3 Reasons to Journal

Recently, I wrote about Journaling.a post that of course got zero likes. It sounds somehow odd. “Why should you journal? That sounds so… un-Baptist!”

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been working on getting my blog posts from 2012 in Scrivener, my latest blogging tool (you could also use Evernote). It’s great to be able to see where you were spiritually back then, and compare it to now. Good way to see if you’ve gotten off course, or possibly even more on track! Hopefully, option 2.
So, let’s look at 3 reasons to Journal, and 3 ways to do it!

  • You can see how off track you were, or how off track you’re getting spiritually. I know, I just said that above!
  • It can help you make decisions. I wish I’d gone back through my pastoring journal years ago – I’d written things about my old church in there, concerns about certain things right from the start that unfortunately, it turns out I was completely right about. If I’d reviewed it earlier, I might have left there long before my decision to finally withdraw.
  • It can help you to see where you need to go spiritually! By comparing where you were spiritually, what the Bible says, and then where you are NOW spiritually, it can help you get back on track, or can show you the direction you need to proceed! If your journal says “I need to read my Bible more” and “Skipped Bible reading today AGAIN” – now hey, that’s a hint!

So, how are some ways to Journal?

  • Microsoft Journal. They’ve abandoned support for this program (hint for OneNote users – the only program Microsoft has shown long term support for is Microsoft Office – go to Evernote NOW before they get bored with OneNote in a couple of years and yank that one too! I mean… remember LiveWriter? Frontpage? Frontpage Express? Outlook Express?), but you can still download this and use it. ALWAYS KEEP BACKUPS OF PROGRAMS YOU DOWNLOAD!!!! Anyway, this one is kind of set up like OneNote, except it’s suited more for journaling.
  • E-Sword. Yup! This bear of a program still has one of the best Christian Journaling functions ever!
  • Evernote. Evernote doesn’t seem to have a journaling function, but here’s how to do it… create a notebook called Journal, or 2017. Then just create notes in it titled with the date! Tag it Journal, and WRITE!
  • Bonus round – Quickverse 2010! I used to do my journaling in Wordsearch, but the truly ugly interface made me, well, completely uninterested in journaling in it. Moving to Quickverse (an older program) actually works better for me – if I can remember to stop, slow down, and – actually journal! Create a user book (by date format), call it 2017, and then add a note every day, and write!
  • Super Bonus Round – The Pastor’s Study. This program even has a function to allow you to journal. I’ve actually taken the journaling from all my other failed attempts and stored them all into the Pastor’s Study, then every month since then I go and store the latest ones. The way it’s laid out, you can see all your journal entries. It’s password encoded, which is annoying to me, but there’s a way to bypass that and make it remember the password – I just need to stop procrastinating and DO IT!

To me, journaling is an essential function for fundamentalists! Get into the habit of it, and try to review periodically. You’ll see that all those promises you make yourself that you forget about prayer, fasting and Bible reading will finally get done!