New Year – The year of getting ready

This is the new year, well, by Gentile reckoning. The new year really starts Biblically in Nisan 1, and the Jewish legal year on Tishri 1. Let’s not get bogged down on that, and get focused on what this year is about.

This is the Year of Getting Ready.

If the Rapture is this year, it’s the year of reading other people. The year of readying yourself. If you were going to trial, you’d be getting your evidence together. If you were going to a promotion hearing, you’d bring your documentation to show you’d done things worthy of promotion, or showing your leadership potential.

This is the year – if you are called to service (and if you’re born again, that’s a given!), then this is the year of determining HOW you are called and in what way. By the end of this year, God willing, you need to be in service in some way. No more sitting on the benches waiting.

This is the year – if you are called to preach or teach, to quit procrastinating. Time to get you into a Seminary/Bible College. time to stop accepting good enough on your devotional life, prayer life, study life, Bible software, and library. THe goal is by the end of the year to be firmly on your way to a pulpit. I’ll have some articles about this.

This is the year – if you are a new Christian, and not sure how to start progressing in sanctification, to learn how. If you’re a experienced Christian (but still living like you’re a new Christian) it’s time to move beyond. If you’re in rebellion against God and the Bible – and the VAST MAJORITY of professing Christianity actually is – then this is your year to proceed in Sanctification.

By the way, if you’re over 50 and having trouble reading this, try moving your glasses to the end of your nose.

If this is the year of the Rapture, then this is the year to prep and buy survival items and food stockpiles. Why? For the people left behind, of course! Survival items have come down in price drastically. And, I’ll remind you I have a deep conviction that more than 96% of professing Christians are not saved so… the person you’re stockpiling for may be yourself!

This is the year of churches getting serious for God. This is the year to stop pretending and playing Church, when you should be at church, serious, ready to learn. you should understand your life is no longer your own after salvation, and that accepting eternal life implies a life of service in some way or another.

All the church growth “experts” claim that the key to church growth is to challenge the congregation to grow as Christians. This year… consider yourself challenged.

This is the year of getting ready.


Author: philipdean2013

Seminary graduate with a Ba. in Theology/Pastoral Studies, Happily married, Independent Baptist. I can't keep silent about what I see going on in Christianity any longer! Apostasy reigns around us, churches are sliding into worldiness, a whitewashed Gospel is preached everywhere... "Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. Jeremiah 6:16 (KJV) So, I'm speaking out. ...Why aren't you???