The Anniversary of this blog!

I’ve been slowly transitioning this blog from its original form which was mostly commentary upon the state of Christianity. Then it transitioned into an apologetics resource. One I exhausted that, I went back to commentary.

I’ve done year of the church. year of the Bible.

Now, it’s been moving more into an equipping/teaching ministry.

The last stage of thte transition is the intended audience. My audience is mostly Evangelical Christians who are beginning to suspect that what they’ve learned in Evangelical circles is not Fundamentalism, and they’ve been looking to become… well, Fundamentals.

Several of my readers have their own blogs. So, my last phase of the transition – my assumption will be that my readers are… Fundamentalists! Since that’s the way my Evangelical readers are heading, I might as well meet them where they’re at!

The assumption will be for the person just joining a Fundamental church for the first time, or looking to find the right one, or… if you’re called of God to enter the ministry (in which case, I’ve been talking to you for 3 years!)

You won’t see as many apologetics articles. I think i’ve pretty much answered everything. And for the rest, David Cloud is doing that as well.

Let’s work on getting you settled, and growing you.