Hello Fundies!

I’ve never made any issue out of the fact I’m a narrow is the way, King James only, local church Baptist Fundamentalist.

I’ve written many times about how I was an assimilated Jew, who tried Messianic Judaism, left and decided to become a Chassid, and went to Lubavitch. I left that, and began a quest to discover what was the true religion.

I looked at Buddhism and felt it was too pessimistic.

I looked at Sikhism, and was unconvinced.

Same thing for most religions. I liked Shinto and Native American Animism but…


There was an empty tomb.

I could really do a GREAT job combining Shinto and Native American beliefs, because I saw lots of parallels…

But there was an empty tomb.

I began to read a book that had bits of the holy books of most major religions. I was struck how one religion REALLY seemed to love God in print.

But there was an Empty Tomb.

I dumped all the others. I stopped my research. There’s an empty tomb. And I know who was buried there for three days. Every Jew knows, and we just play self-denial.

Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

So, if Jesus Christ is the Messiah, then I have to take seriously His claims to be God.

And then, I have to face one more fact. Jesus Christ made demands on my life.

So I became a Fundamentalist.

How about you?