Reclaiming Christianity IV

Should be allow unbelievers to tell us what to read, believe, teach, preach?

Should we buy books by atheists and stack them in our homes, eagerly devoouring the writings of men and women hostile to the Gospel, and allowing those to shape our Biblical worldview?

Um… no.

You mean, you really wouldn’t read the writings of Richard Dawkins on the worldwide flood of Noah, and accept it as fact? Why not? It makes no sense not to!

Because you’re reading the writings of a great number of unbelievers when you open most books on Christianity. Study Bibles, etc.

So why should you accept the writings of a heretic like Andy Stanley? Bruce Metzger? Carlo Martini? Kurt and Barbara Aland? Julius Wellhausen? Eugene Nida? Robert Bratcher? C. H. Dodd? Karl Barth?


Reclaiming Christianity III

What is a Christian?

It’s pretty simple. All of you will agree with this. it’s someone who has repented of their sinful life and turned to Jesus Christ for salvation and been born again. We can make that more or less wordy. You have to have had a change of life, change of heart. Spiritual rebirth. Born Again.

Can you be saved by chanting “Om mane padme Om” three hundred times a day?


Can you be saved by lighting a candle every day?


You’re saved by faith through grace. You’re saved by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. But you have to make a conscious desire to change (from your sinful nature and ways), beg Jesus Christ to save you. Maybe it was a moment where you realized God was real, and you were in violation of His laws.

Doesn’t matter. I’m not digging deep into this. The Gospel is simple enough that a drowning man can understand it and be saved.


So, can you be saved by someone dropping drops of water on your forehead as an adult?


So… why do we accept as Christians people who claim to be saved when this happened as a baby? Does it mean that if you missed out on this by the tenth day of life, that now you’ve got to use option B?

No. It means they’re not saved.

This is an issue. Because it rules out the overwhelming majority of people worldwide who claim to be Christians.

Think about that. Lutherans. Episcopals. Methodists. Presbyterians. Catholics.

Backup plans are of course Confirmation. You study a catechism, and have to pass a test of “Who is God?” etc. If you’ve memorized the Catechism, that’s salvation as a backup.

I know people who’ve memorized baseball stats and football player stats. That’s more complicated – is that salvation? No. Because salvation is not about works.

So, getting sprinkled or something drawn on your little infant forehead doesn’t save you.

So why do we call people who’s salvation testimony is just this… “Christians”?

Reclaiming Christianity II

My cats are really misbehaving right now, and I’ve got a wicked sinus headache, so I hope yesterday’s article made sense.

Do you know what a shell game is? That’s a game that you used to see at carnivals. A man would have three walnut shells, and place a pea under one. He’d slide the shells around and repeat the whole time, “where is the pea? Which one has it?” He’d stop. you’d pick. He’d lift the shell.

No pea. He was lying, because he scooped the pea up in his fingers before he started moving the shells. The dialog he used distracted you.

Here’s a firm statement to grasp onto.

The Greek new testament the churches of Jesus Christ have always used is the Textus Receptus.

The Hebrew text the churches have always used is the Ben Chayyim Masoretic text.

I used to be able to say just, “Masoretic text”, but literally the Theological liberals have taken ANOTHER text, the Ben Asher text (which is not Masoretic) – and have renamed it the Masoretic text.

The churches of Jesus Christ have always used the Hebrew old testament. Blanket statement.

Theological liberals try to play shell games by substituting a different majority text (one of the nicknames of the Textus Receptus) and a different Masoretic text.

That’s called lying. “Is this the car I test drove?” “Uh… SUUUUURRE!” “It looks different… I don’t remember it making that noise…” “No, no, that’s the same one!”

That’s lying. To offer up a false text instead of the text we’re supposed to be using is called lying.

Then here’s the other part of the shell game.

They don’t use either.

They use another text. They prefer the Vulgate Latin for the Old Testament, and the Septuagint (which interestingly enough, may be only a myth – because we know a heretic named Origen wrote his own New Testament text, and bundled it in with his own parallel texts in Greek called the Hexepla, because it has six columns… well, guess how many columns the “Septuagint” has?).

And when they look at the Septuagint and are “unsure” (meaning they don’t like the answer in front of them), they consult the Vulgate, or the Syrian Peshitta (an Aramaic paraphrase of the Bible).

It’s kind of like most of you probably know the story of Codex Sinaiticus, as the story is presented to you. It’s a modern forgery, but they seem to neglect that part.

Then what they never tell you is that the modern Bibles ONLY USE SINAITICUS when Vaticanus is missing that verse, chapter, or book (both codexes are missing words, verses, chapters, and entire books).

so why do they make such a big deal about Sinaiticus? When they almost never use it?

Shell game. They’re lying.

So, here’s how you settle the Bible issue. Your Bible MUST BE TRANSLATED FROM TEXTS THE CHURCHES HAVE ALWAYS USED! The Ben Chayyim Hebrew and the Textus Receptus.

That narrows it to one. The King James.

Reclaiming Christianity

Most of you don’t know this, but…

I have a bad habit of not letting go of the shift key when I capitalize a word. It usually comes out as WOr, and not Word. Or THe, instead of The.

Be glad I didn’t write down the first verse of the Gospel of John!

The situation we have – as seen today from Fundamentalist eyes – is that Christianity has been overwhelmed by opponents of Christianity.

We’ve been given a viewpoint of something diametrically opposed to Biblical Christianity, and it has been passed off by fallen angels masquerading as ministers of light to us as if it were true Christianity.

How are we saved? I’d say that we’re having a problem even with that concept since I was a boy.

What are we supposed to believe about the Bible? Most believers hold to a defective view of Scripture.

Who is a Christian? We hold to a Biblical definition – but then we welcome under the title of “Christian” people who don’t fit that definition.

I’ve tried to write these articles a dozen times, and never quite knew how to approach this. But here it is. Should be short, perhaps a week of small articles you’ll actually have time to read, for once!

The question I want to ask is, how many of you are asking the same questions? How many of you have come to the same conclusions?

Most of the readers of this blog are here because they hunger and thirst for righteousness. They don’t agree with everything I write (that’s a good thing, BTW – if you agree 100% with any human, you’re in trouble!), but they are of the same mindset – or you wouldn’t be here!

Let’s talk first about the Bible, because if we can’t get that right, we can’t get anything right. What’s your standard? The people who introduced heretical Bibles that deny the deity of Jesus Christ are trying to make sure you don’t have a standard to measure things against.

The Bible has no errors. That should get an amen out of you. I see the attacks on the Bible DAILY by theological liberals every day in my Logos program. Greatest Bible software in the world, but you pay for it by constantly seeing the articles appear linking to video interviews or video blog entries by modernists. “If Archaeology contradicts the Bible, what should we believe?” Is one such headline they blared. Here’s the answer, I’m sure all 300 of you thought of it right away!

We believe the Bible, and doubt Archeology. That’s what we should believe.

THe Bible has no errors, No mistakes. Not one word in the Bible is spurious. Every word there was placed there by the hand of God, put in the mouths and pens of the Biblical writers. The question we should think is not, “what did the author intend by this?” but “What did God intend by this?” If you’re worried about what PAUL teaches, then you’re already day late, dollar short.


Because if you disagree with something, “Well, that’s just Paul.”

If on the other hand you believe in mechanical inspiration (which I do, and oddly enough everyone who’s been saved a week or so believes automatically), then it’s not Paul who wrote it, it’s God writing through the hand of Paul. God tells me not to have long hair? Yes, Lord. Paul tells me not to have long hair? That’s just Paul, and I’m free to choose. See what I mean?

If you grasp this mindset, the Christian faith gains more power, and holds you secure even in the darkest night.

A Quick Thought for Pastors

There’s a few pastors who have followed my blog. So here’s a thought.

Your sermon must tell, educate and explain more about the passage than the congregation can determine from just READING it.

You had to learn Greek and Hebrew to graduate seminary.

Use it.

Is there a repeated word? Is this word rarely used in the sermon?

The Bible is written in Greek and Hebrew. The congregation doesn’t care that much about Greek tenses – but they’re interested in what words mean.

Dig deeper. Just looking in Holman’s Bible Handbook and writing a sermon in one hour will not feed them.

Cut back on visiting prayer groups. Cut back on all the excess stuff. The Pastor’s primary job is to preach. The job writing the sermon should be Tuesday morning, not Friday or Sunday at 6 AM.

Get out of the attic!

I guess this shows how long it’s been since I had a TV, but the information here can save lives. Near the end is the information on how to get out of an attic. This is life saving information right now. If you have a boat and can help people caught in the path of Florence, please help – there are people trapped in attics right now.

Bring tools and your boat. Blankets, warm liquids in thermoses for after you get them out.  This is not the time to be idle! Help people before they die.

More Hurricane Readiness tips

Update 2018: Part of the US is expecting a Category 4, which is not quite as bad as a category 5 – but remember people die in category 1 hurricanes. Be safe. Turn around, don’t drown.

Okay, let’s look at it in a logical, calm way.

If you live where a category 5 hurricane is headed directly at… you need to leave yesterday. If not, be sure to take a black permanent marker and write your social security number on your forearm. That way the police can identify you, and notify next of kin.

Category 5 hurricanes are total devastation. Yeah, we’ve seen buildings survive, but… what if the one you’re in starts coming apart? Debris being flung at 185 miles an hour is like running across the field during an archery match.

Okay, here’s what to expect. Wind. Rain. Power will go out. Do you have candles, flashlights? A big box of Shabbes candles will last you a few days. Remember to leave SAFE DISTANCE between the candle and anything around it.  A neighbor of mine learned the hard way that a candle will set a glass windowpane on fire. She lost everything she owned in the fire – after passing through a hurricane unscathed.

you need to have water prepared and ready. Fill every sealable container with water. Keep them in the fridge for now. Hours before the hurricane hits, TURN YOUR FRIDGE UP AS HIGH AS IT WILL GO!

And yes, if you have any frozen unbreaded fish in the freezer, you can cook it with lemon juice. No heat required. Just dump the thawing fish into a sauce pan, pour lemon juice on it, cover, sit. In 6 hours it will be fully cooked.

If the roof comes off the house, do not go into a basement (if you have one) to avoid the storm! Flash floods mean death, long before you can reach safety. Flash floods means that if you see an inch of rainwater in the driveway, the water will be high enough to choke out your car by the time you back out of the driveway.

Imagine being in a basement with GALLONS of water rushing down steps!

Safety, Safety, Safety!!!!

If you have doubt… then there’s no doubt. If you live in Florida, and you’re reading this tonight, turn off the computer, get in the car, and leave right now. Finish this tomorrow night somewhere in Tennessee!

UPDATE 9/8/17 – It seems the storm is making a beeline for Tennessee… run somewhere else!

Florida is in bad shape to evacuate from… there’s only two major highways out of the state. You almost could make better time getting in a boat tonight and motoring it out of the harbor tonight!

I’m working on my surviving the tribulation web site right now… remember to print out pages right now so you know what to stock up on, what to buy. Why are people buying bottled water at vast sums of money, when you can buy soda bottles, wash them, fill them with tap water, and store them?

Don’t forget, if you have a bathtub… fill it with water before the hurricane gets there. That’s going to be flush water.

Update 9/8/17 – fill plastic sandwich bags with ice cubes, and keep doing it. Saves you money on buying bags of ice, and keeps your freezer stuff chilled.

And pray for everyone in the storm’s path.