While I’m talking to everyone about the results of a windows corruption and the chaos of trying to reinstall everything, let me talk about defragging.

I’ve never seen a more senseless program than the Windows defragger. None. It’s useless.

I recommend Defraggler by Piriform. I’ve used it for years. It takes far less time.

After a crash, a windows wipe, and a reinstalling of programs, your computer is going to need to sit and defrag. How long?

Hours. but your computer will run MUCH faster if you do it.

Defrag regularly. Such as weekly. Consider having one day setting up defraggler to run from the moment you get up until it’s done. Quck Defrag can take hours. A full defrag should be run next, and will take roughly as many hours. do quick, then full.

After that, you probably will need to get rid of some shadow copies, because your free hard rive space will be LESS after you defrag than before. Windows makes shadow copies routinely, and in many cases you have no idea it did it – nor do you really want it!

You’ll have to do a google search for deleting win 8.1 shadow copies, because I can’t remember what the code is. you have to open a DOS window with administrator rights to do it. I used to do it in Windows Vista all the time, but it’s different for 8.1 and for 10.