Missing a Day of Writing

Normally, I have two days where I write all my blog stuff. But then every now and then my job requires me to work a Saturday, and then I lose a day’s writing.

Which means I’m really tired, sluggish, and it always happens that on that Sunday morning, my cat always HOWLS to be fed, starting usually around apparently Midnight, and continuing until 5:45 AM, when I finally get up, fit to be tied, exhausted, needing sleep, and then after I feed the cats and really don’t want to look at anyone because they woke me up…

I turn on my laptop and begin writing the blog posts in Thingamablog, to be later copied onto the WordPress site.

That kind of day is when I’ll ramble about soda crackers, and oyster crackers, and you wonder “What in the world is wrong with grumpy ol’ Philip?”

He’s just sleepy.