Opposition to the Bible

We live in a day where it seems every scholar is being revealed to be a heretic. Gordon College had the fight of its life on its hands when the President of the college (with the encouragement and support of the college board) reworked the statement of faith, and asked all the faculty to sign it. Many of the faculty did sign it – but reports continued to reach the President that those faculty did not agree with it.

The same thing has been happening at Bible Colleges around the country. Moody Bible Institute is only the latest casualty.

Let me explain in my usual ham handed style what’s going on.

Atheists are breaking in. People who have responded in the past to easy believe-ism altar call tactics, and adopted a profession of faith even though they actually weren’t Christians at all. They go to Bible colleges, earn a degree and have fallen away from their profession of faith. Why? Because they never were saved to begin with.

These people find themselves with a degree in things they don’t believe in, have never believed in. But being unSaved, they now have a quandary. There’s large percentage of the Bible which warns against the eternal suffering of the unbeliever. This fills the professor with panic, while it evokes pity in the possessor.

The professor now has to reconcile three irreconcilable differences. First, I’m not saved. Second, unsaved people go to Hell. Third, I’ve got plans to teach and research, because I love this stuff, this Bible stuff, and I’m comfortable with the atmosphere and culture in churches.

Okay, Let me give you the solution – it fixes everything. GET SAVED.

But no, that’s not the option. Why? They’re not convicted yet! They’re feeling the first steps of it.

So, how do they choose to reconcile this? Well, let’s attack the Bible. If I can cast doubts on the parts that scare the willies out of me, then I can sleep easier at night.

So they take away either the verses on Hell, or weaken the Gospel so that everyone is saved. This is why unsaved blasphemer Rob Bell fights so hard against Hell – he knows it’s his destination unless he gets saved. so he posits a Universalist message, something the Bible condemns.

Here’s the take away message number one from this article. Unsaved people should not be working in Christian colleges. If I’m the president of Moody (hey, there’s an idea!), and I find out that you’re unsaved, my immediate answer is, “I’m sorry, but I have to terminate you immediately.” What’s an unsaved man or woman going to teach me in the classroom? Nothing.

Here are some questions to ask your professor at Bible college:

Do you believe there are errors or mistakes anywhere in the Bible?

Do you believe in a worldwide flood that covered the entire earth? (don’t use the word Universal, because they’ve got a dodge for that)

Do you believe in a literal, six twenty four hour period day creation of the universe? (don’t say earth – they’ve got a dodge for that)

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is eternally pre-existent?

Do you believe in the eternal sonship of Jesus Christ?

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is and has always been God from before creation?

Do you believe in the eternal punishment of unbelievers in a literal fiery hell?

Do you believe in an inerrant, inspired, preserved Bible as the very words of God? Tell your professor its a yes or no answer. No, “Well, I believe that…” The only two words that must follow that question are “Yes” or “No”.

If you get a “no” to any question, or if you hear that professor AT ANY POINT teaching anything that contradicts the questions you just asked, go back to your dorm room after class, email the president or dean of the college (both if they have both), and the entire board of trustees.

If they take no action, then resign from that school, and file action in court that your tuition be returned. I know Christians are not supposed to take Christians to court! But… they’re not Christians! They engaged in fraud by claiming to be a Christian institution, but support the teachings of professors who are infidels.