Going to be busy Again Soon

I’m going to probably have another huge time off soon of another 2 or three weeks. I’ve been hugely busy with work, and it left me little time to myself, let alone write in a blog. So this time, I’ll probably ressurect another of my series most people have never read, rather than let the time go without any posts.

One thing I want to emphasize today – I really am getting to understand prayer a lot more. Certain prayers to God are automatically pleasing to God, because they’re near and dear to His heart. A quick and cursory reading of Psalm 119 shows that God places a high reverence upon the Bible.

Yet when I talk to other Christians, I ask if they’ve ever prayed to God that He help them understand it, and be able to know sound doctrine.

I’ve never had a yes answer to date.

This is um.. kind of key. I mean, going to men to learn the word of God is going to get you partial results. If you want good results, go to God about it. God wrote the Bible, not men (I’m prepared to argue that, as I think everyone’s seen!). Try praying to God! “I really don’t understand this passage Lord, please help..” you walk away frustrated, and unsure. And you know what? A couple of weeks later, you read another passage that helps you to understand.

The biggest thing was my prayer to know sound doctrine. When I first got saved, I prayed to God I could know sound doctrine. I was ENDLESSLY in turmoil because my family was listening to John MacArthur every night, and he was constantly talking about Sound doctrine. I didn’t understand Calvinism, I was confused, and I prayed VERY INTENTLY that I be allowed to know, to please show me and make me understand – sound doctrine.

That prayer was answered in a HURRY. I abandoned Calvinism very quickly, because it seemed as if I read the Scriptures and verses would POP OUT at me. Hey, John 3:16! You read that in a mumbled monotone, then you accept everything Calvin says, and it NEVER occurs to you that John 3:16 completely refutes Calvinism!


Because YOU didn’t understand it?

No! You never asked God to help you understand sound doctrine! It’s not a ME thing, it’s not a YOU thing, it’s a God thing! God gives understanding of the Holy Scriptures, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. To take advantage of that, all you need to do is read the Bible. But praying god reveals MORE of His word is pleasing to God, and He will never answer “No” to that request!

It’s available to EVERY reader of this blog! Apply now!