A few years ago, prior to graduating from Seminary… I knew the exact number of words in the King James Bible. I can’t recall that right now, which means that some auto mechanic’s explanation I didn’t want to know about why my car was making that noise (instead of just fixing it) probably dislodged it from my head.

That’s my explanation, and I’m sticking with it.

Reading through I Samuel and 2 Samuel in the last week really showed me some new things about the King James Bible. Did you know that when Samuel anoints Saul as King, there’s sacrifices, anointing, prayers?

Yes, you knew that.

Did you know that when Saul returns, there’s a sacrifice? Yes. You knew that. Saul panicked, and offered the sacrifice himself without waiting for Samuel.

Did you notice that during the entire year between (one chapter worth…) God’s name is not mentioned at all?

Saul was terrified to be King. Once he was King, he immediately began to rely upon himself. He got that dim witted person’s look on his face, the rolling of the shoulders, the wave of his sword and spear, and “I’m da king!”

God’s the king. You’re just running the show for him.

Contrast Saul’s awareness and self reliance with Solomon. He was going to be King, and had little choice in the matter, like Saul. Saul ran and hid behind the stuff…

Solomon prayed.

Saul trusted in his own might, and began conducting warfare against men, using his own strength.

Solomon turned to building a house for God.

Saul offered a sacrifice at the end of his labors out of fear, out of his own strength without waiting for Samuel and God.

Solomon offered them out of reverence, and God actually consumed the sacrifices Himself.

I realized all this just paying attention not only to what words were there, but what was not there.

Now I feel dumb I never noticed it before!