How To Restore Wordsearch if Your Computer Crashes

My crash a while ago left me scrambling to try to recover all my data. Some programs, like Zotero, I tried EVERYTHING, to recover. It quite simply did not work. I’ve lost all my old research I’d stored in Zotero.

Evernote and Logos were the easiest ones. Just install, log in, go do something, come back. All installed. Yay!
Quickverse, I never made backups of. So every one of my highlights was gone… but oddly enough, all of my personal books I’d created were there.
But Wordsearch… I was flipping out about Wordsearch. For several years, this was my primary Bible program, and I had a LOT of work invested in it! And stupidly, I’d made two major errors.

  1. I hadn’t done any backups in 8 months.
  2. I’d changed my primary email address.

Why was this a problem? Because now only the backups ON MY HARD DRIVE were the only ones existing. Wordsearch apparently is unaware that if you change your email address, it only updates your licenses… and promptly deletes your “cloud” backups. Why? That email address is now shut down, as far as they’re concerned.

Okay, if you have to completely re-do your windows, here’s how to find and recover all your Wordsearch information… It’s been a month since I did this, and my advice to you right now is to change how Wordsearch does business right away.

Prevent a Data loss NOW

Sign up for Drop Box. Drop Box is absolutely the best. I’ve been using One Drive as a backup, but it’s not as good. Get Dropbox. Trust me.
Change the BACKUP path on your Hard Drive IMMEDIATELY to “Dropbox”.
Make sure you backup your Wordsearch work EVERY SUNDAY. It could be Saturday, I don’t care. But Sunday is the first day of the week, and for me, that’s the ideal time. Start a new week, backup your old work.
Switch to Logos, and you won’t have these problems!

Recover your old Wordsearch info.

If you’ve been backing up regularly… just restore from cloud. Then make sure you do an “unlock purchased books.”

If you were like me and weren’t backing up regularly, here’s the secret way to do it!

Look for C:Windows.old
That folder is where all your old data is.
Open it, and open another folder. Go to C:/Users/yourname/appdata/local/Wordsearch11 in one window, C:/Windows.old/Users/yourname/appdata/local/Wordsearch11 in the other window.
Go to the window with your old data in it. Right click on the Wordsearch11 folder and choose “Copy”.
Now go to the users/yourname etc folder, right-click on the blank space, and choose paste. YES to overwrite! You WANT to overwrite the new Wordsearch11 folder with the OLD one. Now, reopen Wordsearch 11, make sure you’ve set the backup locations as above, and BACKUP to Dropbox.

All your old notecards and sermon illustrations should be back in now.

Make sure you backup once a week now!


5 Quotes on the Inspiration of the Bible

If the words of the Lord are pure words, refined silver, tried seven times, and the Holy Spirit has, with all care, dictated them accurately, it was on this account the Saviour said that not one jot or tittle of them should pass away.” — Clement of Alexandria, quoted by L. W. Munhall, “Inspiration,” in The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth, ed. R. A. Torrey and A. C. Dixon, (Los Angeles: Bible Institute of Los Angeles, 1917), WORDsearch CROSS e-book, Under: “Chapter 2. Inspiration”.

“The immediate results of [textual] criticism are in a high degree disturbing. So fat they have scarcely been understood by the average Christian. But the plain man who has been used to receive everything in the Bible as a veritable Word of God cannot fail to be perplexed, and deeply perplexed, when he is told that much of the Old Testament and the New is unhistorical, and when he is asked to accept the statement that God reveals Himself by myth and legend as well as by the truth, of fact. Mr. Balfour must surely know that many of the higher critics have ceased to be believers. More than twenty years ago the present writer, walking with Julius Wellhausen in the quaint streets of Greifswald, ventured to ask him whether, if his views were accepted, the Bible could retain its place in the estimation of the common people. `I cannot see how that is possible,’ was the sad reply.” W. H. Griffith Thomas, “Old Testament Criticism and New Testament Christianity,” in The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth, ed. R. A. Torrey and A. C. Dixon, (Los Angeles: Bible Institute of Los Angeles, 1917), WORDsearch CROSS e-book, Under: “Chapter 7. Old Testament Criticism and New Testament Christianity”.

The theory that inspiration may be affirmed only of the main views or positions of Scripture, but neither of the words nor of the development of the thoughts, cannot, it seems clear, be harmonized with the Lord’s teaching. William Caven, “The Testimony of Christ to the Old Testament,” in The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth, ed. R. A. Torrey and A. C. Dixon, (Los Angeles: Bible Institute of Los Angeles, 1917), WORDsearch CROSS e-book, Under: “Chapter 10. The Testimony of Christ to the Old Testament”.

Dean Burgon, a man of vast learning, says: “You cannot dissect inspiration into substance and form. As for thoughts being inspired, apart from the words which give them expression, you might as well talk of a tune without notes, or a sum without figures. No such theory of inspiration is even intelligible. It is as illogical as it is worthless, and cannot be too sternly put down.” L. W. Munhall, “Inspiration,” in The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth, ed. R. A. Torrey and A. C. Dixon, (Los Angeles: Bible Institute of Los Angeles, 1917), WORDsearch CROSS e-book, Under: “Chapter 2. Inspiration”.

The inspiration of the Old Testament Scriptures is clearly implied in the many declarations of our Lord respecting the fulfilment of prophecies contained in them. It is God’s prerogative to know, and to make known, the future. Human presage cannot go beyond what is foreshadowed in events which have transpired, or is wrapped up in causes which we plainly see in operation. If, therefore, the Old Testament reveals, hundreds of years in advance, what is coming to pass, omniscience must have directed the pen of the writer; i.e., these Scriptures, or at least their predictive parts, must be inspired. William Caven, “The Testimony of Christ to the Old Testament,” in The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth, ed. R. A. Torrey and A. C. Dixon, (Los Angeles: Bible Institute of Los Angeles, 1917), WORDsearch CROSS e-book, Under: “Chapter 10. The Testimony of Christ to the Old Testament”.

These five quotes all speak to something that many teaxhers deny today, yet as you can see, ONE CENTURY AGO was accepted almost universally.

The Bible is inspired (θεόπνευστος Theo Nuptis, God Breathed), not in the ways that some emotionally pleasing art or writing is called “inspired”, but written by God.
The Bible is Inerrant, utterly without mistake, or error, or need of correction.
The Bible is preserved – no verse was lost, no original manuscript exists to offer correction, for NONE IS NEEDED.

Why the New Blogging Format?

I’m sure long time readers are going to wonder… why the new blogging format?
It boils down to a simple fact – I’m writing a lot of hard hitting content, and getting only a few readers. That means I’m not really reaching anyone for Jesus Christ.
I’ve noticed other people don’t seem to work at it at all, and have hundreds of readers.

So, Ive researched this, and found it’s a change in format.

I’m not talking about going to Starbucks every day. I’m doing apologetics. Bible commentary and teaching. Insights into how to be a productive Christian.
What I’m writing about is important.

Have I changed my message?

Nope. I’m still King James Only, Narrow is the way, local church only Fundamentalist Baptist.
I still maintain that 93% of the people in this world are unSaved, and hell bound.
I still believe 100% in a literal understanding of an inerrant, inspired, preserved Bible.

But if a slight change in format makes it easier for unSaved people to get saved, I’m for it.
If a slight change in format causes Evangelical Christians to abandon their ecumenical churches for a Fundamentalist church and lifestyle, I’m all for it.
If I can rescue people from error, I’m all for it.

I’m opening Comments again on this article. What are your thoughts? Honestly? Do you miss the old rambling Philip Dean, or the new, shorter post style?

Hurricane Survival Information

Okay, first – this hurricane policy of “no animals” at shelters is going to kill people. NOBODY that owns pets is going to leave their pets behind at their houses with a killer hurricane roaring down on them and go sit in a shelter and play checkers. While their pets sit in terror at a dark house, alone… with storm surge coming under the door.

So, all the cities in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia that are telling people evacuation is mandatory, you have to go to a shelter and leave your pets behind – prepare for the wrongful death lawsuits over the “No animals” policies. It;s going to be a huge financial loss to you all. You’re warned.

Now, if you’re there and reading this ,and still have power… look out. First things first, get your ladder and tools inside your house. You need to get the ladder up to the crawl space fast. If storm surge gets up above 3 feet, your pets can drown.

If it gets above 5 feet, you will drown.

Get you and your pets into the crawl space in your attic if the waters start coming inside. Bring your tools up with you… then pull the ladder up after you.

You’ll need to watch that water. Because if its coming up into the attic crawlspace, you need something,like a tire iron, a crowbar, anything strong with a chisel tip. Even a hammer.

Go to where the roof slats meet the support beams, at the end of the roof. They’re weakest there. If the water starts getting up to where you and your pets risk drowning in your attic (it happened in New Orleans), start breaking out your roof slats. You need about two or three broken away. A hammer can bang them out. Remember, the roof slats are just nailed in place, and will be weakened greatly during the storm winds.

Now you and your pets can get on the roof and escape the flood waters. Remember, storm surges can reach 11-12 feet. The first floor of a house is usually 8 feet.  It would take a 16 foot storm surge to do it, but it can happen

You need to bring all your food and water up into that attic crawlspace if the house starts flooding. Hopefully, you have those plastic tubs most hardware stores sell.

If you haven’t already filled every container in the house with water, do it now. Bring a phone with you, and a weather radio with you.

If you are in extreme, life threatening emergency and cannot get help, grab your fire alarm off the wall, and hold it out the window. Press the test button three times. Three of anything is an emergency. If you have flares in your car, hopefully you brought them inside.

The rest of you not living in the storm path – do you have a 2 week supply of food? Batteries? Ham radio with one channel set to the NOAA weather channel? Flares? Flashlights? Plastic tubs? Plastic sheeting? Tools, readily available? Candles? Emergency cooking materials, such as a Swiss Army Mess kit? Propane grill? Sterno? First aid kit? Cash? Rolaids & tums, pepto bismal? Perscription meds? Bandages?  Collapsible Water bottles? Non perishable canned and boxed foods, such as tuna, ravioli, chili, vienna sausages, deviled ham, peanut butter & jelly, bread, pop tarts, energy bars, coffee, tea? Books to read? (like your BIBLE….?) If you have any self defense items, grab them too. People get desperate when stores close and don’t open for days…

Keep a full tank of gas in your cars at all times.

It’s not if, it’s when.

Reposted from a previous article

Spiritual Attacks

You know, a lot of Fundamentalists just seem to ignore this subject. It seems too charismatic for them, so suspiciously they shuffle away and pretend the subject never came up.

The fact is, we have an adversary. He hates Christians. He roams about, seeking whom he may devour. He desires to sift us. His devils are sent to afflict us.
It’s a war, Christian. I know we Fundamentalists don’t like to admit it, but we’re the FIRST ones to make a stand for the Bible being true.

What’s genuinely frightened me was an article by a fellow Fundamentalists (when I had time to read other Fundamentalist blogs) that perhaps “night Terrors” are not what we’re told. We’re constantly told if we awaken while still in dream state, then we’ll experience a visual hallucination while awake, until we rise out of REM. His article challenged that, with the question of, “Yes, that may be true sometimes. But what if it’s not true every time?”

There is a Satan. The Bible says so. He drew away a third of the angels in a rebellion against God. Revelation tells us that they will kill two thirds of mankind in the Tribulation.
Understand this… Satan walks to and fro on the Earth. And he has no love for us. Indeed, the Bible says that when the Antichrist is released, the Devil will come with great wrath.

EVERY persecution of Christians has its origins in Satan.

Attacks on your health. Your finances. Your mind. Your self esteem. Besetting sins you have to struggle against. Things disappearing from your house. He wants you dead, ineffective, defeated. If he can, he’ll weaken and compromise you. If he can, he’ll afflict your health. If he can, he’ll drive you insane, discourage you, send you into depression.
And if he’s allowed, he’ll try to kill you. He’s not released yet, so he can’t act carte blanche.
He would if he could.

Be aware there is a Satan.
And he hates you.

Highlighting Your Bible

This was an odd practice for me to get into. In Judaism, to mark anything on the Bible was considered a desecration! Christians on the other hand do it all the time. I don’t think God considers this a sin… rather, a tool for all of us to be involved in!
There are a million schemes for it – you just have to find what works the best!

Minimal: This is the most common one, you just underline something that means something to you.
Alternating: I used this one for my hardcover Bible. I had four markers, and the system was fairly simple. Green was anything bad, then I alternated the next three colors. That way it wasn’t one big blob of one color on a page.
Systematic: David Cloud writes of this manner. You just have to determine what’s important. For instance, circle the verse number for each of the ten plagues if egypt. Underline Generations throughout Genesis. Circle the words “Day” in Genesis 1-2. Pencil underline every time the author refers to himself in an epistle. Highlight the word Hell in the gospels in Red. Use different colors for different things in different books. This way you can use 66 different meanings for a circled verse number, and you’re not trapped into something that may not work, or be too complicated.

Margin notes. DON’T write down notes on the Pastor’s Sermon in the margins of your Bible. It takes a lot of whiteout to remove those later. Trust me! Instead, get a Bible cover that comes with a notepad in it, and use that to write down notes on the sermon.
DO write down cross references. I’ve taken my hard cover bible and made notes on answering Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ve written down cross references to share the Gospel. I’ve written down other passages that seemed to me to be speaking on the same subject.

Find what works for you, and don’t feel trapped you have to choose one system!

5 Misconceptions About fundamentalism pt. 2

Yesterday, we examined two common misconceptions or misrepresentations that are made about Fundamentalists. Let’s look at a few more!

3. Redneck. This is a common misconception or misrepresentation. I think I’ve made it clear I hail from New England, and that’s about as Yankee as you get! In reality, if you represent conservatives and Christians as “rednecks”, you’re a bigot. Many Fundamentalist churches can be found north of the border. Let’s not forget that Frank Norris pastored a church in Michigan. And even if you do hail from North Carolina, so what? Being born and raised in a state south of the mason-dixon line does not mean you are any less intelligent, so this is merely an attempt to misrepresentation through bigotry.
4. Unintelligent. There’s an unspoken competition among theological liberals, it’s the same one that Agnostics love to play (most atheists, on the other hand, don’t worry about this). The game is IQ Score as Sport, as if somehow you won a game by having a high IQ. I truly irritated a group of agnostics once, and merrily amused the watching Atheists when one of them implied I was stupid, and my response was, “My IQ is 174.” Game, set and match. Really, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. A High IQ often serves as a barrier to the Gospel because you’re so SURE you’re smarter than God. Probably why one of the books of the Bible the Lord led me to when I was trying to find out if God existed was Job. The series of questions God asked Job served to take my intellectual snobbiness down about fifty notches. If you can understand that A). You’re a sinner B). God despises sin C). You have condemned yourself to an eternity in Hell because of your sins D). You cannot redeem yourself from Hell by your own efforts E). Jesus Christ paid the price for you, so that you don’t HAVE to suffer forever and F). The forgiveness of sins is yours for the taking, if you just repent and ask the Lord to save you.. If you have the brains to understand all that (and it doesn’t take much), then you’ve got enough brains to get saved. Something many opponents of Fundamentalism don’t seem to grasp!
5. Bible Worshipping. This phrase struck me as the most patently ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of in my life. Christians are a). Saved b). Belong to Jesus Christ C). Read the Bible and believe it and D). Conform their lives to the commands of the Bible. There’s nothing in that list about worshiping the Bible! Yet Theological liberals try to excuse their unbelief in the word of God by claiming those who do believe it literally are “committing the sin of Bibliolatry”. One theological liberal on this blog made a sarcastic comment they don’t “worship the Bible like a 4th member of the Trinity.” So… you don’t believe the Bible then, I guess, is what you’re saying? Here’s how it works! Christians believe their Bible, and believe it literally. If you don’t believe it literally, re-read that sentence. It’s telling you something!


Ask yourself what’s the downside? There isn’t any; you have zero risk! Think about it! You have NOTHING to lose by being a Fundamentalist!
But if you stay an Evangelical, you may have to answer some upsetting questions at the Believer’s judgment!