Starting a Christian Blog

A few years ago, I urged my readers to start blogs. Do something for God. Some of you did it, and found that it’s like diving into a battlefield. most of you closed up shop in those blogs shortly afterwards.

I’m going to urge it again. Try this… don’t allow comments. Write what you write, don’t allow comments, and keep on keeping on!

The comment thing was good for the first few years. But people are killing one another over things on social media. How much more for when you have a Fundamentalist blog?

Several of you go by your first name ONLY on your blog, with no reference to where you live. Smart! Or some of you used pseudonyms to publish your blog under. Again, smart.

An additional point is… your job reads your blog. If you are Jim Kelly, and work for Dundercraft International as a used tractor salesman, and you’re writing against whatever, someone from your corporation sooner or later will find your blog.

You’re fired.

Don’t believe me? how many news stories have you seen on SermonAudio about a Christian being fired for (blank)? It’s an epidemic today! you should use names like “Yet Another King James Bible Believer” or “Fightin’ Fundamentalist” or “Righteous Ralph” (well, maybe not that one).

As the time gets closer to the Tribulation, the need for public witness grows and grows. The Falling Away is happening at break neck speed. I’m dumbfounded how quickly it goes!

Do something for God now, whiel you can.


A cursory reading of the Bible tells the Christian, you know.. anger is not good. You’re going to ruin your life if you keep getting angry.

Some people suffer from extreme anger. When I’m in a bad mood, and I’m not talking, it’s for a reason. You can see it a mile away from the dark trailing clouds that I’m angry.

But reading the word of God convinces me that you can make stupid decisions from Anger that will destroy your life.

If there’s anger in your heart, there’s no room for love at that moment.

If there’s no room for love, there’s no room for the holy Spirit.

“He that is soon angry dealeth foolishly: And a man of wicked devices is hated.” (Proverbs 14:17, KJV)

Learn to count to ten. Learn to not take things seriously. Learn to… something! I don’t care if you have to dwell on mental images of fuzzy bunnies with twitching noses and whiskers!

But let the anger pass.

“The discretion of a man deferreth his anger; And it is his glory to pass over a transgression.” (Proverbs 19:11, KJV)

As you gain strength over the anger, and begin to calm… you’ll find you enjoy life more. Gardening, which seemed the STUPIDEST pastime when I was young, actually helps turn away anger and wrath.

Sit outside. Drink some tea. Enjoy the sound of birds singing. Get outside and sit with your Bible, and read some Psalms. Let God cool the anger.

But sometimes when you hear things that are sinful, anti-God, anti-Christian, and evil, you’ll feel wrath boil up in you with no source at all.

That’s not your wrath. That’s God’s. You can feel it if you’re staying in God’s word. That wrath is okay, but don’t adopt it as your own. Righteous anger over the things of God is permissible. SELF RIGHTEOUS wrath will destroy your life.

Marginal Notes

One of the biggest problems in Bibles is marginal notes. I can completely derail anyone’s faith by writing a study Bible, and just fill it with notes denying things, utter the worst heresies and blasphemies, and I can get away with it by uttering the High Places statement of 20th and 21st Century Christianity – “But today Scholars believe…”


No they don’t. Most theologians occupy jobs they should not have. If you do not believe Jesus Christ is virgin born, you should resign. To not believe a cardinal doctrine like that, to question even a SINGLE MIRACLE of our Lord… means you are STEALING a job you are not entitled to. And yes, I’m thinking about a man who works for Logos, and writes a lot of books (mostly debunking UFO’s). Logos constantly is pushing his teaching courses and little interviews with him.

There’s nothing he can teach me. He claims orthodox belief in the Bible, but clearly he does not. What derailed his faith? He pursued a degree, and started examining Cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia.

And they mentioned that those people were the chosen of God.

His faith was derailed. Listen, if that’s all it took, your belief was marginal. Japan claims to be founded by the son of a Goddess, and that the Emperor was divine up until World War II ended. I’m really enthralled with Japanese history, but I take the claims as… claims. So someone hands me an Akkadian tablet, and it says that the Akkadians were the chosen people of God…

And I dismiss it. My belief is not marginal. The Bible is true, the Akkadian legends are (take a deep breath, shocking revelation coming…)


Marginal notes are often written by marginal men. And worse, the rest are written by unsaved heretics who deny the Lord that bought them.

One of the biggest tools you can use is liquid paper. Use the tape if you like, although those always gum up and you have to throw them away partway through. Whenever you read a marginal note you’re unsure of… get rid of it. Especially if anywhere in it you read.. “But today, scholars believe…”

No, they don’t believe.

Confessing Faults

Admissions. Before I became King James Only, I really didn’t like the NIV. I had three of them, because everyone was CONSTANTLY talking about the NIV. So I had a Schofield, a Large Print, and one other one… I can’t remember what it was.

But the translation I really liked best was… don’t laugh…

The RSV.


Thank God I’m KJV only.

My wife bought me a KIng James study bible after we became KJV only, and it still is one of the best out there, I’ve recommended it a number of times. I now understand why there’s Bible binding services, to re-bind a Bible. I do wish I’d not marked in it as much. I used to try to write down the points in my pastor’s sermons, but he’d digress, and either run out of time, or not develop the third point enough, and I’d sit there waiting to write down the third point in the margins of my bible, and suddenly everyone’s standing…

So I have lots of two point outlines written in the margin of my Bible. I think the best thing there is to just liquid paper those.

I’ve got a lot of John MacArthur stuff, too, from the days when I first got born again, and thought that Evangelical and Fundamentalist were the same thing. And I thought that Calvinism must be right doctrine, because MacArthur sooner or later always talked about it.

Really, I should clear my bookshelves of a lot of that stuff. I’ve got some books given to me by a retired Methodist pastor which are so theologically liberal that just starting to read them makes me irritated.

Sometimes I miss the simplicity of the old days, when you just listened to Christian music, and read Christian books, and wore Christian t-shirts, and…

but Christianity is not a brand, like Levi. Christianity is the TRUTH. And I long ago grew up and understood that not everything we label as Christian is Christian.

There’s a lesson in there, for everyone.

Over The Last 4 Years

It’s occurred to me the vast volume of information I’ve written about over the last four years. i’ve completely debunked and answered several cults and false religions. I’ve argued for Fundamentalism, and for the Bible. I’ve taught on how to start a church, to study the Bible, to pray…

THe big mistake I’ve made is writing articles that were HUGE in scope! I’m sure most people have never read most of my articles all the way through. I can remember someone leaving a comment about they already knew a lot about Catholicism, but they were unaware of my arguments against the Magistierium and the importance of them They read the article, and ended up reblogging it.

Not their fault. mostly mine, because my article was probably about 10,000 words. I’ve probably got entire books worth of material against Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Messianic Jews, etc… I just presented the information in the wrong way.

I should have reduced the articles to three paragraphs, and just done 50 of them instead of 25 full length, 10,000 to 15,000 word articles. When people are reading a blog, they quickly get tired and impatient, because they have a milion things to do. Everybody’s busy. And most people are trained in it, from the helicopter mom habit of the 90’s. I used to hear kids say all the time, “I have karate on Mondays and Wednesdays, Soccer on Thursdays and Saturdays, I’ve got guitar lessons on Tuesdays…”

wow, kids have no time to be kids anymore! But I digress.

Coffee is good.

So, i’m trying to transition to moving towards smaller articles. It used to take me 90 mintues sometimes to write a single article!

Going to be busy Again Soon

I’m going to probably have another huge time off soon of another 2 or three weeks. I’ve been hugely busy with work, and it left me little time to myself, let alone write in a blog. So this time, I’ll probably ressurect another of my series most people have never read, rather than let the time go without any posts.

One thing I want to emphasize today – I really am getting to understand prayer a lot more. Certain prayers to God are automatically pleasing to God, because they’re near and dear to His heart. A quick and cursory reading of Psalm 119 shows that God places a high reverence upon the Bible.

Yet when I talk to other Christians, I ask if they’ve ever prayed to God that He help them understand it, and be able to know sound doctrine.

I’ve never had a yes answer to date.

This is um.. kind of key. I mean, going to men to learn the word of God is going to get you partial results. If you want good results, go to God about it. God wrote the Bible, not men (I’m prepared to argue that, as I think everyone’s seen!). Try praying to God! “I really don’t understand this passage Lord, please help..” you walk away frustrated, and unsure. And you know what? A couple of weeks later, you read another passage that helps you to understand.

The biggest thing was my prayer to know sound doctrine. When I first got saved, I prayed to God I could know sound doctrine. I was ENDLESSLY in turmoil because my family was listening to John MacArthur every night, and he was constantly talking about Sound doctrine. I didn’t understand Calvinism, I was confused, and I prayed VERY INTENTLY that I be allowed to know, to please show me and make me understand – sound doctrine.

That prayer was answered in a HURRY. I abandoned Calvinism very quickly, because it seemed as if I read the Scriptures and verses would POP OUT at me. Hey, John 3:16! You read that in a mumbled monotone, then you accept everything Calvin says, and it NEVER occurs to you that John 3:16 completely refutes Calvinism!


Because YOU didn’t understand it?

No! You never asked God to help you understand sound doctrine! It’s not a ME thing, it’s not a YOU thing, it’s a God thing! God gives understanding of the Holy Scriptures, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. To take advantage of that, all you need to do is read the Bible. But praying god reveals MORE of His word is pleasing to God, and He will never answer “No” to that request!

It’s available to EVERY reader of this blog! Apply now!


Sorry, was really busy for a few weeks there. I literally had no time to write.

In the latest news, I’m currently on the “Read the New Testament twice through” reading plan, and the “old Testament in one year”. I’m not sure what I liked better, this plan or the “3 times in one year” plan. The benefits of the “3 times in one year” plan was I felt SATURATED in the word of God.

This time it allows me to slowly examine what I’m reading. And since on this read through, I’m also doing the wrongly titled “Inductive” marking in Logos, it takes up to 45 minutes a day to do the plan – far longer than the 3 times in one year reading!

Inductive marking is good – I’ve been noticing a lot of connections, in that the repetitions of the Name of God in the Old Testament bear witness to the spiritual condition of the Israelites. The less God’s name is used, the farther Israel and Judah was from God.

In other articles, I’ve recommended using a clipping file to store important things you read. I’m also reading through Charles Ryrie’s Basic Theology every day, but I’m left unsure about the book. There’s so much good in the book, but at the same time, like most Evangelicals, he is waffling in a fast-moving stream of ecumenism and error!

Ryrie has a good grasp on many doctrines, and is a staunch defender of Dispensationalism. But he both embraces – and rejects Calvinism, he criticizes Roman Catholicism as being a heresy – but then seems to embrace it as a “Denomination”. He brings up some of the errors of Calvinism, but then turns and labels some Protestants as “Semi-Pelagian” (a common taunt of the 4 and 5 point Calvinist), erects Straw Man arguments between “Lutheranism” and Calvinism, and seems to embrace pre-destination. So Ryrie seems to be a closet Calvinist. I can’t really find any firm “Yes” or “No” statements on it. It may turn out by the time I’m done with the book, I may not be able to recommend it after all!