Still Have Some Blog Posts Planned

I know I said I’ll go back to the old format, but I went through some work creating “seller” headlines to try to drive some traffic to the blog! So, I’m going to try to use those up through October, and maybe some in November. Should have all of those used up by then.

Unless it starts to work! Then I’ll alternate old series and new.

I have had some good feedback in my dedication to a certain word count. Before I kept writing in a post until I got tired, and often I had so much in one post that A). I was the only person who read it and B). I could have written a week’s worth of posts just with the info I put in the one post!

Comments. The problem with the comments was that the Enemy pretty much figured out he could discourage me and keep me busy fighting trolls all the time. I know I had a comment or two about how people missed comments. Unless I moved to Disqus commenting, where everyone gets reputation rated (and Trolls sooner or later end up unable to comment ANYWHERE on the net!), I probably won’t bring it back.
I seriously would need to pass comment approval to someone else
Most people completely ignore comment policies, such as the 75 people or so who completely ignored my policy about comment debates being forbidden – and attempted to engage in comment debates.
Most comments would have to still be answered by me, and again, the comment debate thing took FAR MORE of my time than I had available – time I needed to dedicate to writing blog posts. This is why there’s no real topic I was able to get 30 posts on, which was my goal for every month when I was taking on false religions and cults!

Without moving my blog to a dedicated hosting company, there’s no way I can install Disqus here.

Coming up soon… a VERY in depth series on how to start a Christian apologetics blog!