Which Seal are we in?

I get this question sometimes. We are not in any of the Seal judgments right now.

How can I say that?

Can you point to any one person and say with 100% conviction and assurance, “That is the Antichrist?”

You must have that 100% assurance, with no question. For instance, I recently struggled with worry one man was the Antichrist. The problem I was having was – every time I convinced myself he wasn’t, he’d go and do or say something that the Antichrist would say or do! Fortunately, that man is out of office right now, so I worry no more.

Why do I put so much emphasis upon the Antichrist?

Because the first seal is the release of the Antichrist. When I went to school, I was taught that 1 comes before 5 or 6. If the release of the Antichrist is the first seal… and you can’t indentify any one person specifically as the Antichrist…

Then we’re not in the Tribulation.

The next issue is, no matter what your belief about the end times… the Bible is pretty specific that the Rapture comes before the Tribulation, and God turns His attention back to Israel. So, if we’re in the third or fourth seal, then you and I are… unsaved. Because we got left behind.

Last bit of evidence… let’s just say for argument’s sake that so many mid trib people are right, and that the last US president was the Antichrist. He served two terms. That’s eight years.

Tribulation only lasts seven. I somehow missed the bodily return of Christ to Jerusalem…? That would have happened two years ago.

There is one bit of evidence I can offer, in the interest of fairness, against my arguments.

Twinkies do not taste like they used to.