Logos Starter!

Yesterday, my wife surprised me with telling me that she’d managed to put aside enough money for me to spend on Logos. I had a coupon code from Logos, and between them it was enough money for me to spent the almost $300 to get the starter program.

If you’ve never bought Logos, and have already installed the free engine plus the King James for $10, let me explain how to time this. You can’t do this if you’re leaving for someplace in an hour. Expect the entire process to take two and a half hours. I recently wrote how my wife got me a Dell Inspiron that is screaming fast, so I can’t imagine how some of you with older HP laptops will manage this.

The first half hour after buying the upgrade is annoying. Nothing happens. Nothing at all. You’re waiting for the little blue circle with the number to appear next to your “layouts” button. You close the program, open it, nothing. Close it, open it, nothing. I’ve noticed it’s like that sometimes with Logos, like with the free book of the month.

So yesterday, about 20 minutes in, I restarted my computer, and then started Logos up again. Then I just did what I should have done and waited.

About 31 minutes in, the circle appeared. I was expecting an “89” or something, letting me know a lot of books were being downloaded. I got a “2” instead. “3.7 Gigs downloading, 0%”. It’s going to take about an hour to download all that.

Then 30 minutes to index the library. If your Library (CTRL+L) is open, you’ll see it jumping as things are added. half of what’s added doesn’t even show up – the Interlinears and datasets happen behind the scene.

after that, it took about 40 minutes to index every tag and search term in every new Logos book. By the time it was done, the task bar read “247 items updated.”

The first thing you notice is that now there’s an awful lot of stuff visible in my King James. I now keep two KJB open, one as the KJB and the other as an Interlinear. I set it to pretty much the display I get with Accordance – just the English word (surface) the Greek or Hebrew word as used in the verse (Manuscript), the root word (Lemma) and the Strongs numbers. I absolutely have no need for the Louw-Nida index numbers. Now, John MacArthur may like his TVM (tense-voice-mood) displayed, but it just takes it from viewable to visual noise. Logos calls the TVM “Morphology”, so if you’re trying to figure out what to turn off, this should help. Now, it looks like an off the shelf print interlinear.



Is that a hymnal? Absolutely. I played a couple of the hymns yesterday, just enjoying myself. It has the words, so if you want to sing along with some Godly music, there you go.

The Baptist Starter version comes with 14 Bibles, so I have several open. The first two are KJB, the others right now are the NASV, the HCSV, the New KIng James, the ESV, and a Critical Text Greek. I’ll probably NEVER get around to critiquing the multiple thousands of errors in the Critical Greek text (once I can afford the Textus Receptus, Logos has a feature called “Text Compare” which highlights the differences between the Bible and whatever modern version you’re comparing it to), but I should get to some of the more blatant errors in the Modern Versions now. Before, if I wanted to see the modern versions, I had to go online to blueletterbible, Biblegateway or open my Quickverse.


The first thing I noticed after the Interlinear option was that my info window now goes nuts. Before, I’d have very little show up in it. now, I’ve got a ton, due to the dictionaries and encyclopedias.

You may have to play with the layouts and setups go get it your way. If you are left eye dominant, Logos may well drive you nuts by constantly placing the Bible window on the right hand side. Fortunately, I’m right eye dominant, so that’s what I’m used to. Besides, I’m kind of accustomed to right-to-left thinking in Bible study ANYWAY, because that’s how Hebrew is written.

Am I going any higher than Logos Gold? Nope. The dynamic pricing allows me to now purchase the Bronze package at $300, instead of the $695 it is regularly. I probably can afford that in the next year. And that may drop the Gold package price to about $500, I’m hoping. If not, then Bronze is where I’ll have to stop. Logos Platinum and Diamond have features I can use – but you know, it’s kind of like the curb detector in a Cadillac – nice feature, but who can afford the car???

Logos Diamond and Platinum are in the same boat. Unless I somehow invent a left hand carrot peeler and make millions, even Logos Gold is iffy.

The pricing in Logos has you over a barrel, unfortunately. There are many items which are only available as part of a base package.

One neat little gizmo is the timeline feature. They used to have a Liberal Scholarship timeline, that had most of the books of the New TEstament being written after 130 AD, and some as late as 200 AD. Only problem is, we’ve got lists of the Bible books at 130 AD, listing books that the “Scholars” claimed were written after that date. And… that list is included as part of the Starter base package. Oops.

So, now, Logos gives you several timelines to choose from. Simply “collapse” the most heretical of them, and you won’t blow a gasket. I have the Walvoord one open, but I raised an eyebrow at him placing the authorship of Matthew at 50 AD, when we’ve got fragments of it in HEBREW dating to 37 AD. Oops. If the Hebrew was written in 37 AD (by the way, odds are REALLY good that’s the original manuscript written down by Matthew himself), then Matthew, being guided by the Holy Spirit, would have written down the preserved Greek that same year, or the next one at the latest. So, any timeline of the books of the Bible should read Matthew as the first manuscript, and in the year 37. You can NEVER go wrong with the earliest theories of dates of the books. It’s only the unsaved scholars (who truly will be the most miserable of men in the Lake of Fire, because THEY KNEW BETTER…) who suggest late dates, because it gives them an excuse to be heretics.

I try, thanks to the kind of job I have, not to work too much on the weekends on my blog, or on Bible study. But I’ll admit to wasting several hours yesterday, poking at a million features in Logos. Some of them are downright odd to get used to. Logos is one of those programs that you’ll want to spend six months poking at, fussing with the display, desktops, the arrangements, the behind the scenes things… one thing I did was to split the highlights file into a separate highlight file for every book. I realized if I ever got to Gold, and had as many books in my Logos Library as I have in Quickverse, I’d be slowed down to a crawl because Logos would constantly be accessing that one file over and over again for everything open in my desktop. By splitting your highlights into multiple files (you can choose that option with the click of a mouse), you slow the program down MUCH less. Where did I learn this? I went to school for computers back in the 1980’s. If you have some programming to do in RPG-II, I’m your guy! 2 bit computing is not dead!!!

Logos grays out on your wishlist, by the way, everything you just got by buying the Baptist Starter package. Incidentally, I was torn between the Baptist Starter and the Logos Starter, which last month cost a few dollars less. I opted for Baptist Starter. The regular Logos Starter is now only $147, if i want to add that one in. And that should drop the Logos Bronze and Gold prices even lower.

How do you afford Logos, if you’re on low income? Understand that you’re probably going to have to accept “Good enough”. Get the free engine, every book they have for free that you’re interested in (they have a lot of BLAH options), and buy one book you need at a time. Wait until your items go on sale, then buy them then. And… remember this code: 6CARM. The CARM website (Calvinist Apologetics Research Ministry) had a code embedded in it that gives you a discount. I’m working with my old Seminary to make Logos Baptist the required program. Why? It gives all the students a discount of 20-30%. And by getting a Logos account, you get a birthday code! Another 20%.

There’s a lot you won’t get by buying it one book at a time. But, hey… look at what kinds of things were done by Matthew Henry and just a Bible!

I am very thankful for my wife, who knew how I agonized over Bible programs and the need to have the programs with all the features.

This mornings feature I was playing with? Numeric converter. I now have something that will take all those Roman Numerals in the old PDF books I have from the 17th century, and will convert them! LIke, Matthew MXMXCVIII:VII!

Or how about… 30 baths equals…

≈ 772.5 liters / 772,500 milliliters

≈ 21.9 bushels / 169.9 gallons / 1,359.4 pint

≈ 1.7 koroi / 5.1 cors / 5.1 homers / 10.3 lethech / 20.3 metretes / 51.5 ephahs / 85.8 satons / 103 modii / 171.7 hins / 171.7 seahs …

About 4 barrels of oil

And lets hear no more about Nero = 666. His name adds to… 225. If you did Gematria, it would be synonymous with Racah – “thou fool”.

And here’s the crazy part.. all of this syncs to my phone, so I can study during breaks! I’ve lately been doing my devotional readings during work. This frees up an hour or so when I get home I can spend working!


Author: philipdean2013

Seminary graduate with a Ba. in Theology/Pastoral Studies, Happily married, Independent Baptist. I can't keep silent about what I see going on in Christianity any longer! Apostasy reigns around us, churches are sliding into worldiness, a whitewashed Gospel is preached everywhere... "Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. Jeremiah 6:16 (KJV) So, I'm speaking out. ...Why aren't you???

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