4 Reasons to own a Bible

You should still own a hard cover Bible for several reasons. When I say hard cover, of course I mean it can be leather bound. But you need at least one that is not electronic.


  1. You cannot bring an iPad to church. You CAN, but… there’s OTHER things on the iPad. Yes, it’s great if you have your Logos account on your iPad… but can you stay off email, the internet, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest? If you CAN, then you can. But I’ll wager that if you’re tempted to look something up once, you’ll do it more regularly. Then soon, you’re not paying attention to the sermon.
  2. You cannot read your Ipad in bed. Well, sure you can… but you’ve got the same problem as above. I seriously encourage Bible study, but you need at least a FEW minutes of family devotional time, and it teaches the kids something VALUABLE to see Dad open a leatherbound Bible and read to the family.
  3. You can’t break your Bible. You can break your iPad. your phone can be dropped. You can have computer crashes. But the worst you have to worry about with your Bible is that pages fall out. You can get it rebound! Or buy some glue.
  4. Nobody can edit your Bible. As users of the ESV found recently, you don’t have any choice when a software company decides to edit your Bible within your software. And there’s so many agendas AGAINST the KIng James that we run a steady risk of them doing it to us, without our noticing. Am I paranoid? Logos updated the New King James recently on my computer. I wonder what was changed? They don’t just update a Bible for no reason. That’s another reason I still own Quickverse, long since abandoned by its owners. There’s nobody to update or change any Bibles in it!

Four very good reasons to own a bound Bible!