Starting a Christian Blog

A few years ago, I urged my readers to start blogs. Do something for God. Some of you did it, and found that it’s like diving into a battlefield. most of you closed up shop in those blogs shortly afterwards.

I’m going to urge it again. Try this… don’t allow comments. Write what you write, don’t allow comments, and keep on keeping on!

The comment thing was good for the first few years. But people are killing one another over things on social media. How much more for when you have a Fundamentalist blog?

Several of you go by your first name ONLY on your blog, with no reference to where you live. Smart! Or some of you used pseudonyms to publish your blog under. Again, smart.

An additional point is… your job reads your blog. If you are Jim Kelly, and work for Dundercraft International as a used tractor salesman, and you’re writing against whatever, someone from your corporation sooner or later will find your blog.

You’re fired.

Don’t believe me? how many news stories have you seen on SermonAudio about a Christian being fired for (blank)? It’s an epidemic today! you should use names like “Yet Another King James Bible Believer” or “Fightin’ Fundamentalist” or “Righteous Ralph” (well, maybe not that one).

As the time gets closer to the Tribulation, the need for public witness grows and grows. The Falling Away is happening at break neck speed. I’m dumbfounded how quickly it goes!

Do something for God now, whiel you can.