Why my Blog doesn’t Get a Million Hits

Why doesn’t my blog get a million hits? I was reading an article by a Christian the other day, and he has over 700 thousand followers, or something like that.

He makes it very plain –

  • you have to have social media presence. Well, I’m not interested in Facebook or Twitter.
  • You have to write articles that are less than four paragraphs. He even gave a word count you shouldn’t exceed. Yeah, I usually have about 4 times that in my blog.
  • you have to post daily. Well… that part I got.

There’s no WAY to say what I have to say in 400 words or less. And I think that’s what he said was the limit. How can I address error, warn people, teach good doctrine… in 400 words?

I can’t even get through the Bible texts I’m examining in that word limit!

I don’t know, maybe it’s my coffee. I make it too strong, possibly.

But let me put it this way… I’ve got a couple of hundred people who are dedicated to the word of God, who are seeking God’s face, who are willing to read 2,500 word articles on how to study the Bible.

That’s a lot better than having two thousand hits a day.