Studying The Bible with Olive Tree Bible software

How do you study the Bible with Olive Tree Bible Study?

It’s really hard and time consuming to do it.

Olive Tree is meant as a Bible READING program. They add tools like Strong’s, because if they don’t, people won’t get it.

So, all I have in Olive tree Bible Study 6 is just what’s free. I’m too busy spending money on Logos to really buy anything for Bible Study 6. You have ONE window. ONE.

I mean, that’s even more of a set back than the earliest Window’s based Bible programs!


This program shouldn’t have gotten as popular as it has.


Let’s try this.

Read your Bible portion for the day. Select a word, and right click. Choose “look up”. It will give you the option to look it up in every Bible dictionary you have. If you haven’t spent any money on this, it’ll default to Easton’s. Not a bad Bible dictionary, really. I find a lot of the entries between Easton’s and Smiths are word for word the same.

Okay. Easton’s opens. Copy the relevent parts of it you want to remember. One of the keys of Bible Study I have consistently taught is that if you learn something, copy it to a notefile.

So close Easton’s. Select the verse and right click on it. Choose “note”. When the note window for that verse appears, paste into it. Close the note unless you want to add some thoughts to it.

it’s now under “My stuff” – “Notes”.

That’s pretty much all you can do with it, unless you start spending money.

Can you study the bible with it?


Will you learn a lot with it?

Heaven’s no.

Is it worth the price (free)?

Sort of. I mean, you can get better Bible programs that are free. If you’re just looking for free, Bible Analyzer runs it into the ground and buries it. E-Sword is slow and clunky, but far better. Even theWord is much better than this!

My advice on this program – skip it. In my opinion, Bible Study 6 is the worst Bible program I’ve ever used since my first MS-DOS Bible program in 1995.

If you want something for your phone, get Logos Basic for your laptop, and the Logos Bible phone app for your phone. That way, what you look up on your phone away from your computer is synchronized with your laptop.


Author: philipdean2013

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