Messianics 8

Some things we’ve addressed in this re-do of Messianic Judaism is the preservation of the Bible, and the impossibility of editing all of the New Testament manuscripts in the world so that the owners do not notice it.

I mean, if you’re going to posit – as Avi Ben Mordecai does – that what we have today is highly edited manuscripts altered by Gentiles, you run into logistic impossibilities. If you were able to sneak into a thousand homes and churches and edit all of these, once the owners found out, all they’d have to do is destroy the edited manuscripts, track down unedited ones, and recopy those!

Preservation of the Bible is a doctrine tied to both judgment and inerrancy of the Bible. The last day Judgment requires that we have a witness, and that witness is the Bible. There MUST be a pure word of God somewhere, or God – whom the Bible describes as a righteous judge – cannot send ANYONE to Hell.

Sit in a courtroom sometimes and see what happens when someone guilty of driving on a revoked license can prove they were not given notice, or that the notice was defective. The case gets thrown out.

Now, imagine yourself at the Great White Throne Judgment, and the worst, most immoral atheist who ever lived stands before God and says… “The Bible was edited. How was I to know what the truth was?”

Case thrown out. Hell emptied.

So, everlasting punishment requires a pure witness. The Bible promises that it is perfect (Psalm 19:7), holy (Romans 7:12), preserved (Psalms 12:6-7), the book of the Lord (Isaiah 34:16), and the standard of the Judgment (John 12:48, Romans 2:16). Oh, trust me that I could go on for paragraph after paragraph! Because the Scriptures are magnified above God’s name, that there will be a judgment, that people will be judged by the Bible and that people will be cast into hell forever all demand an inerrant, preserved, perfect word of God in continual use throughout the ages since the canon was closed in 95 AD.

To say that the word of God was preserved in “The sands of Egypt” (a nice, poetic and completely false statement) is to claim that only the people from 95-450 AD had the Bible, and that everyone from Nicea on until the 1850’s cannot be judged by God.

That means an awful lot of people who never were born again whom the Bible bluntly says “Are without excuse” (Rom. 1:20) will be entering heaven.

Now, let’s examine the contention of Avi Ben Mordecai and James Trimm (among others), that the “original Hebrew” New Testament has been edited and deliberately mis-translated. This would mean that until James Trimm came out with his Messianic Study Bible, nobody on earth could be judged!

Avi Ben Mordecai states plainly that Galatians is a “Closed book”, and nobody can understand it unless they buy his commentary on Galatians.

So that literally means, not one person from AD 120 until 2000 AD could possibly be judged by God, since they claim to have discovered (through textural Criticism) the real meaning of the long lost “Hebrew Originals”.

So long lost, that they actually never existed except for Matthew!

This means that when the Bible claims to be inerrant, perfect, preserved, the standard of Judgment, the book of life, the gospel of truth, etc… Avi Ben Mordecai and James Trimm both say it is lying.

So, here’s what I’m requiring of Avi Ben Mordecai and James Trimm – you are making BOLD claims that you have uncovered Bible truths lost to all mankind. If this is the case, and if you truly claim the Bible is edited by Gentiles to remove the truth and the “jewishness” of the Bible…

  1. You need to publish your apparatus for critical review.
  2. You must then publish your thesis on how exactly you determined the New Testament we have today has been deliberately edited, and by whom.
  3. Your thesis must show your work, explain and defend your research methods and conclusions for scholarly review and debate.
  4. And printing your interlinear to show HOW you translated your new derived Hebrew New Testament text into English.

If your apparatus is merely Green’s Interlinear or the Way International Interlinear and a copy of Vine’s – you’re going to be laughed at and ridiculed. Because that’s not how one does Bible research. You sit down with a copy of the Ben Chayyim Hebrew Masoretic text, and the Textus Receptus – and laboriously translate the Bible word for word.

To do textual criticism, you must be A). trained and educated (doctorate from an accredited degree granting institution, and not a piece of paper from Don DeCordoba), B). Qualified to do so and C). document your work in your thesis for scholarly review.

This is what Dr. Hill did, and he wrote his defense of his work in two books on the King James Bible – a trained Textual Critic, a scholar, investigated the methods of textual criticism, and ended up defending the King James Bible.

By writing these things, Avi Ben Mordecai and James Trimm have left themselves wide open to criticism.

Now, here’s something I’m hoping. I haven’t examined Trimm or Mordecai’s work lately. I’m hoping that someone will contact me and let me know they disavow their earlier works and reject them. I’m hoping they say they’ve abandoned the Hebrew Roots and come back to Fundamentalist Christianity.

I’ll be glad to print a retraction, and point out they no longer support their earlier works. I won’t take down this article, because there’s at least another twenty Messianics who are making the same claims as Trimm and Mordecai.