Favorite Commentary

I’ll admit it – I’m a Tim LaHeye fan. Now he never really crossed over from Evangelicalism to fundamentalism. That’s sad. And he never REALLY wrote a commentary – his end times/prophecy commentary is the closest to that, and pretty much, I think that was mostly Thomas Ice doing the work.

So, of course, I turn to John Walvoord. His Bible Knowledge Commentary is one of the best commentaries. David Cloud recommends it, but with the same cautions I do – it is written using the NIV, and of course, it’s written from an Evangelical viewpoint, and not a Fudamentalist viewpoint.

I get a small bonus every three months from work, and this time, I’m not putting it off any more. I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale, but of course, things you want only go on sale when you don’t have the money!

So, this time, for sure, I’m getting it. Probably today as you read this, the bonus will come through, and it’ll just take another five days or so, and I’ll go on the Logos website and snag it. I’ve got probably about $1,500 worth of books on my Logos wish list. I’ll never be able to afford them all.

Is it coveting when it’s something Godly, for the service of the Lord, I wonder?