Being a Pastor 18 – The Sermon 11

spent the last hour going through my sermon notes from this series. I’m now going through the checklist at the top – that will be the first thing deleted once done. According to the Logos sermon file, it won’t remove more than a minute. Literally, with all the text gathering and research, I’m now up to a 21 minute sermon, and in reality, I’ve only got the skeleton, and a few words in it.

Now, I open Bible Analyzer and get my definitions of transgress and hypocrite. Why not use the Mirrian-Webster’s from Logos? Because the Mirriam-Webster’s removes the Bible from Websters. No thanks, I want the 1828.

TRANSGRESS’, v.t. [L. transgressus, transgredior; trans and gradior, to pass.]

1. To pass over or beyond any limit; to surpass.

2. In a moral sense, to overpass any rule prescribed as the limit of duty; to break or violate a law, civil or moral. To transgress a divine law, is sin. Legislators should not transgress laws of their own making.

TRANSGRESS’, v.i. To offend by violating a law; to sin.


1. One who feigns to be what he is not; one who has the form of godliness without the power, or who assumes an appearance of piety and virtue, when he is destitute of true religion.

And the hypocrite’s hope shall perish. Job 8.

2. A dissembler; one who assumes a false appearance.

Fair hypocrite, you seek to cheat in vain.

Now, I need quotations and sermon illustrations. I despise sermon illustrations. I think I’ve mentioned it about a thousand times. Apparenlty, most people do not. So, I’m stuck using something I don’t believe in.

I have FAR MORE sermon illustrations in Quickverse than in anything else. so Quickverse it is. Um… that ones’ horrible. That one’s worse… why are we talking about the Crusaders as if they’re someone to serve as a role model? Pass on that one. Brother so and so said… nope. Cardinal So and so said… nope. There’s a stained glass window of the Virgin Mary… nope. Hm.

I hate sermon illustrations. I know all the books say I should collect my own. But you know what? If I hate sermon illustrations, I could go through an entire life of pithy sayings, sad kittens and little kids with lost baloons, and I’d never notice the sermon illustrations at my feet, because I despise them. I think other pastors should follow me around, because I’m sure that sad-eyed puppies line the sidewalks as I walk into work, and I’m missing the illustrations everyone needs. Nope, I’ll just use some of the trite ones, and I’ll be honest and tell my congregation that I hate sermon illustrations, and I got this one out of a volume in quickverse.

Honesty goes a LONG way with a congregation! Do not pass off the story of the squirrel falling out of the tree right in front of you as if it happened to you, when you get it out of a book on sermon illustrations. Offer your recycled sermon illustrations as, “I was reading a book on sermon illustrations, when I saw a story about a squirrell falling out of a tree. And so it is when we try to rely upon tradition to hold us up, instead of the Bible blah blah.”

By the way, I really did have a squirrell fall out of a tree in front of me once. I looked at my wife and told her, “As God is my witness, I have no idea what to do.” After a minute, the squirrel got up and ran away.

There you go. Sermon illustration. tell people you were reading a blog by Philip Dean, and…

so, what did I choose for my sermon?

__13. Illustrations

Pretending Judge Rooney, of Chicago, fined a man $100 plus court fees and sentenced him to jail for ninety days for impersonating a doctor and practicing medicine without a license. I wonder how many professing Christians, ministers, and laymen would be “hit” by a law fining those who pretended to be Christians and were not. Are we leading or misleading people by our pretensions?

Thus Saith Our Lord Ye call Me Master and obey Me not, Ye call Me Light and see Me not, Ye call Me Way and walk Me not, Ye call Me Life and desire Me not, Ye call Me wise and follow Me not, Ye call Me fair and love Me not, Ye call Me rich and ask Me not, Ye call Me eternal and seek Me not, Ye call Me gracious and trust Me not, Ye call Me noble and serve Me not, Ye call Me just and fear Me not, If I condemn you, blame Me not.

Hypocritical Excuse The man who says he is kept away from religion by hypocrites is not influenced by them anywhere else

__14. Quotes

Don’t stay away from church because there are so many hypocrites. There’s always room for one more. Arthur R. Adams (b. 1861)

There was only one book in all my illustrations that had anything on traditions… and it was for them. That’s a sermon illustration right there! THey have illustrations on Hypocrisy, but are afraid to speak against traditions!

We’re almost ready to analyze. Just a few more sections to complete, and we’ll deal with them tomorrow.

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