The Presence of Evil

When we read through 1 Kings and 2 Kings, we’re sometimes shocked by some of the violence we read there. the heads of 70 sons of the king cut off, and placed in baskets. Why?

Well, let me say… an awful lot of people who thought of acting like Ahab, or Jezebel, who thought of trying to wrest the country away from God to Ba’al, hesitated at that point.

And… 70 sons of Ahab are 70 persons with claims to the throne. Deal with them now, or later. And all the cousins of Ahab, and any other sons, brothers, nephews, etc… all now thought twice. a Legal claim to the throne is all you need to ferment rebellion. How many thrones have been toppled by someone with a minor claim to the throne, who was ignored?

When Solomon struck down one or two of Saul’s descendants, any cousins twice or third removed thought twice about pressing a claim to the throne. “Yeah… never mind.”

To kill off every prophet of Ba’al in Israel… well, that was the right of a king. The people were not following the laws of God. That spelled doom and death for the rest of Israel. Do something now, and preserve your own life, and the lives of others.

Ultimately, the people in the Bible were driven to do what they did, often by the Holy Spirit. In some cases, these people were executing the long-delayed judgment of God.

Here’s a thought – you are going to see – with your own eyes – Jesus Christ execute Judgment on all the armies arrayed against Jerusalem.

People will die, before your eyes.

How to ensure this doesn’t happen to you? Accept Jesus Christ today. And you’ll be on the winning side. Guaranteed.