Rob Bell

I don’t get around much. I work a lot, and write these articles on weekends. Did Mr. Bell re-appear again all of a sudden? How did this happen?

I’m hearing a lot of talk about Rob Bell, and I thought we were rid of him years ago. I guess his TV career and his punk rock band didn’t pan out.

The last person – the LAST – Christians should be listening to is Rob Bell.

Confusingly, there’s another Christian, recently departed, named Rod Bell, who is a famous Baptist church planter, teacher, and even started a seminary. He’s not the one I’m talking about. Rod Bell has gone on to rewards, and will be struggling at the believers’ judgment to find places to put all of the rewards the Lord Jesus Christ will give him.

Rob Bell, on the other hand, will find out at the Great White Throne that he was completely in error on his teachings that there is no Hell.

If you’re making your defense at the Great White Throne judgment, it’s not going well for you. Your fate is sealed there – it’s just a matter of “how bad will eternity be?”

Rob Bell is not a believer in Jesus Christ. He believes in a universal hippie Jesus. Bell’s Jesus apparently looks a lot like Bono, because Bell writes that the closest he was with God was at a U2 concert.

Wow. Theologically, that’s deep. I think John MacArthur would sit down and mop his face with a handkerchief hearing that expounded from the pulpit.

Do not follow Rob Bell. If you have kids, check their bookshelves to see if they have any Rob Bell books. If they do, study them with them, and ask them carefully if they really believe this stuff. Read the Bible to them. Ask your kids if everyone is automatically saved (see “love Wins” and “velvet Elvis”), why is there a Great White Throne judgment? Explain to them there’s three judgments – believer’s, Nations, and Great White Throne.

If everyone believes and everyone is automatically saved, why is there a Great White Throne judgment?

Where does the Antichrist go to? Heaven or Hell?

Where does Satan go to?

Where does the fallen angels go to?

Where does the false prophet go to?

Once you’re done going through all of this with your kids, encourage them to take the books, and burn them. If they have any of Bell’s Nooma DVD series, smash them to pieces and throw them away.

How this man still manages to be quoted, to allowed to teach, is beyond me.