I first started writing this blog back in 2012. Back then, I had one of those Hewlett Packard Mini 210’s. Cute little laptop, completely underpowered, etc. Had Win XP, and it was great.

I had Microsoft Office XP loaded on, and it had Microsoft Frontpage, which I knew pretty well. Back in those days, if you wanted to have a website, you’d have to search for someone that was a). Free and b)could install Frontpage extensions upon request.

Armed with E-Sword and Microsoft Frontpage, I wrote my blog for a year, praying earnestly about “should I take this live, or keep it on my laptop?”
Obviously, I decided (after talking with my wife about it) to take it live.
It’s so interesting to see my earliest rants. A few of you have read them, by going (I guess) on Philip Dean binges, and deciding to go back to my earliest posts, picking one, and reading it. After that, I’m sure you yawned, and moved on to other things.

Cut to today, my Dell whatever this thing is, with Logos and a ton of other programs I use. I went originally with Thingamablog, but the author’s lack of support for the program and no updates since 2006 or so…. I needed something with more features, so I got Scrivener which has spellcheck since apparently my fingers constantly fumble as I type! And sometimes I’m in such a hurry to get my words into the computer that sometimes I leave words out of phrases, leaving them completely incomprehensible!

So I’m copying and pasting everything from Thingamablog into Scrivener. Spellchecking, making a couple of updates to them.

And having a great time, reading my old thoughts from back then!

I’m right now up to June, 2012. Check back in a few weeks on the earliest ones – I may have the corrected ones up online soon.