5 Reasons Christians should journal daily

Going through my Journals, I’ve uncovered all kinds of thoughts I’d had, many of which I’d forgotten about. I’d done some work in Wordsearch, which of course makes me feel guilty – because I never finished it.
It’s interesting to see what burdens the Lord laid on my heart. So, I thought I’d spend a minute and address this.
I have journaled in Wordsearch (not so good), The Pastor’s Study (somewhat better) and Quickverse. I’ve had more success keeping track in Quickverse, but I think eventually I’ll either do them in just The Pastor’s Study, or in both Quickverse and in The Pastor’s Study.
Strengths: It’s a little easier to miss a day, week, or even a year in The Pastor’s Study. If I was a full time Pastor, then yes, I’d me more inclined to use the Pastor’s Study. However, the calendar format of Quickverse is stronger for not missing days. The strengths of The Pastor’s Study is now, they’re layed out top to bottom, and you get a quicker look in them.
Weaknesses: As noted above, eisier to miss days in the Pastor’s study. Easier to lose what you’re writing about in Quickverse.

5 Reasons to Journal as a Christian

  1. Personal Accountability. You get to see where you were at spiritually. At one point, I was taking Psalms from my devotional readings, and inputting those into my Journal. I know where I was at that time.
  2. No more Lost ideas. I am almost obsessive about constantly trying to think up ideas. I carry a note book every day, and ideas constantly pour out of me. But unless you’ve got a double entry system where you then copy them in somewhere by date, the ideas get lost.
  3. Eerily Prophetic. It’s absolutely bizarre to read my Journal from 2013, and see all of my concerns about my old church’s future came true. And very upsetting.
  4. Remember goals! Remember that goal you had to study the Bible 20 minutes a day 4 years ago, and how you wanted to be at 45 minutes a day by 2016? I didn’t either. Now I do. Guilt! Still at about 20 minutes a day!
  5. Keep on Track. At one point I wanted to keep track of my sinus headaches. I had no idea I woke up on Thanksgiving with a headache! Well, now I know. What was I reading in the Bible that day? Now I know! What book was I struggling through in Logos that day? Pentecostalism. I’d described the book as being as bad as root canal surgery.


Journaling can help you keep on track as a Christian! It’s possible to do it in a number of programs – Evernote, E-Sword, Wordsearch, Quickverse 2010 Platinum, Pastor’s Study, and Bible Analyzer. Give it a try, try to be consistent, and see if it benefits you too as a Christian!