Fight The Good fight

I was talking with a friend yesterday, and we were discussing the rampant falling away in Christianity. I said something to the effect of, “When I told you a few years ago we were in the midst of the falling away, you thought I was crazy. Now you’re seeing it, and nobody can deny it’s going on.”

It’s really sad. I’m dumbfounded at things Christians are saying. I seem to be forever running into blogs by pastors who are saying the most horrific things, to the point I’m not questioning whether they should be in a pulpit, but whether they should even be in a church!

Yesterday’s talk involved a lot of discussion of church discipline, and the doctrine of separation – part of it fueled by my recent discussion of Charles Ryrie’s statement in his Basic Theology book about his inconsistent belief that the letters in the Bible are inspired by God, but the words were chosen by the apostles.

Ryrie is apparently afraid to take his own, very well-reasoned arguments to their conclusion, as apparently everyone he knows – being Evangelicals – does not believe in Mechanical Inspiration, something the common Christian DOES believe in. If you take a poll and ask everyone, “Do you believe men chose the words of the Bible, or God chose the words of the Bible?”, most Christians will say God. My friend had a good laugh as I reduced Ryrie’s stand to the basic level.

I’m not rebuking Ryrie, I’m just warning about what otherwise mars an excellent book on doctrine and theology for the common Christian.

The falling away started at the beginnings of the Laodecian age, which was in the 19th century or so. It’s picking up steam. As a lever is balanced on a fulcrum, the mass at the end is easily moved. But if that mass is not fastened down or “Made sure”, it will slide towards the fulcrum…

…and the slide down to the spot where the person attempting to move the mass is guaranteed, picking up speed.

That’s where we’re at.

Fight the good fight. most of my readers have been making their doctrine sure, holding true to the Bible. Don’t let the rampant unbelief of Evangelical Christianity take hold of you. Stand true, rebuke error when you see it.

And look up. Your redemption draweth nigh…