What kind of church should yours be?

There’s no doubts in my mind that we’re in the midst of the falling away. So I thought I’d put this article up to let you know when the Glory is Gone.

The pastor should wear suit and tie, Sunday mornings, nights and weekday nights. Probably a good idea for him to wear one to the office all week.

The church should have a firm commitment to Evangelism. Most people nowadays do NOT know the Gospel. It used to be easy in America or the UK to stand in a park on a box, and preach the Gospel, and get at least ONE convert. Now, it’s a lot more work, because both countries are gospel illiterate.

The church should be committed to the Bible as the word of God. The most DANGEROUS side effect of having thousands of available Bible versions is that Christians have lost the reverence for it. And many have so swallowed the claims of unbelieving Liberal “Christians” about “textual Criticism” that most Chrisitans really don’t take the Bible seriously.

Your church should take it seriously. If the Bible told you to stand on your head for an hour, you should do it. So all that stuff about love one another – thats kind of not optional.

The church should be about preaching. Preaching doctrine and rebuking sin and worldliness, not about happy stories about a Buddha made of mud that turned out to be solid gold underneath. What’s that got to do with the Bible? Answer – nothing. What does playing Purple Haze and wearing hawaiian shirts while preaching have to do wtih the Bible? Answer: nothing.

The Pastor should be preaching. THere should be reading of the Bible, and application of what you’re hearing. Reprove, rebuke exhort! Whatever happened to that? When that starts going away, time to consider your options.

music should be Christ honering, and not man honoring. It should uplift and exalt Christ, and not get your feet tapping. If I want to clap my hands, I’ll see if I can find my old Sesame Street records

You should walk out the door feeling like you went to church, not to a concert! If your ears are ringing, and it’s not from the pastor, then there had better be high pollen that day, or it’s time to look elsewhere.