I’m using the demo, which never expires, they say. So far… they’re right. They’re wrong about the 30 minute limit, though. I’ve had it open for up to 3 hours before.


This is the desktop I’ve got open. There’s a lot there. I’ve got the King James open, a King James with strongs numbers, and the Textus Receptus. There’s a little window for Strong’s definitions, and a parsing window. Helpful. I like to look at the original languages of the Textus Receptus, and the Masoretic text.

There’s also a user notes section for your own commentary. I suppose you could use it to write your own sermons as well, but I just don’t really get that feel for it.

By the way. there’s shortcut coding in new Bible programs. If you want to get to Matthew 4:1-11, just type in mt 4.1-11

It works fine in Accordance. Accordance gives a lot of features. I found it very intuative and easy to use, compared to Logos. I’m guessing the odd layout feel is typical of Mac programs, which Accordance was written for. There’s some Accordance die-hards who try to warn PC users away from using the PC Accordance. “It’s not the real accordance! The real one is made for Macs!”

Some people have waaay too much time on their hands. They need to become bi-vocational pastors.

Accordance Reference List

Accordance has the verse list/passage list feature of Wordsearch and LOgos, where you can make lists of verses. They call it a Reference List. Just highlight a verse or passage, right click and choose the “Send to” option, and “Reference LIst”. If you don’t have one open, you can – just like Logos and Wordsearch – create a new one.

Accordance is very RAM lght. It doesn’t give me the blocky feel of trying to load too much into RAM like Quickverse does. It feels RAM lighter than Wordsearch, but i’ve got a Wordsearch library of over 300 titles, nad only a dozen or so in Accordance.

Accordance would be good if you just had $60, and wanted to get a good program and library going. Unlike the much older QV, it lacks the ability to make User Books. So, making your own dictionary or your own date centered journal is right out. You’ll need QV or Wordsearch for that.

Accordance fans consider this program to be serious competition for Logos, but even the most die-hard Accordance users are finding themselves hard pressed to keep up with all the various tools of LOgos.

But Accordance supposedly does something else – it keeps track of your “research” (their buzzword for how you use it). And it will, over a long time of using it, begin to anticipate what you like to research on it. I haven’t put enough use in it for all that.

I’ll say this – it’s MUCH easier to use to research the original languages than in Logos. I had to watch the Logos videos a couple of times to get the feel for extensive searches to figure it out. In Accordance, my only problem is that I don’t use it enough to remember under what context menu it is.

I spent $0 on it, and I found it easy to use. I just got the free demo, and it;s great. Some of the forays into Greek I did on the blog were done using Accordance’s research abilities. It lacks the notestack feature of Wordsearch, and gives you far less of a free library.

There is far more of an extensive library of Inductive symbols than Logos has. While I was able to make my own libraries of Inductive markings for Logos, I don’t know if I can use Accordance to make a second one as well. But then, they give you so many symbols, you don’t need to make others!

I haven’t put the time into this program to really give it a fair shake. I’ve been a serious Wordsearch user for years, and now I’m moving over into Logos.

But if the $300 starter package for Logos seems out of this world… give the demo of Accordance a try, and see how you do with it.


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