Messianics – The Law and Salvation

One of the contentions of old-line Messianic Torah teachers was the insistence that we are saved by faith through grace – but that we must maintain our salvation by the keeping of the law.

This is completely inconsistent with how the Bible portrays salvation.

John 19:30 (KJV) When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.

At that moment, Jesus Christ paid the price for all of us. The hours on the cross was enough to pay for the sins of mankind. By dying, Jesus Christ showed He was lord of the living AND the dead. And by His resurrection, we live forever as well.

Things have changed in just four years or so.

Now the standard line seems to be an exclusionist line – Gentiles should not keep the law, but Jews must.

No mention of salvation.

At least they’ve fixed that.

This one change seems to have removed Messianic Torah observance from a damnable heresy to merely aberrant theology.

“The law and the prophets were until John: since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it.” (Luke 16:16, KJV)

“Up to the time of Yochanan there were the Torah and the Prophets. Since then the Good News of the Kingdom of God has been proclaimed, and everyone is pushing to get in.” (Luke 16:16, CJB)

As you can see, once again, Stern’s mistranslation perverts the meaning of the verse.

The law and the prophets were until John.

That’s a bottom line.

Stern’s mistranslation seems to lessen it, and maybe imply they continued after John.

Should you keep the law?


Should I keep the law?

I don’t need to! I have died to the law!

That’s my answer to the Messianic movement


Author: philipdean2013

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