What do you need for Bible Study?

Logos Basic.

King James Bible. (you have to buy it separate – $9.99)

A commentary – Bible knowledge Commentary is one of the best. ($49.95)


You used to need Strong’s also. Believe it or not, Strong’s is not part of Logos… and it is, The workflow in Logos is MUCH faster than in other programs. LIterally, I have tripled my Bible knowledge since I got Logos.

I’ve written several articles on how to study the Bible. And the more tools you have, the better it works.

Yes, you can do it with three simple things – concordance (built into Logos), commentary, Bible. It helps to have as many cross references as possible, so the next tool is the TSK.

Now, if you want a completely left brain experience (!), try alternating between Logos, and Bible Analyzer. Whoah! Believe it or not, the shifting back and forth on how you study the Bible forces you to study the text, and not the habitual alt+T tools we reach for with Bible programs. I know for instance that shift+CTRL+key gives me X command in Logos. That’s the former tech head in me. But when you’re flipping back and forth between the programs, and trying to remember how you do it in Accordance or Bible Analyzer, you’re staring at the screen for a few minutes while poking at things.

That’s good. Keep staring at the Bible. Good!

things start popping out at you. “Huh! Never noticed that before!”

The other day, a verse I’ve read 50 times in the past suddenly struck me. The meaning of it was alive. I’d always known what it meant, yet the awareness of it hit me. That’s not me, that’s the Holy Spirit.

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