I’m not really grumpy.

I’m just very direct and matter of fact.

it comes across as grumpy, because you can’t hear my somewhat whimsical tone when you read this.

I’m sure everyone pictures someone really grumpy when you read my articles.

No, I’m just matter of fact and direct. It’s something you learn very quickly as a Chassid. Be direct. Don’t be apologetic, it’s often a sign you can’t trust someone, at least in Chabad culture. Among them, humility is taken as a prerequisite. “we know you’re humble – you’re a chassid. You’ve got a Rebbe.”

You might have noticed that the Yiddish habit of reversing word order is slowly going away. I’m learning how to write and not end a sentence in a preposition, or place the object before the subject.

I get annoyed from time to time. I’ll read something that really gets my fire going, and I’ll fire up Thingamablog and write a rant that seems to entertain most of you!

but I’m actually a funny guy, and I love to make people laugh.

So if I come across as grumpy, it’s because I’m just not communicating well. So please forgive me. I’m not really a mean guy.