Non Christians… let me explain

A Christian is a person who is saved by faith through grace, having had a born again experience – and believes that Jesus Christ is God in human flesh, one third of the Trinity, and finally, acknowledges there is no other means of salvation than through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ.

I say that to preface my remarks.

Christians today acknowledge – wrongly – a number of groups that are not Christians, but are instead members of false religions and cults.

If I whitewash that, and go along with your false belief, I am being exceptionally cruel. Because while I’m sitting in heaven, celebrating with the Lord, you are not in heaven, but a place of agony, torment that will not end, ever, forever, and ever, and ever. The flames will never die down. The worms will not stop devouring you. The pain will never get less. you will either weep forever, or scream in rage forever. When I’ve been in New Jerusalem for 13 MILLION years, you will still be in Hell… and it is just the beginning for noth of us.

So I can’t nod and lie, and let you believe your saved when you’re not.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Deny the deity of Christ, the Trinity, hold to many false and heretical beliefs. They don’t believe in Hell, but sadly will find themselves condemned to the very thing they deny.

Roman Catholics: Believe in salvation by works, and add church authority and tradition to the Bible, and routinely practice idolatry.

Seventh Day Adventists: Believe in salvation by works, claim to be trinitarian but claim (like JW’s), that Jesus is the archangel Michael. Also deny an eternal Hell. You’ll find out.

Mormons: deny the deity of God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ, by elevating themselves to the position of being gods. They deny the scriptures, and add the Pearl Of Great Price, Doctrines and Covenants, and The Book of Mormon. Just because one ran for President as a Republiccan, suddenly Christians are running to embrace them as a Christan – and they’re not. Also don’t believe in Hell. It’s going to be a horrible shock when they find out.

Messianic Jews: The Sacred Name, Torah Observant, and Hebrew Roots Messianics are not Christians. They believe in salvation by works, deny the trnity and deity of Christ. This is going to horribly offend one or two of my readers, but I’m sorry – if you believe you must keep the Sabbath, the Law, Kashrus, etc – you believe in Salvation by works, and you’re in for a horrible eternity.

If you’re in one of those groups, get saved. Come out of her and touch not the unclean thing! Repent! and believe the Gospel.

If I offended any members of those groups, I don’t apologize. You should feel terror, not wrath. GET SAVED.

The only real fire insurance comes courtesy of the Three Nails Insurance Company. Dial 1-800-JesusChristAloneSavesFromHell.

You can get a policy that lasts forever, and the premiums are already paid for you.