Messianic Judaism

A long time ago – or maybe six years ago before I took my blog public – I wrote long apologetics series’ with long articles on various cults. That essentially makes up most of my first year’s blog posts when I finally took it live.

I made some mistakes of course – many of the blog posts were 4,000 words long – and some longer. I used complicated sentence structure, long run on sentences, etc. That’s not surprising, because people of European Jewish ancestry tend to use complicated, run on sentences – it’s known in some parts of the country as Yidlish, a combination of Yiddish phrasing and English.

In the case of my month long series on Messianic “Jews”, it should have been understandable to the readers – but I forget that the Gentile to Jew ratio in most Messianic Synagogues is often 15 to 1 – so most of the people led to my blog to read the Messianic articles would be Gentiles.

The third mistake I made was of course allowing comments, and letting people start to do comment wars – once I enforced my rule of “i answer you twice, then you’re done”, Messy’s were having a field day on their own blogs, enacting straw man arguments with an imaginary version of me, which they wasted no time knocking down – easy to do when the arguments you think I’d raise are not the ones I in fact raised on my blog posts!

To my absolute horror, Messianic “Judaism” has spread in popularity since then, and has gained widespread acceptance.

People, here it is in black and white, short and sweet.

Messianic Judaism is not Christianity. It is not Judaism. It is a cult. It is as much a cult as Mormonism, or Jehovah’s Witnesses.

When people hear I’m Jewish and they say, “So you’re a Messianic Jew”, it’s really irritating. It’s like hearing someone believes in Jesus Christ and saying, “So you’re a Roman Catholic!”

So, for all of you who started following my blog after 2014 or 2015, you probably haven’t seen one of my series before. My apologies, but this subject matter is so important, I think it needs to be addressed again. I’ll try to break it up so that you only get 10 articles at a time on it, then move to something else for a few days, then move on to the next 10 (etc.) so everyone doesn’t get bored.

Stay tuned!