Another Break

I have to take another break right now. I’ve got some major things I need to attend to. I’m about to get very busy, and am going to need every minute I’ve got.

Another reason is, and I’ve mentioned this before – it gets REALLY tough when there are 5 comments on how what you wrote meant something to somebody, thanks – and 500 comments on why you’re wrong, you’re completely wrong, a heretic, etc.

That wears on you after a while, that less than a percent of comments are good, and 99.5% are argumentative – and you can tell from what they are saying, most of the argumentative comments are from people with little or no knowledge of the Bible. Most Evangelicals have little knowledge of the Bible, and react in shock when you tell them about doctrines like that of separation from error (which can be found in almost every book of the Bible, and one or two books of the New Testament use this as its major theme). And they want to argue, because Bible or no Bible, it’s not what Evangelical Christianity believes.

It brings you quickly to the point where you want to stop. And that’s why most Fundamentalist blogs seem to last about 3 years at the most. The authors get tired of fighting for the truth. They get tired of fighting upstream all the time. I know that every reader of this blog, if they are not on board doctrinally with me yet, IF they continue to research and study, eventually they will be. If they don’t (and… most that disagree don’t…) then they’ll persist in error.

So, to be brutally honest, as I said in the article on IFB blogs – when the urge to dump the blog gets too high, take a break.

And that’s what I’m doing. I have a series set to go online, and I’ll approve all pending comments on the last day in March.

Stay tuned, learn some stuff (most of you will never have read this series in its entirety, which is why I’m reposting it!)

See you in April.


Palestinian or Israel?

How should a Christian see current events in Israel? Who should they support, the Palestinian Cause, or the Israeli cause?

In a book I have from Logos, a woman discusses a Bible study she was at…

Scripture’s ability to help people understand modern-day circumstances was evident at a recent prayer gathering where Kay Arthur spoke. A woman came up to her afterwards to discuss some insights she had gotten while Arthur was reading from the book of Ezekiel. “She said, ‘when we were reading Ezekiel today, I noticed that it kept talking about the land, the land, the land.’ And I said, ‘you’re right. That’s a very good observation.’ We were reading it aloud, marking the text, and when you go through the Bible, starting in Genesis, and you mark every reference to the land of Israel (the land that God plans to give to Abraham as a covenant, as an everlasting possession) suddenly the Middle East situation and the idea of Israel giving away part of their land seems wrong, because they’re going against the Word of God.”

Christy Tennant, “Kay Arthur: Inductive Bible Study: Observation, Interpretation & Application,” in Study the Word: 12 Christian Leaders on Bible Study, ed. John D. Barry, Rebecca Van Noord, and Jessi Strong, Bible Study Magazine (Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2014).

What utterly astounds me is that many Christians reject the word of God, and instead follow the media and the skewed presentation of the facts they force upon the public. Everyone’s been in an uproar about whether there’s fake news or not – I can honestly tell you that – oh, yeah… there’s fake news. Almost all of it. You’re certainly not being told any truth on the TV at ALL.

Simple facts. God promised Abraham all the land he could see, and God even specified the limits of it. It certainly went much farther than what Abraham could see, as Abraham’s line of sight was limited to 17 miles.

“In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates: The Kenites, and the Kenizzites, and the Kadmonites, And the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Rephaims, And the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Girgashites, and the Jebusites.” (Genesis 15:18–21, KJV)

That’s a big chunk of land, and Israel does not possess all of that yet. That means Syria, Lebanon, part of Iraq, and part of Egypt all belong to Israel.

God promised it.

So, what about the Palestinians?

Let me very briefly explain that. The Media shows you the Palestinians, and then they start talking about those people who owned the land before the Jews were brought in en masse by England and given the land.

That’s like showing you a tiger and talking about an ostrich.

Previous to World War II, Israel was sparsely settled, by a mixed population of Jews and Arabs. Many of the houses we’re shown on TV that the media references as having belonged to “Palestinians” actually belonged to Jews. Many of these Arabs who lived in Israel when the larger waves of emigrants from Europe came in packed up and… left. Like Benny Hinn. Whose father, by the way, was NEVER mayor of Jaffa.

So… who are these Palestinians? The day that Israel declared itself a nation – and the President of the United States, against all recommendations recognized it, because he’d read in his Bible the passage above. So, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and a couple of other countries massed their armies. They swore to their troops, “What you conquer, you will keep.” The troops gave away everything they owned, houses, property, land. And their families came behind the armies, prepared to take whatever they could grasp, after they murdered all the Jews in Israel.

They attacked without warning – kind of like 9-11. The declaration of war was in the form of artillery fire, as the troops poured over the border.

Israel fought back, and drove the attackers right back to the borders of their countries. In the case of Egyptian troops, they were driven back all the way across the Sinai far into Egypt.

And the attackers found the borders locked. They literally were locked out of their countries. “Sorry, you gave your stuff away. Good luck.”

So Israel did something no other nation has ever done to an invading army. They allowed them to put down their weapons and return to Israel, to live in refugee camps until the Israeli government could figure out what to do with them.

That’s the Palestinians. An invading army who was defeated and given aide by the very nation they invaded. The modern Palestinians are the descendants of those invading soldiers.

The Palestinians constantly speak of Israel as their land. it is their land only in the sense that their grandparents were promised they could keep what they took in warfare. They lost. It would be like Germany suddenly rioting and blowing themselves up in Paris, because they invaded years ago and had conquered France, so that’s their “homeland”.

The Palestinians want a homeland? They had one. Syria. Egypt. Lebanon. Massive invading forces were wiped out, and beaten. Is it Israel’s fault that all their countries got mad and locked the doors? Whose fault is it? Is it Israel’s fault that Syria, Lebanon and Egypt locked the borders and would not allow their own soldiers to return in disgrace, and uproot all the people the soldiers had given their land to?

Why did these countries do this? The orders literally were, “Conquer Israel and massacre all the Jews, or let no one come back alive.” The soldiers disobeyed the orders, and refused to be wiped out to the last man. So, those countries locked the borders.

And according to the media, it’s Israel’s fault.

Before anyone begins complaining and asking where I got my facts from, that’s your hint. It’s contained in news broadcasts of the 1948 war. It’s contained in the Encyclopedia Britannica. And you can find all the details in

And if you’re a Christian, your mind on who you should support should have been made up once you read Genesis 15.

Appeal for Good Preachers… again!

I’d really love for everyone to give me a list of good preachers. Please don’t give me links to Youtube… I really don’t go there. Please, find me links to good preachers on SErmonaudio. I think it’s highly important everyone spend time listening to Godly preaching throughout the week.

They must be King James only.

They cannot be Calvinist.

They cannot be evangelical. Fundamentalist only (yes, there’s a huge difference!)

Please. This is important. Oe of my readers actually went one and searched for a dozen websites that host sermons by Danny Castle after he read that I liked Danny. That was really nice. I do ask that please, leave them as comments I can cut and paste from – do not email me.

I’d like to be able to have a static page of godly preachers I can link to from Sermon audo. And I’d like in 2018 to be able to link to a different sermon every Sunday on this blog.


Bible Study Fallacy

I wanted to point out a Bible study fallacy, and I’m sure none of you do it. There’s a constant push in Logos for people to ask, “What did this mean to 1st Century hearers?”

It’s really a Somekescreen.

They’re asking you to speculate, and deny the power of God’s word. If this was Julius Caesar speaking, it would be a valid question.

But we never seem to ask that question about Cicero, or Julius Caesar, or Agustus Caesar, or Shakespeare, or Hillel, or Pliny the Yonger.

We only ask that question about Jesus Christ.

When Jesus Christ told Nicodemus, “I tell thee, ye must be born again”, what would it mean to a first century hearer?


This is the word of GOD. The Bible says it is unchanging! That it is the same yesterday, today and forever, amen!

So let’s STOP this blatant attempt to deny the power of the word of God.



You may continue your day (already in progress).

Why does everyone hate Ray Comfort?

You know, something I don’t understand about most IFB. Most of them absolutely hate Ray Comfort. I disagree with part of what he says, and agree with the rest.

Ray Comfort maintains that if you do not bear the fruits of temperence, longsuffering, forbearing, etc. that you are not saved.

I mantain instead that if someone comes to the Lord, and their life changes, they begin to read and study their bible when they didn’t before, they begin to worry about if they’re pleasing the Lord or not, etc… that’s fruit of salvation.

The hallmarks that Ray Comfort associates with salvation are actually the hallmarks of Christian maturity. That’s his error.

But David Stewart (who must have a thousand IFB blogs and websites) just hates Ray Comfort, I haven’t asked him why, but I assume that because Stewart pushes Jack Hyles, Jack Hyles, Jack Hyles he’s 100% Hyles. And what Hyles believed about salvation was almost in complete agreement with Campus Crusade for Christ’s definition of salvation.

In that sense, Jack Hyles was wrong. Hyles believed there was only one sin, that of unbelief. And if you repeated Hyles’ prayer, you’d be saved. Well, if over a million people supposedly accepted the Lord under Jack Hyles, why was his church only a few thousand in attendance? If supposedly a million people accepted Hyles, his church should have been over a million people attending every Sunday. Even the Wednesday service.

In this, Ray Comfort is absolutely right. Someone who does the sinner’s prayer, and then has nothing to do with Chrisitanity, no evidence in his life that he’s saved… is not saved. Hyles may have gotten a million people to recite the sinner’s prayer, but unless those people had changed lives, avoided wordliness, read their Bibles, prayed… they’re still lost.

You CANNOT claim to have saved 10,000 and have a church of 400. If you preached to a thousand, had a thousand come forward, and attendance increased by two… how many got saved?

Answer- two.

We don’t like this. I don’t like this. How many have gotten saved reading my blog? Answer – zero. How many have I preached to? According to WordPress, thousands. I could probably fill the QEII with all the people who’ve read one page of my blog.

Ray Comfort is absolutely right in most of what he says. The rest of what he teaches is a form of Lordship Salvation, and we should disregard that.

Why do people hate Ray comfort? They don’t hate him for the LOrdship Salvation part, they hate him for the other part, the part he’s right about. Let’s think about that for a while.

Because unlike some of the other quick prayerism types, when Ray counts someone as saved, there’s no “Attend two weeks and gone forever”. THey’re there forever.

Accordance 12

If you’re interested in Accordance because of my articles on it, you’ll need to try to find the Accordance 11 demo. The Accordance 12 light replaces the demo and it… removes all the benefits and features that I wrote about. In essence, it reduces Accordance now to being just a fancier version of Olive Tree Bible software.

I have the Accordance 11 demo still. I can’t distribute the demo, but the nature of the internet assures that it’s out there somewhere. If you’re interested in Accordance 11, you’ll have to search for it now.

Or else, you’ll have to spend $60 on Accordance to see if the features I talked about are still there or not. They have a money back policy, but I never recommend that route.

It would be nice if the Accordance people would read this, and restore the features that were in the demo back into Accordance Light.