How Many Blog Articles?

I don’t know how many blog articles I’ve written in the last few years! I wonder! Recently, I read of a Christian businessman who explained to people he’d written over 1,800 blog articles, an d for people to search his blog to find what they were looking for.

I’m hoping to (in a couple of years) get to the point where I can go through and edit and clean up some articles. It’s possible I may just go ahead in the future and redo some article series. Certainly, I recently went and re-read some of the articles I’ve written, and they literally had the wordcount of a book chapter, not a blog post. I’m hampered by my chosen blog writer software (thingamablog) does not show you wordcount as you type. I may move all of this to a more writing style software, like Scrivener. Thingamablog is good, in that it offers me the one tool I needed – the ability to read, store and write a blog while offline. But it’s writing tools and spellchecker leave a lot to be desired. If Bob Tatlinger would have kept working on thingamablog and updating it, I’m sure that everything would be fine.

So, at this point, I’m considering this. It would be a VERY time intensive task, and tedious in the extreme. However, the amount of typos I’m making because I type too fast would be eliminated The big drawback to Scrivener is this – my blog relies HEAVILY on categories, and allows me to see what I’ve written in the past. Scrivener, unless I’m mistaken, would not give me that kind of function.