically states over and over again, there is no other gods. It’s in the Bible.

Open Logos, go to the go box and type in God (Deity). Logos will probably continue filling it out, and you should get a ton of resources opened, depending upon which package of Logos you own and what you’ve prioritized (don’t forget this crucial step every time you upgrade your Logos package!).

Mormonism worships a different god. They see their father god as basically a promoted human being, since key to the Mormon belief system is the statement “As God once was, man now is. As God now is, man may become.”

Their Jesus Christ is not the Jesus Christ of the Bible. Since they believe that their god and his wife or wives are populating spirit babies to descend and take earthly form, they believe that their jesus is just another man, but also the brother of Satan.

Um… no.

You shouldn’t have to look this part up in Logos, but if so driven, feel free. I can categorically state that anyone who says Jesus Christ is not one third of the Trinity, is not God in human flesh, is not saved. I can say that because the Bible says that.

Mormons don’t believe in Hell while they’re alive – but the Bible makes that really plain that Hell exists. And they will believe in Hell after they’ve died.

Finding out after you’re dead that you were wrong on the most important topics on earth does you no good.

That’s why I’m doing this blog.

Simple truth: Catholics are not Christians

Logos opened this morning… to show in its startup screen a book by G. K . Chesterton.

I’ve got a headache – one of my sinus headaches – so right away Philip is grumpy. Plus my cats woke me at 5:30 howling for food, and I’ve gotten 292 steps so far because I have to keep getting up and shutting the door to my office because they keep opening it ALL THE WAY OPEN to shine out the light from my office and wake everyone else up at 6:08 am on a Saturday!

Here’s my point: Official Roman Catholic literature says that we are saved by works. As a matter of fact, official Roman Catholic literature specifically pronounces damnation on anyone who declares that we are saved by faith through grace – it is a gift of God lest any man should boast.

So Roman Catholic literature specifically pronounces damnation not only upon me, but upon the Apostle Paul.

Christianity, on the other hand, adheres to the clear teachings of the Bible, which states that we are saved by grace through faith.

It’s a simple truth, a simple math equation – Roman Catholicism teaches that we are saved by works, Christianity teaches we are saved by faith – thus Roman Catholicism is not Christianity.

If I’d written this and used the term “Hinduism”, nobody would be upset. But skillful public relations have gotten a vast majority of Christians to assume Roman Catholics are Christians when they are not.

If I dissemble, and try to say it any nicer, nobody will get the point. The man who witnessed to me showed absolutely no worry in the world if he offended me when he preached at me. Any offense he gave to me is of course long forgotten, let alone forgiven!

But if I come out and tell Roman Catholics, “I’m sorry, but you’re not a Christian – you’re in a cult that pretends to be Christian, but secretly is not” – then I stand a good, good chance of reaching people.

Of getting you saved.

If, on the other hand, I keep silent, the moment you realize there is no purgatory and that you are in hell will be way too late. You’ll be pulled out for the Great White Throne judgment, and you may even shout to me, “Why didn’t you warn me?”

And that really is the entire point to my blog.

8 Important Series to read on Narrow is the Way!

A few of you here are new. You’ll notice I sometimes use an odd structuring of English when I speak. Kind of a throwback to growing up in New England, and also a throwback to growing up speaking Yiddish. Mostly that. A Little.

Anyway, many of you who are new aren’t familiar with some of my earlier articles. I thought I’d give a list to the ones I thought were the most important.

  1. Evolution. My series on Evolution was the liveliest one I ever did. Atheists flocked to it, and we actually had some good exchanges. One thing I found in this series was many Atheists don’t like being called atheists, they prefer agnostic. I told them over and over again their definition of their beliefs was not agnostic, and they’d get upset. But it was a surprisingly respectful conversation with many of them. A couple of really insulting and aggressive ones popped in, but for the most part, really good responses. I was proud of this series, because I really hammered Evolution in many ways, including ways most other people have never brought up. I don’t think anyone else really ever dealt with the Warm Little Pond theory before I did, and I destroyed that one. I actually visited a link back someone placed on an article in this series, and it was an atheist telling others to go read my description of Hell “if they could take it”, so they could know what Christians really believe. To know my less than vivid descriptions of Hell were having an effect on Atheists means a lot – I pray the Lord some of these smart and yes, sometimes very funny men get saved. Atomic Mutant, still praying for ya, buddy!

  2. Jehovah’s Witnesses
    . This one I was REALLY proud of. I love how it turned out. I had a few nasty comments, including some from a Christadelphian who was incensed that I called Russell a Seventh Day Adventist. I wish I’d had Evernote back then, because I found an official SDA webpage where they’d admitted they consider Charles T Russell to be a Seventh Day Adventist, which was why I put the comment up. Once my article hit the web, suddenly that SDA page was edited to remove the admission. But on the whole, I dealt with every aspect of their theology and debunked it. For over two years, someone was coming back every day and re-reading the articles. Then suddenly three or four a day. I only hope I  meet just one person, just one in Heaven, who says “I left the Watchtower Society because of your blog.” Everything will be worth it to hear that.
  3. Roman Catholicism. This one produced a lot of hate. Funny how I’m Catholic bashing, but they’re not Baptist Bashing. And one of them responded in anger how offended he was that I claimed to be Jewish. So I answered him with some Yiddish, and he was perplexed. I guess his assumption was that if he was a catholic, he was a Jew. Mine is the only series I’ve ever seen where anyone dealt with the Magisterium first. A Catholic apologist once left a comment on my web site he wanted to see someone answer Rome without using the “same old defeated arguments”. I reposted the entire series and he said not a word. One that gave me the most trouble was so nice – but to no avail. He simply would not listen to reason, and I cut the whole exchange off.
  4. Word Faith/Charismatic. Surprisingly, this still remains one of the top draw items to my blog – not the entire series, just article #10, where I present a timeline people can download. Despite EVERYTHING I wrote in this series, a Charismatic came on to the blog and proceeded to tell me I was studying the Bible too much, and needed to let go, let this be my moment of desperation, my moment of expectation, and I would begin speaking in tongues… needless to say, after a couple of exchanges, she left, and I still don’t speak in tongues.
  5. Church Planting. I sincerely hope that since bloggers consider this kind of in depth series an “evergreen” article, that someone out there uses it to start a church plant. I got right into naming the church, starting it, materials, church covenant, statement of faith and by-laws, etc. If you feel called to the ministry, here you go – I’ve done EVERYTHING for you!
  6. Messianic Judaism – the series that started a thousand angry responses… on other websites. To my knowledge, I’m one of the only blogs ever to take on Messianic Judaism. There’s another I’ve seen, but as far as I know.. That’s it. Everyone else is just content to sit back and let them lead people astray with nary a comment. Read this, borrow the principles I’m using, and write your own articles on why Messianic Judaism is heresy. Most of the responses I got was people on their own websites challenging me to debates, resorting to straw man arguments, then knocking those down. In reality, my arguments were on my website, and.. They never addressed the points I raised, merely repeating their own flawed and overly circular reasoning. This one I may end up re-doing!
  7. Textual Criticism series. Good series. I made a number of people angry with this one, though, and it eventually led to my decision to stop allowing comments.
  8. Seventh Day Adventist series. Also very good. I was happy with this one, but got nary a comment except from an Adventist over 18 months later, who wouldn’t admit he was an Adventist – which of course a quick internet search revealed the fact that not only was he SDA, but his family heralded back to those who knew Ellen G. White. His technique was the tried and true method of repeat yourself until we both get annoyed and you leave. I put the entire comment exchange online.

One series I wasn’t happy with was the Mormonism series. It was correctly deduced by one Mormon that I had never read the book of Mormon. However, I just don’t have the time to engage in a lengthy study of the BoM, PGP and D&C to refute them – so this series never really lived up to its potential (I should mention that it was enthusiastically received by other Mormon apologetic sites at the time). It will have to wait until I retire to fully deal with this series.

Sad Note to the Jehovah’s Witnesses series

Right now, I’m feeling a need to go back through all my Christian videos on my hard drive, and enjoying it. I’d used some of Ex-Gilead Missionary’s videos as research for the Jehovah’s Witnesses series., and downloaded one or two more of them for study.

There’s a lot of information on there I never used. I did use his information on Paradise Earth, and combined it with my own research on it, and he’s effective in what he does (after all, he knows how JW’s think)…

But the sad part was getting the last video he put up. He’d abruptly stopped his videos, and the last video was “what do I believe after leaving the Watchtower society?”

Sadly, it was something of a mocking video, where faith in God is ridiculed. I was heartbroken, hoping that he’d have made the logical leap from JW to Christian. However, he allowed hurt and anger to rule him, and he is now an atheist.

This means he’s never truly studied and settled within himself the existence of God. Since there’s no way to exponentiate on WordPress, I’m unable to post the exact mathematical formula for God.

But it’s like this, expressed long form. X to the Zero Power Equals One.

Newtonian physics prove it to me – every item set in movement has a force that set it in movement. The Big Bang is exceptionally lacking in explaining the universe (notice I didn’t capitalize the U – Atheists do it unconsciously because the universe is their idol), and I’m afraid I just don’t have that much faith to believe in Atheism.

The issue of God was settled by Neal Armstrong in the 1960’s. A Russian Cosmonaut had made headlines by announcing on TV that he did not see God when his capsule broke the earth’s atmosphere. Armstrong’s response when they went into space was to say, “I do not see God, but I see the wonders that He has made.”

Ex-Gilead Missionary, the problem is this – you’re not looking at facts. You’re looking at rhetoric and half baked theories.

Something set the planets in motion. Observing the pellets in a shotgun blast show you that the Big Bang cannot explain planetary orbits, planetary creation, stars, comets, atmospheres, and life on the planets. The warm little pond hypothesis relies on so much chance that it literally statistically is magnitudes beyond the point mathematicians declare something to be impossible – even if it did work, and the Urie experiments yielded ooze, not life.

Statistically speaking, there’s no way that life could have arisen by chance.

My final point is – there’s an empty tomb in Jerusalem.

You enjoyed reading your Bible, and that got you out of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Now it’s time to face that Bible, and understand that unlike Evolution and atheism, the Bible is truth. It’s history. It’s facts.

Read it, seek the Lord, pray. You’ll find your answers.