How to Be Saved

Understand you are a sinner.

Understand that you have offended a Righteous and Holy God, who cannot bear to look upon sin.

Understand that the wages of Sin is Death – eternal suffering in Hell forever.

Understand that you earned that, by even just one sin.

Understand that you can do nothing to mend that relationship between you and God.

Understand there is no way to purify yourself once you have sinned.

Understand that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for sins once for all.

Understand that Salvation is a free gift.

Understand YOU MUST REPENT, and pray to God for forgiveness, and accept the free gift of God, the salvation purchased by Jesus Christ.

Pray. Repent. And let Jesus Christ do the rest.

Now what? Get baptized, join a church.

The rest is all discipleship stuff. Live for God, read your Bible, conform your actions and thoughts to the Bible. This stuff doesn’t save you, it was all the steps before the “Now what?”

So… why are so many people unsaved? Why would you WANT to burn in Hell?