Lordship Salvation Revisited

Okay, I suppose I should address this again. Reading through Ryrie’s Basic Theology, I had to say, Ryrie’s a little off in his thinking on this.

As a matter of fact, this is the single muddiest spring in all of theology. It’s at the point where no matter where you sit in the spectrum from Easy Believism to Lordship Salvation, at some point, everyone agrees.

Here’s a fact. I have never met ANYONE who – at the moment they understood they needed to be saved – EVER called out to the Lord with full understanding of this concept, and prayed, “O Lord, be thou the Lord of my life… I surrender all to thee.”

Nope. Nobody. If you did, and fully understood the tenets of Lordship Salvation, then I’m going to argue with you. That kind of understanding comes from years of attending a church and reading their Bible, not from the moment of desperation when you realize you’re a sinner and rightfully deserve Hell.

I think I’ve said this every year since I started this blog, the point most people constantly confuse is salvation vs. Discipleship. To be a Lordship Salvationist is to claim that you cannot be a Christian without being a disciple.

We truly need to understand that Discipleship often comes after we’re saved. I know I prayed to the Lord I would serve Him if He would forgive and Save me. Not everyone does that. But not everyone is called to the ministry.

You cannot just decide, “Yeah, I need to change my life, maybe I should be a Christian.” If that’s your thinking, then you’re self-righteous. YOU will save YOURSELF once you get things right with God. It kind of doesn’t work that way.

You need to recognize that you are indeed a sinner, deserving of an eternity in Hell, and without the mercy of God, you stand no chance. But your sins separate you from God. There’s no chance, no alternative. You are going to burn forever.

But Jesus Christ paid your penalty, and all you have to do is repent and believe. Here’s where Easy Believists get it wrong. You mention the “R” word, and they get wrathful.

But the Bible mentions Repentance over and over again in conjunction with salvation. So, the Easy Believists are wrong.

But nowhere does it say that you must confess EVERY sin you’ve ever committed to be saved. That’s… um… impossible. You sin thousands of times a day. You can’t POSSIBLY confess every sin.

And to say there is no salvation without service is to say only Pastors are saved. Really.

Ryrie is part right in his description of Lordship Salvation, and part wrong. He’s part right when he says he is an Easy Beliveist – and part wrong. Just as Ray Comfort is part right, and part wrong. John MacArthur is part right, and part wrong.

There is no salvation without repentance. But at the same time, the Bible does not require you to become a disciple in order to be saved. That’s something that comes after, like Baptism. The Bible speaks in terms of Baptism in connection to salvation, but it does not save. Discipleship MUST come after salvation, but it is not part of Salvation.

Now that I’ve explained it as clearly as possible, you’re all DREADFULLY confused!